Sid:  Red hot is an understatement for my guest, I know I keep saying that, but it’s true in her case, her name if Kathie Walters, she has been a guest previously.  And the first thing she said to me is “Last weekend something unusual came forth.”  What happened?

Kathie:  Well, I do not know how to describe it, it’s very hard, but it’s like as if Heaven just came down closer.  And then there was like a manifestation, people begin to feel rain, some of them and then like wind.  And then which has been like three days ago, people have been emailing me from all over saying “They’re experiencing things that they’ve never experienced before.” Lots of like different perfumes, manifestations and God talking to them and that.

Sid:   Do you know what’s kind of interesting and when I think about you I think about the gold dust that frequently accompanies you as you minister or just in secular life.  But I’ve had this happen once before but a couple times but it hasn’t happened for years.  But a couple weekends ago I was in church and just worshipping God and my wife looked at my seat when I stood up and it was coated with gold dust.  I’m wondering if that isn’t part of what’s going on right now, something new is on planet earth; something new has been released.

Kathie:  I believe it’s the beginning of an old prophecy that came forth in England in 1930 and I believe if you have that prophecy where it said that the wind would breathe…

Sid:   Well, why don’t I read it verbena.

Kathie:  Read it, yeah.

Sid:  There shall come a breathe and the breathe shall bring the wind and the wind shall bring the rain and the rain shall bring the floods and the floods and the floods and the floods shall bring the torrents and torrents and torrents.  So shall they be saved like falling leaves from the mighty oaks swept by a hurricane in a great forest.  Arms and legs shall come down from heaven and there shall be no ebb.

Kathie:  Ooo that’s awesome isn’t it, but I believe that started.

Sid:  I believe that also and it’s almost like they’ll be a move of… I don’t know if there’s like a brief moment so to speak of where God’s having mercy on earth before the return of Messiah or whether it’s something that is going to be long term until the Messiah returns.  My hunch is it’s a short window, they usually are.

Kathie:  That prophecy sounds like kind of a long thing though that got its momentum, but definitely between last week and this week just recently it’s like heaven has come down closer because everybody is getting all these manifestations of the perfume of the Lord and oil and honey and all kinds of things.  People that don’t normally, people that usually say “Well, that’s for him and her because they’re more spirit kind of people,” but everyone is beginning to experience this, it’s like it’s just come down closer to the earth, I don’t know how to explain it, but I am so excited.

Sid:  Well, for those that aren’t familiar with you, we’re going to review just a little bit.  You backslide from the Lord, you weren’t really Spirit Filled, but you backslid from the Lord, you went to Australia you get yourself involved with the mafia and one day you heard angels sing.  Tell me about that day.

Kathie:  Well, I had lots of theology, wonderful theology, but I did run away and I did backslide and I was engaged to someone in the mafia and I had kind of a good time in the world recent.  One day this anointing fell on me and of course I never heard of the anointing so I didn’t know what that was.   But the presence of God and then I heard angels singing and old English hymn, “Oh love that won’t let me go” it’s just wonderful and then the presence of God just got stronger and stronger and then the Lord spoke to me and He said, “Kathie I’ll never let you go.”  And then I saw like a flash of angels and then I had a vision of Jesus on a white horse.  But of course at the time I didn’t believe in visions so I didn’t quite know what to do with it you know.  Ha-ha.  But I had it and then this anointing came on me and everyone I spoke to got saved.

Sid:  I’m wondering if the new move of God’s Spirit if you’re not going to and everyone listening to us is now going to experience that same sort of thing.  I mean the manifestations of the angels, the supernatural and just an open heaven for salvations.

Kathie:  Yeah, that’s what I’ve been saying, people have been emailing me the last few days; people who never usually experience anything much supernaturally.  But every, all kinds of people have been having tremendous, they’ve even said “I’ve never had this before.”  “I’ve never smelt these aromas before.” “I’ve never felt these touches before.” “I’ve never had oil before on my hands.”  And so I believe it’s just, ooo it’s just coming down out of heaven really.

Sid:  So making a long story short you immediately left Australia, left the mafia went back home, married David,

Kathie:  Yeah.

Sid:  But you got involved in a group of people that revival hit and that changed your life forever.  Tell me about that.

