Sid:  My guest is red hot for the Messiah, his name is Mike Shreve.  I’m speaking to him by way of telephone at his office in Cleveland, Tennessee. He has a new book out and it’s one of these books that is a necessity, absolute necessity.  I know that you love your children, I know you love your grandchildren, I know you pray for them but what a difference it would make because what Mike has done he’s researched 65 specific promises found in the Bible that apply to your children and grandchildren.  And what you do is you take this book, and each day you pray a scripture, you read the scripture to know God’s heart, his will, then you read the commentary on the scripture to understand it totally.  Now you are on firm ground with God, you literally can demand what you’re entitled to over your children and your grandchildren.  And the prayer is written out for you, and you actually write the name of your children or your grandchildren and then you pray this prayer each day.  Mike Shreve in these days, in these times that we are living in, this is what I believe, I believe these prayers will allow their children and grandchildren to fulfill their God given destiny.

Mike:  I believe that these promises are propelling forces if you will a propelling force all together that will push them forward into their destiny and their purpose.  And it’s our responsibility as parents to that, in fact one of the promises really speaks of that toward the end of the book.  Promise number 62 I bring out the Psalm 127 verses 3 thru 5 says “Behold children are a heritage from the Lord the fruit of the womb is a reward like arrows in the hand of the warrior so are the children of one’s youth, happy is the man that has his quiver full of them, they shall not be ashamed, but shall speak with their enemies in the gate.”  And so it depicts children as arrows that are loaded in a bow by a parent and that bow in a sense is our revelation of that child’s destiny and our faith in that child’s purpose.  And we load them like arrows in that bow and shoot them toward the goal of the perfect will of God for their life.  And they become a spiritual weapon in the hands of God to accomplish His purposes.  And we need to do that, we need to have this revelation; every parent out there is grasping for something that will empower them to pray more effectively for their children.  I know I did, and that’s what birthed this in my spirit and I began to find promises after promise after promise where God said that He would definitely do things for my son and my daughter.  For instance Isaiah 44 verse 3 God said, “I will pour water on him who is thirsty and floods on the dry ground, I will pour my spirit on your descendants and my blessing on your offspring.”  And I started claiming that promise for my son and my daughter and a couple months later she got filled with the Holy Spirit. She was drunk on the Spirit for an hour and crawled up into my arms and wept and cried and said, “Oh Daddy Jesus filled me” and I believe it had a direct result from the intercession that went out over her life.

Sid:  You know I’m thinking about they’re many listening to us that have their children in secular schools. It’s almost unbelievable what is normal in the education process in secular schools.  But then others put their children in Christian schools and a lot of parents do that because their children have so many problems so they put them together with a bunch of children with problems.  In other words we can’t pass the buck, we can’t rely on a pastor, or a Christian school to do the praying for our children can we?

Mike:  No we can’t and you’ve just described a dilemma for a lot of people.  I know my daughter is in Christian school and it’s a very protected atmosphere and she’s prospering well there.  She’s in second grade, but in our community there was no good schools for high school age child and my son is in a secular school.  And he’s under severe spiritual attack every day that he walks on those grounds, I know that so I try and cover him with these promises.  And just one other that I might share that is a good one to claim so that the children will have the strength to resist temptation, the strength to resist peer pressure etc.  It’s promise number 42 in the book from Psalm 112, it says “Praise the Lord, blessed is the man who fears the Lord, who delights greatly in His commandments, his descendents will be mighty on earth, the generation of the upright will be blessed.  And so when I pray over my son, and pray over the atmosphere of the school where he goes to school I claim the scripture over him.  And I say “Now God you said my son would be mighty upon the earth and I expect the Holy Spirit who is called the Spirit of Might to empower him, to resist temptation, to resist friendships that would corrupt him, to resist false things that are being taught in the schools of our land.”  And I believe that that makes a difference in the strength that he has to combat the forces that he’s faced with every day.

