Sid:  We want everyone everywhere to hear the good news.  When you hear my guest L.A. Marzulli you will realize this it is essential that people get saved and get saved right away because of what’s happening on planet earth.  L.A. you produced three DVD’s it’s a set called Watchers.  The first one talks about UFOs, the second one “Signs in the heaven and the earth and the Watchers,” and the third, “Finger Prints of the Supernatural.”  How in the world did you get so much documentation of so much supernatural that you can’t even see on the news; and in fact it’s almost supernatural that this stuff isn’t on the news every night?

L.A:  Ha-ha.  Well, my good friend and co-Producer Richard Shaw and I we picked these topics, we try to find expert and similar to what you do and we go out and we interview them.  And we discuss and talk about and look for information that we find incredibly interesting that deals with in Watchers III, “Finger Prints of the Supernatural” and that what that whole DVD talks about.  Certainly the Shroud of Turin in my opinion is something, an artifact of probably the most enigmatic artifact on the planet that we can look at and say “Wow something has caused image on this cloth, the image of crucified man on a cloth.”  The cloth is about 14’ long 3’ wide and frontal dorsal images of a crucified man.  How was this done?  And recently Italian scientists have went out and said “You know we think that it’s definitely not a painting and that the image might have been put there by UV lights they’re not sure, fascinating stuff.

Sid:  Alright if it was put with UV light what does that mean?

L.A:   Ha-ha-ha. Well they’re saying that it’s a burst of ultra violet light, a sudden burst of ultra-violet light.  One of the people that we …

Sid:  So therefore it could not; if of what you’re saying is authentic it could not just be perhaps a counterfeit or perhaps someone else who was crucified.

L.A:  Correct and I have been an amateur sunaologist for thirty-one years since I became born from above.  And when I look at that I believe it’s the real deal, I believe that it’s forensic evidence of the greatest event on the planet.  And that of course is the resurrection of the God Man Yeshua.

Sid:  Okay, let’s go back to what we left off with, on yesterdays broadcast, because I’m finding this fascinating.  You actually interviewed, and this is right on your DVD’s scientists, doctors that are people supposedly were caught up in flying saucers; they had an implant and there’s actually one man that has removed these from people.  By the way, are these people psycho’s, are they really weirdo’s?

L.A:  Most of the people that come forward with these implants in them do not want any notoriety, they are embarrassed by them, they just want them out.  And so it’s very difficult to actually track down some of the people, when we are trying to find one of these guy and try to sit down and talk to them.  They are extremely reticent about coming in front of the camera, they don’t want any notoriety, they just want these things out and be left alone.  So it’s not someone looking for money or you know the latest craze on the news at 6:00, or whatever; they just want these things out.

Sid:  Okay, tell me about the doctor that has actually removed these implants, what was his report?

L.A:  Well, again he was a total skeptic when he first got into this and now he realizes that we are not in Kansas anymore when he looks at these implants.  They are very complex; they are giving off some sort of a frequency which we believe is a clocks speed of 300 GHz, that’s 100 times faster than our fastest computer that we have on the planet.  When I asked him point bank, “what do you think this thing is doing?”  Remember he has no eschatological or end time dog in the hunt as Christians would; not really aware of what the Mark of the Beast might be or that type of stuff that are reading in the Book of Revelation and doesn’t know anything about that.  He looked at me and just said, “Well changing the persons DNA, just like that.”  And that got me thinking, “Changing the person’s DNA”, and Yeshua tells us that it will be like in the days of Noah.  What differentiates the day of Noah from any other time in History is the presence of the fallen angels and the Nephilim.  There could be a definite connection between the two.

Sid:  Is there, in your opinion, conclusive proof that the substance, the material of the implants is not from this earth?

L.A:  Well I would say a resounding yes.  When it’s analyzed at different metallurgy in different labs, the closest thing we have to it is meteorite metal found in the Arizona crater; that’s the closes thing we have into it.  They went to a machine shop and they tried to cut it open with a diamond blade saw, it wouldn’t work.  They finally took it to a laboratory, cut the thing open with a laser beam, inside they found nanotubes and double nanotubes and they have no idea how this thing is working or what it does; but he believes that it’s powered as I do, it’s powered by the person’s nervous system and their circulatory system.  And it’s changing the persons host DNA which is startling.

Sid:  Startling, is an understatement.

