Sid:  We want every one everywhere to be outrageous compared to normal Christianity, but normal compared to the Bible; it’s that simple.  Let me give you an example of someone that’s normal I’m speaking to Ryan Wyatt, and let’s start out with the most outrageous thing I have in my notes right now.  Ryan, according to my notes you prayed for someone and they lost 65 pounds instantly.

Ryan:  That’s right in the atmosphere of the glory I was releasing atmospheric miracles. A woman was sitting in her chair and the fire of God began to burn through her body, and she was vibrating from head to toe. When she stood up her pants literally began to drop and she had to grab a hold of her pants. She had lost several sizes and around sixty to sixty five pounds instantly.

Sid:  Now just out of curiosity did you have like a word of knowledge for this when this happened, or did it just happen because it was the atmosphere of the supernatural?

Ryan:  I was releasing a series of words of knowledge in the atmosphere, and one of them was for a thyroid condition. This woman believes that she had a thyroid condition, and believes that it was instantly healed, and all the weight that that thyroid condition was causing just immediately fell off.

Sid:  Now according to my notes at age eleven you did what a lot of young people did, you went forward and you got saved, but you became a punk rocker.  And according to my notes you had a purple Mohawk that stood a foot off of your head. I’m trying to visualize this you had black leather jacket with spikes, patches, combat boats. Why in the world did you do this?

Ryan:  Well, I’ll tell you what, that’s a group of friends that I ended up falling into and like most people of that age I was extreme and anything I was going to do I was going to be absolutely extreme. I went all for it in the punk rock scene for several years of my life as a teenager.

Sid:  Tell me about the first time you heard audible voice of God as you can remember.

Ryan:  Well, I’ll tell you Sid I was living that lifestyle, I had had that salvation experience with the Lord, but I was very lukewarm living that Punk Rock lifestyle. I went on a backpacking trip in the Big Horn Mountains along Colorado, Wyoming line with the youth group. I got separated from the group in the mountains, this was the month of June, but we were at such a high elevation there, and it was very cold. The group had looked for me all night long.  They went down the mountain to get Red Cross, Red Cross said that there’s a snow storm that’s about to hit at that elevation. They said that they would not put their men in danger.  They said we’ll come get his body tomorrow, they told the team that I would not make it that I would die in the mountains there was no hope what so ever.  And I remember crying out to God and being angry at God and mad at God and you know why would you do this to me and I had fallen into the river, started to go into hyperthermia. Just really came to a breaking point and came to realize that God was allowing me and wanting me to come to this breaking point.  And out of my mouth when I finally realized that I was about to die I said “Fine God, if you will save me I’ll give my life to You in full time ministry.”  It was one of those moments where I became afraid, “Oh my goodness, what did I just say, it slipped out of my mouth.”  And I’ll never forget you know for me I’m surprised people didn’t hear it miles around, for me it was as audible gets I heard the Lord say as soon as I said “I’ll give me life to you in full time ministry if you save me.”  The Lord said, “Okay,” just like that and it was reverberated through the mountains. I remember weeping and coming back to the Lord after years of being lukewarm and knowing like I know that God was going to save my life.  And one of the most intimate experiences I’ve ever had you know as I was on deaths door and God answered me audibly and said, “I will save you.”  And the group found me within moments, absolutely supernatural and brought me back, saved me just in time, we went to sleep just a couple of hours and woke up and there was nearly a foot of snow on the ground already.

Sid:  Now, I’ve heard stories similar to this and I don’t get it but people have backslid after having had such a profound experience, how about you?

Ryan:  Well, you know I was sixteen years old Sid when that happened and I came out of that time. You know I did, I had a period of time where I had to really evaluate was I going to live up to that word, but you know Sid for me, it so impacted my life I started traveling throughout a ten state region when I was sixteen years old and preaching the gospel.  It absolutely radically impacted me, it led into my baptism in the Holy Spirit. It was just really a turning point in my life and I never looked back.

Sid:    You know as I’m reviewing the notes on you there’s something that just intrigues me, you were in the state of Washington and suddenly it got very very warm, tell me about that.

Ryan:  Sid this encounter I’m about to tell you about has become the most foundational encounter of my entire life.  Within the hotel room I had been ministering for years at this point and I was simply asking the Lord, “What He wanted to do in the meeting that night as I do before any meeting.”  And suddenly the temperature in the room instantly changed, it got very very warm in the room, and the fear of the Lord came over me like in a form of an awe. I thought “Oh my goodness, what’s happening.”  I went and checked the thermostat, the thermostat was off, and I knew that something supernatural was happening. I went and sat in my chair Sid, and the presence of God came in the room so strong I began to vibrate from the inside out, I began to weep, the intimacy, the presence of the Lord was so strong. From around the corner in my room, I’m telling you honest before God, Jesus Christ literally walked into my room around the corner of my room and he was dripping with oil.  And as He was walking towards me He said, “Ryan this is the oil of the overcomers that I’m carrying and He said, I am ready to pour out the oil of the overcomers in this day and this hour.”  And He stood next to me, and as He did that this oil came all over me, I remember sitting there as I was weeping in the chair, I was wiping the oil off my clothes.

Sid:  Now you are saying in the physical this oil came on you?

Ryan:  This was all in the physical Sid and I’m telling you as far as I’m concerned, and when I was looking at the Lord it was a physical manifestation of Jesus Christ in the room, and He literally walked into the room.   And this physical oil was on Him and it was on me as well and you know Sid we’re in an hour, He gave me a revelation about the oil.  Jesus is coming to the Body of Christ like and man dripping with oil.  And it’s like in the Psalm of Solomon He came to the Shulamite woman, the king and he was dripping with oil, the Bible says His hair was dripping with the dew of the night, and he came and touches that doorknob of her house and there was oil dripping off of His hand.  And you know they had had a moment of intimacy an intimate encounter, a season of intimacy, but he was now coming to her with that overcoming anointing and he was saying, it’s time to come out and conquer with me. She said, “I’m too comfortable, I’m dressed I’m ready for bed.”  But there is a remnant, there is a people right now that the Lord is capturing, they are being captured and fascinated by the Lord’s heart, and He’s calling them, there is a people that’s been living in the secret place and He’s calling these people out of that secret place to conquer with Him and display the kingdom of heaven on earth as it is in heaven in this day.  And when the Lord came to me in that encounter that’s how He came and said, “Ryan I am ready to pour out the oil of the overcomers.”  And as I said, “It was dripping off of my clothes, my hair, and my skin. Then Sid the Lord began to, His face began to change and there was a groaning that came over Him, a type of intercession and weeping.  And He said to me two things that have changed my life forever, the first thing He said was He said, “Ryan I am desperately hungry that I would have a people who lay hold of their full inheritance.”  And He began to take me through visions of how we’re only living on a fraction of what He shed His blood to give us.  He took me to Ezekiel 44 verse 28 where He was speaking to the priesthood.  And He said, “I and I alone am to be your inheritance and I and I alone am to be your possession.”  And He began to speak to me about a generation that would so possess the glory of the fullness of the glory of God that even that in the days of Israel where the pillar cloud and the pillar fire was there it would pale in comparison to the end time glory that we will carry as a body on the earth.

Sid:  Is this why you did your series “How to Bring Heaven to Earth in Your Life.”

Ryan:  Yes, it sparked everything for me Sid, my entire life message from this encounter is about seeing us get our inheritance and Jesus get His and that is a Body that brings the heaven’s to the earth.  “On earth as it is in heaven.”

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