Sid:  I want everyone everywhere to be born from above, but not just become religious; have intimacy with God; hear God’s voice accomplish their destiny; walk in the fullness of God.  And that’s really what this new book by Keith Miller does, it allows you to walk in the fullness of God to understand his plan for your life to have intimacy with God.  In fact Keith you were telling me that some of the comments that you’re getting often from people reading the book that it does such a depth encounter with God that it touches deep into your spirit.  And on the book “Surrender to the Spirit” I asked you on yesterday’s broadcast and then I rudely interrupted you, “Did God tell you to write this book?”  And your answer is?

Keith:  Yes, He told me that it was almost like a mandate from the Lord and it was more than just writing a book, but it was something that we felt like the Lord commissioned us to do.  And not just to bring information, but to bring about impartation through the revelation of the Word that was going to bring forth a demonstration of the Seven Fold flow of the Holy Spirit in the Believers life.

Sid:  Speaking of impartation tell me about the time you received your impartation for what you’re doing today.

Keith:  Well, when we began to realize the importance of impartation it began with a precious lady handing me a VCR tape. Janet and I went home and put that thing in the VCR.  And in fact it kind of tells you how old I am and how long ago it was because on the remote control it still had a wire connected to it even though it was called a remote control.  And we sat down there and we pushed play and all of sudden this guy comes on and he starts praying for people and they fall down and fall all over the place.

Sid:  You didn’t see that in your Baptist church!

Keith:  No, we didn’t see it we were going “What in the world?”  And he took his coat and threw it all these people fell out and were going “What.”  And we shut it off and…

Sid:  Was that in the day where we also blew on people and they fell over?

Keith:  Yes and he were blowing and… I call him the Woopie hair guy, I didn’t know who he was. Actually the lady said, “Hey this guy reminds me of you because you’re really on fire and radical.”   I came in and I started watching this guy and I actually was offended by, not the people being touched by the power of God or even the coat.  But at one point he said this, “Hey, there was a lady that had come up on the platform and he goes “Do you want this anointing baby?”  I said, “Oh God, don’t call people baby.”  And I shut off the VCR and I was so offended by the guy.

Sid:  You were so religious, but go ahead.

Keith:  I could not believe it, I said, “No way.” And so I put that tape up and I actually from the pulpit as a Senior Baptist preacher I preached against him saying that he was a heretic and not to ever go to his meetings.  And I did that, but in 1994, that was ’92 when I saw the video, and 1994 man I woke up one morning and just deep, deep cry hunger hit me so deep in my inner man.  I began to cry out to the Lord; What made me cry out to the Lord was I saw people come to the altar Sunday after Sunday after Sunday but never be in… and cry, weep, have a true heart, but never, never seeing transformation and always leaving the same way that they came in.  I said, “Come on Lord, there’s got to be something more than this.”  In fact we had so many young people get born again, baptized, then three months later we would never see them again.  I said, “What’s going on?”  And so I began to cry out and I started saying Lord, “What’s going on?”  And Psalm 63 became my cry everyday.  Every morning at 5:30 I started saying that passage of scripture was my life, I’m crying out, “Where are You, my flesh, my soul, everything that there is about me wants to see the power and glory of God in the sanctuary, where’s Your power, where’s Your glory?”  And so for about three months I did that every morning. One morning I turned on the TV 5:30 and there he was on TV and I kind of shifting right through the cannels and didn’t watch him because I was offended by him.  But as I was pushing the remote control I just went all the way back around, made a complete circle right back to where I started. As soon as I went back to that channel there was a little boy and he said, “Yes, all the kids at school made fun of me because I couldn’t run, but look what God did for me today.”  And he started running back and forth on the platform and he begin to cry and the Momma and Daddy was standing there and they were crying, and the Evangelist Benny Hinn was crying, and I was crying.  I sat in my front room 4:00-5:30 in the morning nobody around and I’m crying.  I’m going yes Lord, this is what I’m talking about and all of a sudden He goes back to his studio setting, Benny does and he looks at the camera and he goes, and I made fun of this before and all of a sudden he says, “There’s a preacher and you’re in your front room floor and your crying right now saying that you want this anointing.”  Well I get up and I look all around and I’m going, “What in the world.”  And all of a sudden I started getting up every morning watching him and I saw the power of God, I saw people getting healed and one day I told my wife, I said “Hey Babe what do you think about this Benny Hinn guy and she looked at me, she said, “What?”  Well, what do you think about him? I like him I’ve been watching him every day at 1:30, and see I’ve been getting up every day at 5:30 watching him.  And we ended up going to Dallas and he picked us out the very back out of, I don’t know 3 to 5,000 people, and he come running back there and he said “Those two right there.”  And I had just prayed, I’d just prayed this prayer “Lord I don’t know, I’m not looking to a man but I see what you’re doing through that man I want impartation, I want what he functioning in; I want to see the sick healed, I want to see people empowered by the power of the Holy Spirit.”  And he comes running back there and picked us out and says he just said these words, “Take this anointing.”  And we went down in the power of God and laid there on the floor and we went back to our church.  That was Sunday morning and I hid oil behind my pulpit.  I asked everybody in the congregation and I started reading different scriptures out of the Book of Acts and took them to James and I said, “Doesn’t it say in James if there’s any sick among you anoint them with oil?”  And they all said “Yes.”  And I said well today we just happen to have a bottle of oil right here. And I said, “If you are sick come up here.”  And my whole front filled up with people, and I put a little dab of that oil on my finger and I went up there and touched, and the person they collapsed under the power or God.  And we saw so many people get healed and ministered and that’s how it all kind of started with us in pursuit of the fullness of the Holy Spirit in our daily life.