L.A:  Yes, it is.

Sid:  What about the fact that most of the countries of the world have been reporting UFO’s and they’ve released the information, but the U.S. is keeping it hidden.  Why would the U.S. keep it hidden now that so many people are talking about these, so many other countries are releasing their information on UFO’s?

L.A:  Good question, well we see France and Britain and Belgium and the U.K. and Germany and Brazil and Mexico and other countries, Japan have all released on time what were at one time top secret classified documentation saying that the phenomena is real.  The U.S. however tap dances around it and doesn’t say anything about it; in fact pooh-poohs anything to do with UFOs specifically…

Sid:  Okay, look, I seen your proof, I am convinced that UFO’s are real, the bigger question is are they from God, are they from the devil, what are they?

L.A:  I believe this is part of what I call the coming great deception.  When we read in 2nd Thessalonians and it says the Satan comes with all signs and wonders, why do we under estimate him?  When Ben Stein and his movie “Expelled” sits down with a premier evolution of the twentieth and twenty-first Century, Richard Dawkins poses a question to him, “Where life begins.”  Dawkins has no answer he only says “Well, maybe millions of years ago in another universe an extraterrestrial scene was here.”  He’s already promulgating without knowing what I call the great deception.  Darwinism has eroded the bastion of Christianity; what was our world view literally for hundreds of years here, now it’s eroded to the point to maybe there is no God at all.

Sid:  So our world view of God is eroding and our world view of the demonic, except not calling it the demonic, is spreading throughout our culture.

L.A:  Absolutely we see it in movies, we see it in music videos, we see it in television shows, it is everywhere; ET is here.

Sid:  How about Louis Farrakhan, now I have not seen this in the news but I’ve read first hand reports by him of having, he has been taken up in a UFO. Explain very briefly those reports.

L.A:  Apparently leader Louis Farrakhan claimed to have been taken aboard a UFO and received communication from literally “space brothers.”  So we see that Farrakhan was taken, abducted if you were, in you please by these so called aliens.  The question, the $64,000 question, are they extraterrestrial or inner-dimensional beings.  Of course I believe these are inner-dimensional beings that we’re looking at.  In other words I believe that they’re demonic.

Sid:  Okay, so I’m wondering if he had one of those implants and there is no mention of that, and his DNA is changing and then we see the link between him and former pastor of the President of the United States of America, the church that he went to for twenty plus years. And they take Farrakhan as the Man of the Year and it’s getting very spooky.

Sid:  It’s really end time stuff.

L.A:  Absolutely, I believe that the whole UFO phenomenon is part of the great deception, let’s look at this for a second Sid.  We know in the book of Revelation that it says that it will be a one world religious system as well as a one world government.  The one world government is not hard to see but the one world religious system is a real mind bender.  How do you get 1.8 billion Christians, 1.4 billion Muslims and a billion Hindus to somehow change their world view and paradigm?   What one event…

Sid:  Listen it’s hard to just get Christians to act like Jesus says we’re supposed to love one another.  How are you going to get Muslims, Christians and Jews and Hindus doing it?

L.A:  Well, exactly.  But if you have three mile wide craft and I realize this sounds very very bazaar, but when you start doing some homework you’ll see that people have seen mile wide, three mile wide craft all over the planet.  And when you see these things really begin to manifest openly so where you’re looking at the 6:00 news and their showing you real footage of a mile wide craft or whatever it’s a game changer, it’s a huge game changer.

Sid:  So when people see these UFO’s they are going to be willing to unify for the sake of safety.

L.A:  Well, or the occupatants will tell us that they seeded us here, they started the worlds religion, started our civilizations.  Genetically manipulated us and now at this critical juncture in human history they are back to usher us into a time of peace, prosperity and knowledge.  This is what the New Agers are talking about and promulgating in what they believe.

Sid:  And you have an amazing view of the Mark of the Beast, perhaps we’ll talk about that on tomorrows broadcast.  But you know if it were just these aliens and these flying saucers and boy what documentation he has.  That would be worth you writing for, but it is far more than that.  It changes in the planet, it’s things that were prophesized thousands of years ago in the Bible that are coming to pass right before our very eyes these tsunamis, these earthquakes are not accidents, there signs of the soon return of Jesus.  It will cause the greatest skeptic to say you know Jesus is the Messiah.

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