SID: Hello. Sid Roth here with LaDonna Taylor. And LaDonna, do you remember the first time you stepped into full time ministry? Now of course as a 12-year-old, you would play the violin and people would be healed. But the first time you stepped into full time ministry, tell me what happened.

LaDONNA: I was ministering a service. I didn’t know what to do, except tell my life story. So I told the life story, and I invited the people to come to the altar for the laying on of hands to be healed, proclaiming that Jesus is their healer and miracle worker. Everyone that came was healed.

SID: How many came?

LaDONNA: About 50 or 60 people.

SID: Everyone?

LaDONNA: Everyone.

SID: That’s quite a way to start.

LaDONNA: Praise the Lord.

SID: Where do you go from here? But you told me, and I love the way you said it. You said that God gets into the notes of what you play. Elaborate on that.

LaDONNA: I’m not sure how to even elaborate on it. But I know He permeates the sound waves. You know, music is a very powerful force on this earth. Science even knows that. You know, when you go shopping, music to influence you everywhere.

SID: Restaurants.

LaDONNA: But how much more when God gets in the notes and those notes, music can literally go straight to your spirit, bypassing doubt in your soul area and go straight to your inner being.

SID: I like that. Now I had the privilege of meeting and getting to know a little bit, Katherine Kuhlman. And she had favorite songs. The reason they were favorite is she knew that God liked it. And she would have these songs played every service. Now do you feel that there are certain songs that cause God to operate specific gifts?

LaDONNA: I absolutely do. And this was a learning experience for me. I barely knew how to stand behind a microphone when I started full time ministry, 13 years ago. Well I just started noticing certain songs, everybody’s back would be healed, certain other songs, deaf ears would open, and I started seeing the pattern.

SID: The song, “Here I Am to Worship,” most of us know that. What does God do when you play that music?

LaDONNA: I’ve seen many, many cases of fibromyalgia disappear within seconds, just instant.

SID: Are there, like there’s other songs that you have, that you see specific diseases get healed. Tell me one.

LaDONNA: “Amazing Grace”, such a beautiful, beautiful piece of music.

SID: It is.

LaDONNA: The whole world knows that music. Bones, adjustment, alignment, ligaments during that music.

SID: I am going to ask LaDonna to go to the music set right now and play, “Here I Am to Worship” and here’s what’s going to happen. People actually feel arthritis being sucked out of them as she plays music. Anything you need. Don’t pray for what you need. Pray to get closer to the Lord. LaDonna Taylor, “Here I Am to Worship”.

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