Sid:  My guests are Jordan and Michelle Cooke. I’m speaking to them at their home in University Place, Washington just outside of Takoma Washington.  And at a very early age Michelle found that Jordan has a gift from God. God speaks to her and she paints way beyond her years and very unconventional fashion, but it’s magnificent. The paintings are supernatural and prophetic.  There was one Michelle which is outrageous, it’s called “God’s self-portrait,” explain.

Michelle:  Okay, Jordan was four years old, we were sitting down to lunch and she asked me what God looked like?  Kind a stumped me, I told her well God looks like, He’s a spirit and you know Jesus is the image of God.  So of course, “What’s Jesus look like?”  You know these questions, finally I said, “You know what Jordan, I need you to ask God for Him to show you what He looks like.”  So she sat down to paint and we did not have water color paper, which is very thick and textured so we used printer paper out of my printer, we sat down and she painted this beautiful picture called, “Holy Spirit Dove.”  And it just looks like the Holy Spirit just rushing across the sky to answer prayer. When it dried we went to carefully peal it off of the stack of papers and underneath is the a face, the paint had bled through and I’m telling you, you cannot look at this and not see a face, Jordan just started squalling with delight.  “Look it God painted a picture for me! Instead of me painting for Him, He painted this, she didn’t even touch it, and it looks like a very old Jesus, it almost looks sort of see through like a spirit and I realized that God has such a willingness to be known that he stops at no length to communicate with us at the level we’re at.  It had no, it was no problem for Him to show a four year old little girl what it means to have the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, it’s right there in the painting.

Sid:  And you know I’m looking at another one of her paintings, and again she was five when she did this, it is unbelievable it must me a gift from God, there is no other explanation.  And of course all of her paintings are prophetic.  This is called the “Bridegroom,” tell me about this one.

Michelle:  Awe, she painted the “Bridegroom” on the evening of Passover. When she finished she put this garland of olive branches around the head like a crown where a crown of thorns would normally sit.  And she said to me, “He’s not going to wear a crown of thorns he’s already done that.  And she made Him smiling, she kept saying as she’s painting, He’s coming back for kisses this time and He looked so happy, his whole face is just lite up and we went to a class.  It was an early you know Jewish, Hebrew traditional class and they told us that the bridegroom when he’s about to present Himself to the Bride in a Jewish wedding he would adorn Himself with an olive branch over His head. So we knew that was the name of that painting should be the bridegroom because He’s coming back for a glorious Bride.

Sid:  Is there any way that she could have known that in the natural about the olive branch.

Michelle:  No, we had a lady ask Jordan point blank, “Why did you put the olive garland on His head?”  And Jordan’s answer was, “Because the crown of thorns hurts him,” so in her mind she didn’t want to put the thorns because it was painful for him.  So I don’t think she knew.

Sid:  Okay, I am looking at another painting; well I can’t wait to get you guys on television because it’s hard to do paintings on radio.

Michelle:  I know.

Sid:  Well, it’s not easy.

Michelle:  Well, they can look on line, they can do that.

Sid:  Okay, tell me a bit about the “Yeshua Tree” she did that when she was five years of age.  I mean how does a five year old paint like this?

Michelle:  I don’t know, she doesn’t get it from me, I’ll tell you, I’m not artistic that way.

Sid:  Okay, describe the “Yeshua Tree.”

Michelle:  We have been looking through a Bible atlas and she just was fixated on the olive trees, she thought they were so neat so she wanted to paint one.  So she got out her water colors and mixed all the paints and everything and started to paint.  And instead of making a single trunk she made two. In fact she made them in the shape of a big giant “Y” and as she painted she kept saying this is the Yeshua Tree. “Y” for Yeshua and later she was explaining to me that this is how they all come together, the Jews and the other people, and she was painting and that’s how she finished it.  And in fact she even did a little teeny teeny branch on the left of the “Y”, and they’re separated just slightly. She said, “That’s only way the Middle East will be together you know, Ishmael and Isaac, she didn’t say Ishmael and Isaac she said “The people fighting, the people fighting will only be together if they’re with Jesus that’s the only way.”  So she was in her own way trying to say that “Everything, everything comes together in the Yeshua Tree.

Sid:  Now I have asked Jordan this but I’m going to ask you Michelle, “What do you believe prophetically God has in store for your daughter?”

Michelle:  Well, when Jordan was very little I had a dream. I don’t have many, but the ones I get are I know from God.  And I saw her holding the ram’s horn, the shofar, and He said “That she’d be a voice.”  Now I don’t know where or how, I believe the paintings are an indication of her ability to express God and His willingness to use her.  But I’ve seen it come out in other ways, I’ve seen her compose music, not to the extent she paints, but I’ve seen her do it and I’ve recognized His hand on her life in many ways.  There are times that we’re driving and I’ll be lost and she say, “God said, left, God says turn left”, and I’ll turn left and there’s the freeway, this kind of thing.

Sid:  I could use her in my car, ha-ha-ha.  As a matter of fact I’d like to talk to her, would you put Jordan back on the telephone.

Jordan:  Hello.

Sid:  Hi Jordan, I’ve been talking to your mom and as you know about several of your paintings.  Tell me about God’s self portrait, where you shocked when you saw that God did it and you had nothing to do with it.

Jordan:  I was totally excited; I went and jumped on the couch! He-he.

Sid:  Ha-ha.

Jordan:  It was awesome, I loved it.

Sid:  Now tell me about the “Yeshua Tree,” that’s special.

Jordan:  Yeah, I was really excited when He showed me that though.  Wooo.

Sid:  When He showed that to you did He show it to you as you painted or did He show it to you before you painted the “Yeshua Tree?”

Jordan:  Well, the Yeshua Tree is the Jews and the Christians coming together, because there’s two branches, a shorter one and then a bigger one.

Sid: It forms the “Y” it sure does.

Jordan:  And Jesus or Yeshua and their one.

Sid:  And is there going to be peace in any other way in the Middle East except Jew and Gentile and Arab being one in Jesus.

Jordan:  No way, that’s the only way, through Jesus.

Sid:  And let me take you back when Jesus came into your room and told you that your mother would be healed, tell me that story very quickly.

Jordan:  Well, what happened it was on my eight birthday last year, and I saw someone writing on the little bedstand, I just knew that it was Jesus.  And I heard Him say “Ask”, and I was guessing that He was what I wanted for my birthday.  And I said, “I wanted my mom healed.  “Done,” and He disappeared.

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