Sid:  You know one of the things I like about your book is you have all the promises in alphabetical order and so if there’s a particular area that you really need on your children and grandchildren you can just look this up and go with the promises number.  But I think that it would be good just to start with number 1 and pray one or two promises every day, it’s going to take you less than a minute, and it’s going to change the entire DNA spiritually of your children and grandchildren.  Let me read some of, not the promises, but some of the subjects that you have biblical promises for.  Angelic protection, compassion, deliverance, divine health, divine instruction; hey I want some of these things for myself.  Freedom from captivity, Glory of God, Great peace, Longevity, Love for God, Obeying God, Outpouring of God’s blessing, Outpouring of God’s Spirit, Preserved from trouble, Proclaimer’s of God’s Word, Prophetic insights, Provision, Salvation, Spiritual growth, Success, Vessels of perfect praise, Visions, Prosperity. Mike you’ve covered, I just read a few of them here, I’m thinking about myself, or I’m thinking about you Mike, my parents of course until they were much older didn’t even become believers in the Messiah; but how my whole life would have been different if my parents had been believer’s in the Messiah and prayed these promises over me.

Mike:  You know one unique thing though Sid is that the majority of these promises are out of the Old Will, out of the Old Covenant and most of them are promises Jewish people should be very familiar with.  In fact I thought seriously about doing a Jewish version of this book for our Jewish brother and sisters that may not necessarily accept Jesus as the Messiah yet.

Sid:  Well, you actually use very familiar Jewish objects in your book. The mezuzah on the doorpost of every Jewish home; how did that happen?

Mike:  Well I used that as a symbol toward the end of the book encouraging parents to post these promises around their home. I relate it to the mezuzah which is small rectangular object maybe about three or four inches, maybe one or two inches wide.  Most of your listeners would be familiar with it. There’s two passages of scripture in the mezuzah Deuteronomy 6 verses 4 – 9 and Deuteronomy 11 verses 13 – 21, and in both of those passages it talks about teaching these things to your children and “Speaking of them when you sit down in your house and when you walk by the way and when you lie down and when you rise up that you’re days of your children may be multiplied in the land which the Lord swore to you.”  And of course when ever a Jewish person enters into to their home or apartment or business quite often they’ll, normally they’ll touch the mezuzah as an affirmation of the promises it contains.  And I was just encouraging especially gentiles believers to do something similar on the basis of that practice and post these promises, these 65 promises around their home.  And then touch them as you would touch the mezuzah, touch those promises and say “God I thank you this is fulfilled in my child’s life today.”

Sid:  You know I can just picture when I shared about myself some of those that are listening to us right now are saying, “Yeah, I wish my parents had prayed that for me, I wish their parents had prayed that for them.”  Well someone somewhere has got to say “I’m going to make a difference.” Mike we’re not talking about three hours a day, we’re talking about less than three minutes a day to change the destiny of every member of their family.

Mike:  I’m encouraging people right now to perform a spiritual experiment and to pray these promises over their family, over their offspring for the entire year of 2009, and then I’m asking them to get back in touch with me by the end of 2009 and let me know the transformation that takes place in their family.  I believe we’re going to have hundreds, thousands of testimonies and changed lives.  Children that have increase of spirituality and connectedness with God.  And you know one promises that’s really burning in me right now and that’s Isaiah 54 verse 13 and that’s where God said, “All thy children shall be taught by the Lord and great shall be the peace of thy children.”  Think of that, all your children shall be taught by God!  You know I try to teach my children the word of God all the time, every day I try to mention something that’s relevant to them.  But God is letting me know that He’s involved in the process and I can only instruct them, but when God speaks to them that’s revelation that will stay with them a lifetime.  And I saw that fulfilled in my son’s life in a very curious way.  One morning when he was about four years old he came downstairs from his bedroom and he announced to everyone in the kitchen, he said “Mommy, Daddy I died in my sleep and Jesus took me to heaven”, and he began to describe heaven to us and it was a powerful description.”

Sid:  Oh, we’re out of time…

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