Sid:  I have a guest in the studio, her name is Michelle Perry she is from Sudan, and this is a nation we’ve been hearing a lot in the news about.  Michelle why is Sudan considered such a rough hot spot in the world today? Just give me a brief description of what Sudan is like.

Michelle:  Well they’ve been in civil war Africa’s the longest running civil war for about twenty years; and even though the peace agreement was signed in 2005 there’s still not a whole lot of peace.  There’s armed groups that are roaming in the south that are causing disturbances, and there’s the whole population infrastructure has been decimated. So there is a lack of schooling; there’s a lack of medical care; there’s no really paved roads and it’s a pretty desolate place.

Sid:  So give me a break you’re an American, what are you doing there?

Michelle:  Following the heart of Jesus.  (laughing)

Sid:  I mean you work with orphans, you have an orphanage, except you don’t call them orphans ounce they’re with you they’re family; so you have a family center of 77 formerly orphans.  How many orphans are you going to have there?

Michelle:  As many as God provides a way for me take, for us to take in.

Sid:  Now, are you connected with Heidi Baker and that’s the type of answer that she would give me about Mozambique; in fact you even laugh a lot like her.  Did anyone ever tell you that?

Michelle:  I get that a lot.  (laughing)

Sid:  My Guest Coordinator said, “That in all of the people that they have interviewed and they interview a lot of people you are the most loving person that she ever spoke with, the most joyful person that she ever spoke with.”  But let’s take you back at your beginning; you were born with one kidney missing; one leg missing; the other kidney not really working; and I mean that’s some start.  How does someone go from starting out life that way to ending up like you are today running around your home the Sudan; you have a crutch you’re still missing one leg; you’re still missing one kidney; you have a few other challenges going on with your back. Explain what happened with your back.

Michelle:  Severe Scoliosis and so I had a number of surgeries on my back where they put two Herrington rods in my spine is complete fused except for two vertebrae.

Sid:  And at age seven you had a visitation, now were your family believers in Jesus as you grew up at age seven.

Michelle:  Well, my Mom loved God, but she didn’t really understand that it was necessary to have a personal walk with Jesus; it was good to go to church and she talked to Him.

Sid:  They were church goers but they weren’t really born again Christians.

Michelle:  Yes, exactly.

Sid:  So what happened to you at seven?

Michelle:  (laughing) Well growing up my family decided it would be really good if I knew about God because of my situation so they would read me these cute little bed time Bible story books and some of them were about this guy named Jesus.  When I was seven I overheard my mom and my grandma who also lived with us at the time and they were talking about what would happen if the doctors made a mistake, and how I could be paralyzed from my neck down; the surgery was on my spine or I could die and wasn’t happy options at any age and I was really scared by that, but I didn’t want to let them know that I accidently overheard.  Ha-ha-ha so I didn’t tell them I was scared and when I went to bed that night and it was like this elephant of fear was sitting on my chest, I mean it was so heavy.  In the midst of that, in the midst of that fear these stories that I had been read about this guy named Jesus, I mean really Holy Spirit’s so gracious came just came, and I just cried out. I mean I didn’t have a theology, I didn’t know the Romans’ Road, I didn’t know the Four Spiritual Laws I didn’t know anything that you’re suppose to know.  All I knew was if this man Jesus was really real I needed to know who He was and I needed him; and so I cried out to Jesus!  If you’re really real I want to know you and He’s really real. (laughing) He showed up instantaneously.

Sid:  I mean you actually saw Him or you just heard Him?

Michelle:  No, I saw Him just like I see you.

Sid:  And did He speak to you?

Michelle:  He sure did.

Sid:  What did He say?

Michelle:  He came over and He sat on the edge of my bed and I don’t remember everything I remember He talked to me like I was seven, like you’d talk to a seven year old that was scared, but the minute His presence came into the room all fear left, just dissipated, disappeared, wasn’t there.  And what I remember is Him looking into my eyes and telling me if I followed him I’d see whole groups of people in other countries and places come to know who He was.  And I thought that was the greatest promises ever I was like “When do we leave?  (laughing)

Sid:    I think it’s phenomenal that He choice you especially in a non-born again home, just a religious home.  Now let’s just whet the appetite of the some of the people that are listening right now.  When you’re at home in Sudan give me some specific miracles that you’ve actually seen happen there.

Michelle:  Well, we’ve been translated across enemy lines, there were some road blocks and God literally moved park cars out of the way so we could drive through in a drive that should have taken us minimum of six and ½ hours took us two.  And we were very confused when we got back to the city and went “What is everyone still doing up and why are the kids still up; and then we looked at our clocks and went “Oh my gosh we’re been translated!”  And we’ve seen lollypops’ multiply, we’ve seen the blind see, the deaf hear.