Kathie:  Well, it was a group I was already a part of that specialized in personal evangelism and I knew there was something more because I had that experience in Australia and the people around me, we were hungry.  It was a very worldly bunch of people; they were actors and chorus girls and people like that and so we begin to seek the Lord.  We didn’t know what we were seeking for, but something, we knew there was something.  And anyway this revival just hit us, the presence of God and the glory of God just came on us and people just kept coming from everywhere, everywhere.  We didn’t know anything; we knew how to sing some songs and the glory of God just fell on us for several years.  And people were just, people would knock at the door of house and we would open the door and they would just fall out under the power of God and we’d have to drag them in by their feet, ha-ha.  And then when we moved into the town hall we’d have to tell people, “When you come to the meetings there may be people laying outside in the street under the power of God and just step over them.”  And he glory of God just rested on the people and I think the key was that it was everybody and it wasn’t just one or two people on the platform.

Sid:  And you know I have been pushing and pushing for that in our own prayer meeting of Messianic Vision staff and it’s just starting to happen.  It’s just, we had a prayer meeting yesterday that was so good no one wanted to leave the power of God was so awesome.  But one of the keys Kathy and you’re talking about it is a message came forth but it came forth from multiple people that did confer with one another.  It was so wonderful to see the Holy Spirit operate through the Body verses the one man show.

Kathie:  Yes, that’s what made it so powerful because God used everyone and you know sometimes when visitors came it didn’t matter where they sat because the person next to them would just tell them their name.  And even the kids in the public schools, they’re going to the schools and the power of God just flowed like a river.  David would go into the schools and they would have to close the schools sometimes because the kids would be just laid out in the corridors and on the plain it was under the power of God.  And there was nothing they could co except close the schools for that day.

Sid:  You also told me that if someone was involved in sin they couldn’t get away with it like many people feel they can today.  And by the way, that’s another thing that’s going to happen sin is going to start being revealed.  But what would happen at your group?

Kathie:  Well, I remember and this was like fairly regularly, but I remember once this young evangelist got up and he said “There’s three people here that are actually in adultery and I’ll give you two minutes to stand up and if you don’t I’ll come and stand in front of you.”  Well, people shot to their feet and the people around them prayed for them and we just carried on with the meeting.  Well there was no condemnation or like judgment from us you know what I mean, it just was the word of God that came out from God and the word did its own work.

Sid:  It’s a whole different level.

Kathie:  A whole different level.

Sid:    It’s not in the flesh, it’s in the Spirit and once someone is convicted in the spirit you don’t have to poke your finger at them, God’s done a pretty good job.

Kathie:  That’s right and we just love them, it was just awesome and people, drug dealers were instantly delivered, the kids would pray for them. And people high, way out on drugs were instantly delivered when the children put their hands on them.  So, I just saw, we just saw God moving powerfully on the whole body, everybody.  Sometimes the elders and leaders didn’t speak for weeks because God was moving so powerfully through the body.

Sid:  Kathy, I’m making avail this week your two CD teaching which was really a special teaching on faith and angels and how faith operates.  I mean God has really taught you some lessons and then your booklet, “Angels Watching over You” but I have to ask you the question, “Why another book on angels?”  I mean does the world need a book on angels, there’s plenty of books on angels?

Kathie:  Well, I don’t know I just felt to put my own experiences of it because I’m just ordinary you know and I’m a Princess and I’m watchy but I’m an ordinary person.  And I wanted people to be able to relate that they can have the same thing I am no one special or anything like that.  I also went through the scriptures so that people could see in the Bible what angels did because people have funny connation of angels.

Sid Roth:  Why is there such misunderstanding of angels?  I mean if you talk to the average Christian number one they haven’t seen an angel, number two they haven’t felt and angel, number three they haven’t experienced an angel.  Why is there such ignorance?

Kathie:  I think that it’s religious spirits really, that have given people a funny impression of angels.  Can I back up a little bit because you know me quite well, you know I believe the realm of the Spirit, the supernatural realm and angels, heavenly visitations, all those wonderful things are supposed to be; meant to be a normal part of the life every Christian.  They only thing that they have to do is to believe it.  Because everything in the Spirit realm we receive by faith and not by works.  Most people have been taught, or it’s been implied…

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