Sid:  Can you hear the passion of the Spirit of God speaking through my voice right now. We want everyone everywhere to hear the good news. We want everyone everywhere not to just be religious but be normal, red hot for Jesus.  My guest is normal his name is Keith Miller; I’m catching up with him by way of telephone at his home in Amarillo, Texas.  And Keith had a series of angelic encounters beginning in August 2002. As a result of these encounters he’s written his new book “Surrender to the Spirit”, which supernaturally because it came from God, will allow you to walk in the fullness of God in all seven facets of the Spirit of God.  And Keith if you would review again the first encounter that occurred in August of 2002.

Keith:  Yeah, I was in a worship service and I was actually going to be one of the speakers in a school, and we were doing a school with different people.  And during the worship service I was just worshipping and all of a sudden I had a prophetic encounter where I was caught up and I saw this massive incredibly strong authoritive Angel of the Lord.  And as I saw him it lasted about ten seconds, fifteen seconds, but he said “Open your mouth!”  And when I opened my mouth he threw something in my mouth and I began to eat it and when I come out of the prophetic encounter I just knew in my spirit that it was Ezekiel chapter 3 and Revelation 10.  Where in Ezekiel 3 he says, “Take the scroll, eat the scroll and it’ll be sweet to your mouth but it will be bitter to your belly.”  And in Revelation 10 the angel of the Lord had an open book and he showed it to John he said, “Take the book and eat the book.”  And that’s what the encounter was, and as that moment I knew that something incredible had taken place and I…

Sid:  Just out of curiosity had you ever seen an angel before?

Keith:  You know I’ve had prophetic encounters I would have to say that I’ve been around the prophetic and the encounters, but I’ve never seen or been part of an encounter like that where it was so tangible, so real.  Plus the scroll book I had never studies scrolls, I’d never studied anything about books in the Bible.  I really didn’t even know what it was when it happened I really didn’t have a feel of what took place at all; I just knew that it was something that was life changing.  Because I knew that I was at a point that, like we shared on Monday and during the different interviews I was in the radio program, where I begin to cry out because of a deep hunger out of a need in 1994 a need to see the power of God to see people’s lives changed.

Sid:  Okay, then came September the next month of 2002 the same angle shows up; what happened?

Keith:  Three o’clock in the morning woke me up right out of bed I woke up and I knew instantly that I was to go to my office and it’s about fifteen minutes from our house.  I got dressed and headed to our office and as soon as I walked into the door of the front of the office area; as soon as I walked in there you could just feel the tangible, electrical presence of the Lord, I mean just like oh, my gosh. I threw off my shoes and it’s like you don’t know what to expect.  And as I walked into the front reception area, opened up the door that leads to the corridor down to the different offices, mine was the third door on the right. And as I opened up that door there standing straight in the back in the hallway in the breakroom was the same angel. But it was different this time because this time it wasn’t a prophetic encounter it wasn’t a vision he was there.  I mean sometimes it’s hard to understand; even I have to ask myself during the encounter I said, “What’s going on.”  But it wasn’t a vision, it wasn’t a trance he was literally right there. It undone me, a fear hit me, a fear of God and I mean I just went oh, oh every hair on my body stood up and I was undone and I dove, I literally dove into my office and hit the floor.  When I hit the floor I begin to pray but all of a sudden then I was in a prophetic encounter for about forty-five minutes and the Holy Spirit began, and my cry at that point had been saying “Lord I want to know the counsel of heaven, I want to know Your counsel that stands for many generations and when I go out to minister I don’t want to just s peak a word, I don’t want to just share a word I want the counsel of heaven that establishes the Kingdom.”  And for about forty-five minutes in this encounter He showed me like a movie screen that He pulled down and I begin to see scenes begin to be played on the movie screen.  And I knew at that moment that He was going to answer my prayer and as I went out He was going to show me the counsel of heaven for different cities, different regions, different places, different ministries, different places that we went, that we go to now.  And that takes place; and after about forty-five minutes I felt the lifting of the Holy Spirit lift off of me the power and the unction I could sense that He lifted off of me there in my office and I said this statement, “Holy Spirit what about the guy in my hallway?”  And he said, “Look he has names written on his arms and his legs so.”  You know I’m real brave, I have to be honest I just kind of ducked my head and looked real quick because this guy was huge, massive and his presence was overpowering.

Sid:  So this was another angel?

Keith:  No, the same angel still there and I looked and looked my head out there in the hall so I just jumped out in the hall and there he was. This guy he’s just incredibly in the realm of authority and massive and he had his arms crossed and from the should to the elbow was a name written on each shoulder, elbow and it was strength and stature.  And then he left just like that, the moment that I read the names I saw strength and statue he was gone just like that.  And I knew I said, “Okay, I need to learn everything I can on strength and stature.”  I mean first of all it took me hours to get over the encounter, I mean it’s just an incredible thing that took place and so I started studying out the word.  And what the Lord was showing me at that time was the strength, and this is Ephesians 3:16 because what we’re pulling from and part of what the books bringing out is Ephesians 3:16, 17, 18, 19 & 20. Where we begin to see the exceedingly, abundantly above and beyond, but what brings out that scripture in the context of the flow, is the fullness of God. And it starts off in Ephesians 3:16 “That He would grant to us from the riches of His glory to be strengthened in the inner man by the power of the Holy Spirit.”  And it’s incredible because you begin to pull out that scripture and the word strength there means from the Greek root word kratos which means manifested dominion.  So He wants us to learn how to use in an infusion constantly supply and that’s where the lamp stand comes in and why it’s a shadow of things to come because the center part is Christ.  And when we’re in union with Christ we’re constantly receiving fresh oil fresh drink, fresh oil fresh drink by His divine power through His divine nature the hope of Glory, Christ in us.

Sid:  Right, and you’re describing the lamp stand in the temple and in the times that we’re living in we need it more than ever!

Keith:  Yes, yes we do.  That’s why I believe the message is for such a time as now. That’s why I felt like we waited, and this all took place in 2002, but it was a season that the Lord didn’t want me to just know about this, but He wanted me to begin to understand which understanding was going to bring the revelation, which brings the impartation that brings demonstration.  So we can live, He wants us to know that the strength of the Lord be the dominion of the Kings Kingdom within us that we’re not tossed to and fro but we’re strong.  Paul said it the best in Ephesians 6:10 “Finally my brethren be strong in the power and the might of the Lord.”  And that word there is krataios and it means manifested dominion.  So there’s a strength of the Lord of the dominion of the kingdom in us but then Paul understood this so much that in Acts 19:20 he says, “The word of God grew and prevailed mightily”, the word there mightily is krataios.  And what happened in them began to touch out of them and the word grew and prevailed. That’s what the Lord wanted was that message of the second event with the angel was that you need to operate in His strength, and then you need to function under the full stature of Christ in you; because of the Kingdom dominion that’s coming to the body of Christ for the glory and power that He’s going to release. We can’t operate in our strength and we have to operate in the full stature of Christ in us.

Sid:  And the thing that excites me is about the impartation you received at the Benny Hinn meeting.

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