Sid:   We want everyone everywhere to realize the Jewish person that has crossed your path is not an accident.  God wants you to demonstrate the kingdom to them and love them to Jesus.  This is the time that God’s removing the spiritual scales from the eyes of Jewish people, this is the set time to favor Zion. If not now, when?  I’m speaking to Dr. Jim Richards and he is mentoring you on walking in the supernatural.  There is blockage stopping many Christians, many good Christian, many Christians that understand the word of God that have been confessing, and promising, and promising, and confessing, but there’s been blockages and they haven’t understood why but they still have been persevering, they have still been putting one foot in front of the other.  Some are ready to give up, but on yesterday’s broadcast Dr. Richard’s you were talking about these trapped emotions that are blockages that are in us and this is actually referred to by the Prophet Jeremiah; he calls it footprints if you’ll continue on that.

Jim:  Yeah, you know Jeremiah said, “That the heart is deceitful and disparately wicked above all things. “ Well we discover in the original language that really he says that the heart is covered with footprints and that’s why it’s still with chaos.  And these footprints, these are imprints upon our heart that are affecting us to this very day.

Sid:  Give me an example of some of the imprints that could be on some ones heart, just give me a list.

Jim:  Let’s say that you got molested when you were a child, let’s say if you experience deep rejection or anywhere in your life.  Any pain or emotion that you have or experience that you did not deliberately send away from you has the capacity to take up a residence in the cells of your body.  And it actually creates warfare; you know the Apostle Paul said something that I found very interesting.  He said that I found the war in my mind and you get that and he says that there’s a war in my body, but then he says there’s a war in my members.  And I’ll tell you for years I didn’t, I just overlooked that I realized when I overlooked that I realized that when he says members that’s literally the parts of his body.  He says that there’s something in the parts of my body that’s warring against me.  And I believe that something is exactly what Jeremiah was talking about was the footprints that have come from the pain and the suffering of life.  You know for example I have dealt with very commonly people who have been molested.  And so a person gets molested and it’s a time of deep pain and deep shame and deep suffering. We know that things get written on the heart and the combination of information at times of strong emotion.  So let’s say a little girl is getting molested and let’s say that her molester is saying what almost all molesters are saying, “You know you want this,” and he’s saying “I’m doing this because I love you.”  And this child has this strong information that says this is happening because of love and this strong emotion get’s written on their heart, and there’s a lot of shame and degradation, but they don’t know what to do with it because they are a child.  So later in life, when they desire to be in a loving relationship immediately they find themselves going to some place that’s very immoral even though they’re trying to serve God, they want to walk with God, they don’t even understand where this was coming from.  And you know they try everything in the world to get rid of this but what they don’t realize is that they have a cellular memory or a footprint if you will, that is in their members warring against them.

Sid:  Well, let me ask you this let’s take another subject.  Pornography, physiatrists say you’ll always have that problem, but you have to learn how to control it. That’s not what you’re saying, is it?

Jim:  No, that’s not what I’m saying you see remember the word forgive literally means to send away.   See we think about forgiveness as when somebody has wronged me, that person does something bad, something that’s painful, something that hurts me, we think of forgiveness as I’m going to tell that person that it’s alright, it doesn’t matter what they did to me.  But in fact, forgiveness is not what I do about the person who has wronged me as much as forgiveness is what I do about the offense that I’m experiencing.  You know Jesus warned us that whenever our brother offends us we better take heed, but why?  Because when our brother offends us it become an offense and an offense is something that has the capacity of make me stumble.    And I can stumble toward my brother by justifying all kinds of anger and wrath or murder or anything because of the pain that this person has brought into life.

Sid:  Well, you know it’s not just an area of forgiveness, it could be shame, it could be fear, it could be any of these things.  What I’ve found fascinating is you talk about people react to circumstance, and they’re really not reacting to circumstances, they are reacting to those memories that are trapped inside of them.  And they think that it’s the circumstance that’s causing them to be fearful or to be angry or some other emotion or be ashamed.  But it’s got nothing to do with that and so they are going in a circle getting nowhere.