Sid: Well, speaking of the fullness of the Holy Spirit we’re making available this week your new book “Surrender to the Spirit” and the subtitle is “The Limitless Possibilities of Yielding to the Holy Spirit.”  People have been telling you that when they read this book it touches them so deep in their spirit.  What other feedback are you getting on it?

Keith:  Yeah, we’ve actually been amazed because even pastors and leaders are writing us and telling us, like here’s one precious gentleman that’s a pastor of that church in Houston, Texas.  And he actually said “The revelation that I received out of the book of the “Sevenfold Flow of the Holy Spirit” was mind blowing to me, and the book does and outstanding job of illuminating the work of the Spirit in the life of the believer that will allow the Holy Spirit will walk them into the realm of the limitless possibility as they yield to Him.  I’m an avid reader, but I have not read a book that’s spoke to my heart and challenged me more to live under the Holy Spirit’s control and anointing then “Surrender to the Spirit.” I have underlined and meditated each chapter and as I go back and reread I find something new each time, it’s a must read.  And I know this pastor and he’s beginning to see and understand some of the different flows of the sevenfold flow of the Holy Spirit in his ministry now.

Sid:  And now God gave you this revelation and that’s what it is and you don’t get touched that deep in the Spirit just from surface teaching.  But God himself gave you this revelation through three angelic encounters.

Keith:  That’s right.

Sid:  We don’t have time to go into it, but perhaps we can start with the very first one.

Keith:  Yeah it was during worship, actually I was doing a school as one of the speakers and it was my session. During the worship time I was just worshipping, and all of a sudden I mean it was just like that, it was all of a sudden boom I was just caught up in a prophetic encounter.  And I was just literally caught up I saw this huge, I mean just this authoritive ,and I say busting in a sense real authoritive, strong angel of the Lord standing there looking at me and he said, “Open your mouth!” And I opened my mouth and he threw this something in my mouth and I felt it hit my mouth and I ate it and then I came out of the prophetic encounter and I sat down.  And my whole team, my wife was there and several of my team, and my family and they all said, “What just happened to you?”  And I said, “I don’t know man I ate a book or something I don’t even know what it was.”  Immediately I knew in my spirit I heard Revelation 10 and Ezekiel 3 and so I marked those down in my book, in my Bible and have them to this day right and it was August 2002 and I knew something incredible just took place for me.

Sid:  Very quickly tell me the two scriptures.

Keith:  Revelation chapter 10 it talks about the angel of the Lord who told John and showed him the open book and he said, “Take the book and eat the book because you have many people to still to prophecy, many nations to go to” so he said, “Take the book and eat the book.”  And Ezekiel 3, Ezekiel was told eat the scroll because I’m commissioning you to send you to the house of Israel.

Sid:  Okay, consider yourself challenged.

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