Sid:  You told me just the other night an atrophied arm grew out; tell me about that.

Michelle:  Just last night I was doing a meeting in the Mid-West and I just felt like there was this God really wanted to pour out healing in the house and so we had made time for that at the end and basically had anybody that needed healing standup and just prayed for an open heaven, prayed for God’s presence to come.  And this man who had polio in his arm and had been atrophied, and he had barely any range of motion in it; we had people around we had people that were standing prayed for them and the people around him started to pray.  And then they came and got me because as we were praying and waiting on the Load and they were lying on of hands his arm started to grow and it started to grow muscle on and sinew on it and where it wasn’t there before.  And probably by the time I left he’d gotten back about 65 to 70% of his range of motion.

Sid:  I have to ask you this question, you’re as human as I am as anyone else is the only difference is that you’re willing to pay the price in addition to living in Sudan; where did you work in a leper colony?

Michelle:  I was in India off and on for two years, I was based there and I fell in love with the leper colonies, I love them, I’d go back in a heartbeat.  And the teams that I were with…

Sid:  Isn’t leprosy contagious?

Michelle:  Well not nearly as contagious as Holy Spirit that lives inside of me. (laughing)

Sid:  I got you. So the question I have for you, I know you just recently got back from the crusade by Todd Bentley and they’re having all sorts of miracles. You went there believing you would have a miracle I would assume and you didn’t.  Doesn’t that bother you?

Michelle:  Well, at times a bit but I also…

Sid:  But right now you’re sitting and we’re talking to each other and you’re in pain.

Michelle:  I am, I am but I also know God’s God and I’m Michelle, and He’s got a timing and I believe what He has promised me.  I’ve got a package coming from heaven and when it arrives…

Sid:  How do you know that you have a package coming from heaven?

Michelle:  Because Jesus showed it to me.

Sid:  Oh, come on you got to tell me.

Michelle:  (laughing) Well in 2003 I was just sitting in my study in Colorado at the time and was praying and all of a sudden I was standing with Jesus in this, it looks like this huge warehouse room in heaven that’s a little bit freaky because it’s filled with different kinds of body parts, there’s like eyeballs blinking on the shelf. (laughing)

Sid:  Well, medical students would have a field day.

Michelle:  They could definitely study anatomy there.  Jesus took me to this one section that had vacuumed sealed kind of body parts packages and one had everything I was missing, hip, leg, kidney, spine you know everything that was not functioning properly was there.  And He called some angels over and said take it to shipping, so I know it’s coming, it’s in shipping.

Sid:  In this life are you going to be able to walk with two legs?

Michelle:  I believe that I am Sid.

Sid:  Are you going to be able to dance with Jesus?

Michelle:  Well, I dance with Him now, but I’m going to be able to do a whole lot more moves when the other leg gets here.

Sid:  I am sure.  Tell me about your former orphans.

Michelle:  Oh, my kids, they’re so glorious and some of my greatest heroes and my greatest teachers, and they’ve come from all different kinds of traumatic situations.  Some have lost parents due to the war.  Many have lost parents due to illness or the lack of medical care, our babies often come when they’re a few days old because one in eight women die in child birth in south Sudan where I live.  And so they come in all different ways, sometimes we find them in the hospitals, sometimes we find them on the street and God just brings them to us.

Sid:  Have you actually seen a baby on the street and brought the baby home?

Michelle:  No, not a baby but we’ve had some street children that we found.

Sid:  Street children, I mean just like some people in America find a stray dog, you find a stray child.

Michelle:  Well, it’s a dynamic that’s actually more prevalent in the cities and areas that are north of where we are but it’s Abyei, the town where I live in is growing. We’re having people come in with shipping and trucking and things it’s becoming more common to find kids that are on the street.

Sid:  Now you’re in the midst of a building project right now.

Michelle:  We are, we have forty acres that God has allowed us to acquire and we’re very grateful for but they’re forty acres of bush with nothing on it.

Sid:  Okay, so you need a building.

Michelle:  Well actually we’re building a village, we need we’re not building a big building that feels like and orphanage because we don’t have any orphans once they come to live with us.  We’re building small houses for ten to twelve children and a mom, so that they have a family dynamic and they grow up being part of a village in a community.

Sid:  Mishpochah we’re out of time we’ll pick up right here on tomorrow’s broadcast.

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