Jim:  Exactly that offense that they experienced from that person because they didn’t know that they could send it away. It becomes trapped and so let’s say if it’s…

Sid:  Okay, give me an example though before someone sent it away.

Jim:  Well, you know to send something away is where it’s so simple that’s it’s discussing.

Sid:  And also explain what you mean by send it away.

Jim:   Right, well again the words forgive means to send away.  Jesus said, “If an offense comes I can forgive, I can send it away or I can hold on to it, and those are the only two options.”  Now whether we understand those are the only two options or not that is what happens.  So let’s say for example you know when I was a child my step-father, when I was eighteen years old I went back home to visit and my step-father broke into the room I was in and he stabbed me in my sleep and would have killed me if I had not gotten away.  So I’ve got all this rage toward my step-father.  Now I didn’t know it at the time but I had a choice that I could have sent that rage away, now that had nothing to do with how I felt about my step-father, but see I spent years in rage, I spent years.  And I would get in a circumstance that was threatening I would just go crazy with violence and with rage that didn’t even make sense.  What I was really doing was tapping into that offense that cellular memory that I held on to all of those years.  And so the time came in my life and I discovered that I have the authority to do this as a Child of God and being created in the image of God ,I can take the authority and particularly because I’m a believer, I can take authority over anything that’s affecting me.

Sid:  Even though it’s such an old memory that was trapped that you don’t even think about it anymore. I mean how do you deal, I know how you can deal with something the minute it happens if you have the tools and you’re aware of doing it, but how do you take care of the things that happened when the child was in the womb?

Jim:  You know I was praying and meditating one day and while I was in that place in my heart where I was connecting with God and I just, see I know that fear is what caused me to have a kidney disease because fear affects your kidneys.  And I was just praying and saying “How did I get this kidney disease”, and you know I was at one of those places where instantly I had what was guess like a small mini-vision and I could hear my father’s voice and my father was being cruel to my mother, and then I heard my mother’s voice, “after I deliver this baby he’ll start beating me again.”  And I realized that what the Lord was allowing me to see and hear was when I was in the womb my mother lived in fear of what would happen to her.  And so in the womb I had this fear literally imprinted in my cells and while my kidneys were being formed it affected my kidneys.  So I get down the road, and here I am at this point, I’m in my 30’s or maybe the 40’s when I have this experience. So immediately I just went to that place and I said, “Fear I send you away in the name of Jesus, and in my heart I did everything I could to experience it to see in my heart to see that fear leaving me.”  And so one of the things that I’ll do then is I’ll say, “Okay, I want to see if this is really working.” and I might take a scripture for example I might take a scripture about healing because it got down to healing I might quote a scripture and say, “By His bruising I am healed right now, I am completely made whole.”  And I’ll just stop and wait a few minutes and see what do I really feel when I say that?  And my first feeling was doubt; this isn’t really going to work.  Then at that point I’m going to say, “Did Jesus take care of doubt whenever He was raised from the dead, did He conquer doubt?” Yes He did. Am I in Jesus?  Yes, I am.  Then if I’m in Jesus I don’t have to have this, I’m going to send away doubt, so literally I just say, “Doubt I send you away in the Name of Jesus.”  And then I quote that scripture again, I thank you Father by the stripes, and by the bruising of Jesus I am healed right now, healing is mine I am whole and well.  And then I Just wait and see what I feel, maybe the next feeling that comes up is embarrassment; you know you are in the ministry you should have already conquered this dealt with this.  Now I ask myself the question. “Did Jesus do anything about embarrassment when God raised Him from the dead?”  Yes, He did he conquered it.  “Am I in Jesus?” Yes I am.  “Do I intend to give rid of this embarrassment?” Yes, I do.  Embarrassment, I send you away you are not from God, you have no place in me.  And I’ll go through every emotion and sometimes you’ll go through layers of emotion because you spend your life having different emotional reactions to the same problem.  And when I get to the place where I come down and I say “By His stripes and by His bruising I am healed and by the blood of Jesus I acknowledge I’ve been washed, da da da da I’ll go through this and when I can quote that promise and feel absolute peace…”

Sid:  Sorry we’re out of time.

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