Sid:  My guest John McTernan, were discussing his brand new updated book called, “As America Has Done to Israel.”  He has traced forty of the worse judgments that have hit in modern times in the United States in America and most are within 24 hours of going against Israel.  But the reason that I have him on the show this week is that you must get this book.  I mean it is so overwhelming the connection between God’s judgment or God’s blessings and what the United States does with Israel.  John you called me on the phone a few months back, and there was an amazing thing that God had told you and it had to do with the United States once again pressuring Israel to do the most horrific thing Biblically that I can think of coming from Joel Chapter 3.  Judgment will come to nations based on and it actually quoted; these are the exact words, “God says, for dividing up My land.”  And He’s talking about Jerusalem so tell me what you told me on the telephone so our Mishpochah can hear.

John:  Well Sid, I don’t know how long we’ve been going back together I would say ten years Sid?

Sid:   That sounds good.

John:  And I’ve been on your radio show and your TV show numerous times, and it always Sid when we interviewed you were kind of asking me what happened, but it was in the past and I would update you and your listeners and bring it kind of current.  Nothing was happening at the very time that we we’re being interviewed it was more like updating what happened three months ago, six months ago and starting Sid late last year and we can get into this either today or another show but a speech the President gave in July 16th of 2007 President Bush, Junior a dread started to come over me.  Just the feeling of awesomeness from the Lord Sid that we were in real trouble with Him; and this has built and it has built in my and it’s built in me since the President gave that speech.

Sid:  You know, it almost sounds to me like the experience that Jeremiah had, Your word is like a fire burning inside of me.

John:  Well Sid, yeah and it’s very frustrating from my point of view because I’m warning, I’m issuing these warnings, and it just falls on the most part deaf ears of the Church Sid.

Sid:  But isn’t it a spiritual blindness just to say that the sin of murdering the child in the womb abortion.  You see the United States is like divided down the middle on this, and people that are in favor of abortion it is as if they’re blind to what’s going on.  And it’s that same blindness that you’re seeing in a great segment of the Church unfortunately.

John:  Well Sid, you are right and added to that is the tremendous surge of the homosexual agenda Sid.  And then we have kind of a rise of militant replacement theology in the Church where there actually siding with the Palestinians’ in very subtle ways, I think that it’s the Israeli’s but it’s becoming bolder and bolder and bolder as I study this.  And then we have those Sid that don’t believe God judges that they believe the Bible judged in the Old Testament.  And He’ll judge sometime in the future maybe the Book of Revelation but right now He doesn’t judge when He says He will Sid for interfering…

Sid:  He’s just a sugar Daddy.

John:  Yes. All of this Sid, all of this unbelief in proper doctrine; this mocking God worldliness has kind of added up Sid to where our nation is for the most part blinded before God.  And He’s literally fulfilling His Word right before our very eyes and people are kind of like mocking Him laughing.  So from my perspective this is perplexing Sid.  I’m not, this doesn’t depress me or anything like that because God has given me a ministry to do it and I do it.  And where the people respond or not is between them and the Lord.  But its very perplexing to see God literally fulfilling His Word before our very eyes and to deny it Sid; this is, it’s spiritual, that’s all I can say this is not normal human thinking process.  It says a spiritual blindness has fallen over millions of people that claim they believe the Bible Sid.

Sid:  But I proclaim in Yeshua’s Name that those that read your book and those that are listening now that the light will penetrate blindness and they will receive what you say.  Would you explain what God has shown you in the significance of what the United States is currently trying to do with Israel.

John:  Well Sid, the United States is President Bush, Jr.’s last year starting in July in 2007 when he made the speech and then he followed it up with the Annapolis Conference, is trying to work a comprehensive peace plan with Israel and the Palestinians’, which means dividing the land into a Palestinian State and into an Israeli State.  And Sid you’ve already quoted from Joel chapter 3 about how God judges the nations that do that.  And Sid the United States is actively doing this behind the scenes to divide Jerusalem, it sort of come public in September; in fact it did come public which I will talk about either in this show or another show where the United States is working actively to divide Jerusalem into a capital of a Palestinian State.  And we know Sid from God’s Word what He says about Jerusalem is going to be a burdensome stone and the nation, everybody that burdens themselves with it is going to be cut in pieces.  And Sid every way along the path of President Bush going to Israel, Condalisa Rice going to Israel, Vice President Cheney going to Israel, or Omert who was the Prime Minister of Israel coming to the United Sates all along the line has been a melt down on that very day of United States economy. It’s been melting down as the United States has been pressuring Israel to divide the land and divide Jerusalem.  Precisely on these days every economic debacle that we have run into Sid has been connected to dividing Jerusalem.

Sid:  You even told me that you can pinpoint Hurricane Ike connected with it.

John:  Yes Sid, yes and what happened was the Counselor General of the United States who is located in Jerusalem on Thursday, let me see if I got these dates right, I’m pulling out of my head it’s 9/11 because I remember 9/11.  He brought it out officially that the United States was working in this peace plan between Israel and the Palestinians to divide Jerusalem.  And immediately Condalisa Rice, now she didn’t but the spokesman for the State Department said “well these meetings were secret”, and they kind of denied that they were, but they didn’t really deny it.  It was kind of put in what you wanted but the headlines that I have Sid is “The Counsel General saying that the United States is actively working with in this peace process to divide Jerusalem and on that day Hurricane Ike, that was on a Thursday.  Hurricane Ike is bearing down on Texas Sid, which is the President’s home state, the man that is pursuing this plan to divide Israel.  Hurricane Ike which is a monster storm that the meteorologist say is really like the biggest one that they’ve ever seen; it was 600 miles wide Sid.  It stretched from into Louisiana all the way down to the Mexican border; it was massive in its size. It literally devastated the Texas coast.  At the very next day after the Counsel General said that the United States was actively involved in the dividing of Jerusalem.  And Sid where that was going on Lehman Brother’s bank was failing, Merrill Lynch was failing; so follow this scenario Sid, I want your listeners to be very…I want them to listen to this very carefully.  On Thursday the idea comes out that the United is actively working to divide Jerusalem; On Friday night and Saturday morning Hurricane Ike slams into the coast of the United States wrecking havoc Sid on the width of it hit Galveston, annihilates the city of Galveston.  Goes up into Texas does enormous damage to all sorts of towns, stops in Houston; Houston comes to a standstill.  On Saturday and Sunday Lehman has failed, they’re trying to work some sort of plan out to save it, they can’t it’s the largest bank failure in history Sid; $639 billion.  On Monday the stock market crashes and there have been economic convulsions since Sid, there has been Federal Reserve, the Treasury Department, Congress, the President, trying to hold this economy together.  So immediately after the announcement that the United States was actively in the process of dividing Jerusalem we were hit by hurricane and we headed into arguably the worst economic crisis we have had since 1929 in the stock market….

Sid:  John you document this so well in your updated book called, “As America Has Done to Israel.”  I mean it’s not, I think he has a point, it’s overwhelming…evidence.  Do you know if people like the President of the United States, the Vice President of the United States, Senators, Congressman have read this book? I can’t imagine a Senator, a Congressman, or the Whitehouse reading this book and following the strategy that they’re following.

John:  Sid I don’t know if I shared this with you or not but…

Sid:  Oh you’re not going to do it right now we’re out of time but on tomorrow’s broadcast I’ll let you share it.

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