Sid:  I’ve got good news to tell you this is God’s moment He is pouring out His Spirit in fact my guest Ryan Wyatt and I were talking before we went on the air. Ryan you had a vision in which Jesus came to you, tell me about that.

Ryan:  Jesus came to me and said three words He said, “Know My Holy Spirit,” and then He turned around and walked away. When He did that Sid the Holy Spirit came to me not only in the vision but in the natural as well and overshadowed me like He did Mary.  And He spoke to me and He said, “Ask what you will and it will be given to you.”  And it opened up much of the revelation that’s in that four CD series of “How to Bring Heaven to Earth in Your Life.”  And I’m telling you in this hour God is coming to a remnant within the organizational church that really love Him, that are really after Him.  And He’s going to overshadow them with His Holy Spirit and He’s going to use them to bring heaven to earth.  You know when He came to Mary in the book of Luke the angel Gabriel came to Mary and said, “You’re going to bring forth the Christ Child, you’re going to bring forth the son of God.”  And she said, “How can this be I’ve never been with a man?”  And the answer that the angel gave was don’t worry for the Holy Spirit is going to overshadow, come upon you and the power of the Highest is going to overshadow you.”  And in the same way, right now the glory of God is beginning to come in manifestation and He’s overshadowing an army of people on the earth and they’re coming to a place of supernatural intimacy, supernatural encounter.  And you know in Mary’s situation she had nothing to offer but herself, but when that cloud of God’s glory came over her conception took place.  And you know one of the messages in that series is “Birthing Manifestations of Heaven on Earth.”  Mary was literally used to birth the glory of God the biggest manifestation of the glory of God on the earth and she was used to birth it.  She said, “God let it be, let it be unto me as you say.”  And when there’s a generation that begins to step into the glory and live under that glory presence there’s a transaction that takes place, and heaven begins to soak into their life, intimacy with God, encounters of God, the voice of God.   And Jesus lived out of that place, He said, “People when I speak to you the words that I speak to You are Spirit, and they are life.”  And I’m convinced those, some that are listening that may not be born again and those that are born again the world says they’re not hungry for Jesus, but they are hungry for the living Jesus. This army is going to be so overcome with the glory of God that when they speak they will birth heaven on the earth.

Sid:  Ryan it is normal and I’m speaking with Ryan Wyatt; it is normal for you to have visions, for you to have encounters with the Lord, encounters with angels.  And even to the point where a lot of people say, “Well, that can’t be God.”  But when I read the Bible that was normal, and what most people are encountering is abnormal.  What would you say to a person that is Spirit filled, believes in miracles with every fiber of their being, doesn’t see a whole lot, has never really had what they could say an encounter with the Lord came to them, or anything of great intimacy with God; they felt and anointing of God’s presence, they’ve spoken in tongues but nothing like what you’re telling me Ryan.  Where does that person start?

Ryan:  My prayer is Sid if people like that are listening right now it starts with an absolute raw hunger. My prayer is as you’re listening that you are being overcome with a hunger for God.  When you know the disciples came to Jesus and they said to Jesus, “How should we pray?”  And Jesus the first words out of his mouth and everybody knows the prayer but He said, “Our Father in heaven hallow it be Thy Name, Thy kingdom come Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.”  And so many people have been taught that that’s for after they die, but Sid He turned around to them and said, “The kingdom of heaven is at hand.”  And for those of you that are listening the kingdom of heaven is Gods realm, it’s as it is in heaven there’s no depression in heaven, there’s no oppression in heaven, there’s no sickness in heaven. I just want to encourage you to stir up a hunger in you that God has designed for you to live your life on the earth as it is in heaven.  There is intimate encounters for you waiting for you every single day, there’s a fresh encounter of the glory of God.  Just like in the Old Testament when the manna would show up fresh in the morning the manna the dew would be on the ground; every morning you wake up there is the due of heaven, the manna of heaven, the glory of God that is available for you to step into, and it all starts with hunger.  You’ve got to hunger for the living Jesus and press in like never before and He will meet you with supernatural encounters.

Sid:  Well, when people listen to you especially when they listen to your four CD teaching set called “How to Bring Heaven to Earth,” the hunger is going to be stirred up.  Once the hunger is stirred up what do they do?  I’m a pretty practical, logical person and tell me what, alright talk to me, I am very hungry for God, I have been all my life, but I’m hungrier now than I’ve ever been in my life; what’s the next step?

Ryan:  Yeah, it’s a loaded question Sid in fact a lot of the teachings that I’ve done talk about how to position yourself before the Lord and you know when they go before the Lord in prayer their mind is going crazy and all over the map.  I begin to teach people there’s a way to position yourself before the Lord in quietness and stillness and in soaking, just resting before the Lord, not in a place where you’re giving your petitions all over, but in the place and the presence of the Lord. That’s when the angels begin to come, you know the realm of heaven is around us all the time.  I like the tell people this, “You know there’s hundreds of movies playing right where you are, there’s hundreds of radio stations right where you are and if we had the right receiver we could just tap right in and listen to the radio; tap right in and watch movies.”  In the same way Jesus said, “The kingdom of heaven is at hand” it’s right here it’s tangible.  And so in my life I’ve learned myself and go around the world training people in schools of the supernatural and how to position yourself in the presence of God.  And when God comes and He wants to move on you what is the language of the spirit world?  How does He communicate when the angels come and there’s so much about pressing into that realm of intimacy with God.  It’s learning to be quiet, learning to be still, learning to position yourself for heaven to move in on your life.

Sid:  Now is there some cooperation on our part when the angels show up, and perhaps maybe they don’t show up that you see with your eyes but you can maybe something touches you so you know that there’s an angel present, but you don’t see anything and you don’t hear anything, what do you do?

Ryan:  Oh absolutely and in fact I call it the seer anointing.  You know there’s the prophesying  where it bubbles up from within you but then there’s this realm where God will activate your five natural senses and your five spiritual senses and sometimes when angels come to me I don’t always see them I might smell the presence of the Lord coming, I know that it’s an angel.  I might see a flash of light in my mind’s eye.  You know we need to understand that the visible the physical real that we are participating in right now is actually a lesser reality than the heavenly realm.  And so sometimes when we see things in a vision form in our minds eye we discount those and we think those are less than what we experience in the natural realm.  But really the physical chair that we’re sitting in, the car that you might be driving in right now it’s a lower reality than the spiritual realm.  You know there’s two kinds of Christians, and I like to use the story of Elijah, this is why the supernatural is so important to us as believers.  You know the Syrian army was coming against Elijah and this is a huge deal.  His servant walks out in the morning he’s surrounded by hundreds and thousands of chariots of horses and everything and you know what?  He’s a believer he knows how Elijah moves in the power of God and he heard about it, let’s just say, “He’s a Spirit Filled believer, he speaks in tongues.”  But he doesn’t have that supernatural reality in his life and he’s overcome by fear.  He says, “There’s no hope, we’re done for the Syrian army is going to take us down.”  But Elijah was a different kind of believer, Elijah lived in the supernatural and he walked out and he said, “Oh Gehazi, fear not for there are more that are with us than that are with them.”  And he prayed for Gehazi like I believe we’ll pray today and he said “Father, I ask you open up his eyes.”  And he was speaking about that seer realm, that realm of sensing and feeling in the realm of the spirit and Gehazi eyes were opened and between them and the Syrian army he saw a vast army of horses of fire, chariots of fire, God’s army.  And [Elijah] was the kind of believer that lived in a place of victory because he saw things from God’s supernatural perspective.

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