Sid:  I have on the telephone Pastor John Kilpatrick, he’s Senior Pastor of Church of His Presence in Daphne, Alabama and your probably familiar with John as a result of the Pensacola Revival, the Brownsville Assembly of God.  Father’s Day 1995 and for five years thereafter over 4,000,000 people came from all over the world to that church.  Hundreds of thousands made professions of faith, rededicated their life to God, it was a genuine; genuine revival.  And I was finding out yesterday that when John was fifteen he had an amazing experience, he was being mentored by his pastor as his father had left his mother.  And he was being mentored in prayer, and one night it was a crisis night for the pastor because someone was trying to take over his church.  And in came with locked doors, how many locks were on the door John?

John:  The locks, there were five of them, and there were pins in the jam at the top; pins in the jam at the bottom, there was a key underneath the doorknob where it was lock, there was a deadbolt and a latch.  When the doors popped open, not one broken lock.

Sid:  Huh, and the door opened, who marched in?

John:  And two angels came in, two huge angels and they filled the sanctuary from the top to the bottom.  I’ve never seen beings that big, they wasn’t dressed in white like angels, they didn’t have wings, these were warrior looking angels.  They had no weapons, they never said a word to us, we never said a word to them, they just appeared and they left the doors open.  And one was standing in the back where pastor always prayed and the other one was standing on the other side, the opposite side of the building.  And as I looked at them, in my fifteen year old mind, I just was in shock; I could not believe that my eyes were seeing beings that big from heaven.

Sid:  Were you and the pastor the only ones that saw the angels?

John:  There was seventeen of us there that night.

Sid:  And all seventeen saw the angels?

John:  Every one of us saw it; everyone of us saw it.  And as a matter of fact, after they left we went back, we went back to the back, or the pastor got up to be the back to walk to the back to shut the doors, I know that’s where he was going and we all just fell in behind him because it was a little bit spooky to honest with you.  So as he got up to go out there and shut the doors we were all with him, but when we got to that area where the power of God came in that building where those angels came in; there was so much power there.  It was my first confrontation with the power of God in my life.  I was fifteen and there was so much of the power of God there in that foyer in the back of that sanctuary we collapsed, your legs it was like sticking fire to butter; you couldn’t stand up; we just collapsed.  Just, I remember I came to the next morning and I guess it was around six o’clock right at sun up and I was lying beneath a man’s knees, beneath a man’s knees and his ankles; we all just collapsed like you just placed fiddles sticks you know.  It’s like God played fiddles sticks with us and we just collapsed right there where we were and didn’t come awake until the next morning when the sun came up.

Sid:  What was going on inside of your mind?

John:  Well, the first thing that I heard was when I came awake was that I heard the traffic on Second Avenue in front of the church and those church doors were still open all night long.  And I remember Pastor saying, “Look boys,” he said, “The locks aren’t even damaged.”  And the power of God hit those doors and it reminds me of the scripture in the Bible where it says that Peter was going to the outer gates and the gates opened on their own accord.

Sid:  Now did you go to school the next morning, out of curiosity?

John:  Do you know what, I don’t even remember.

Sid: But, alright that was Sunday night after service and you’re up there all night long and then you have your normal Wednesday night service.  What happened after that visitation of the two angels?

John:  Evidently the word got around, you know seventeen people there, evidently the word got around so that Wednesday night the church was packed out.  Now we prayed again on Monday night, Tuesday night and that Wednesday night; we prayed every single night.  I prayed with Pastor every night for years without missing a single night, every night for years, seven nights a week.  But on Wednesday night when it came time for regular service the church was packed.  And we had an uneventful service, back in those days we didn’t have what you call a worship service, we had what you call a song service.  And nothing eventful happened during the song time and when the pastor called the ushers forward to receive the offering, he said “Bow your heads for prayer over the offering and when people bowed their heads for prayer for the offering, the power of God moved in that place like it did when the angels came in that Sunday night and thirty-eight people fell out of their seats into the floor and received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and many of them had sought the Holy Spirit all their life and could never get it and went right through to it.

Sid:  What, they fell out of their seat probably praying in unknown tongues I can envision.

John:  I’m sure they probably did, but they just were in the floor and went right through the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.  And one thing it proved to me Sid was those angels when they came into that church, they never lifted a finger; they never said a word; just their presence broke the back of all of that trouble that was going on in that church; and they changed that atmosphere just by showing up there.

Sid:  Now I asked you this question before we went on the air, as you know I was out many times to Pensacola to the Brownsville Assembly of God and you may not remember this but the exact spot that you are hit with the power of God on Father’s Day June 1995 you pointed it out to me and I just took a little and I put it on that spot and I sat there for a couple of hours just being still before the Lord.  But the presence, I tasted the presence at Brownsville, how was that presence in comparison to what you experienced as a fifteen year old when those two angels came and then that Wednesday night service and then thereafter?

John:  Well, I would say that it was a magnification of that presence because what happened that night when we gathered on Wednesday night after the angels showed up was really the first time that I saw that kind of a breakthrough.  And what happened on Father’s Day of ’95 was a magnification or a multiplication of that same freedom.  The presence of God is the same, but when the presence of God comes in a dose that you’re not familiar with it feels like, whenever you experience that that’s all God’s got to offer.  But what we experienced on Father’s Day I come to learn later was just a dose that church could bear up under at that time because you have to actually get actuated to the presence of God to be able to bear up under it.  If God gave you all of His presence it would just totally destroy you.  But God gives you a dose; he prescribes a dose for an individual or a congregation just as to what they can stand and bare up under it.  But what it felt like on Father’s Day was all God had to offer, but later we come to understand it was just a dose and that there was much more to come and there was a different levels that He was going to take us into in the next five years of revival.

Sid:  John, are we going to experience revival in America?

John:  You know, I believe we are, I really do believe we are.  You know, after you’ve experienced something like that Sid, it ruins you, it ruins you.  You can never be satisfied with church as usual again.  And God touched millions of people from all over the world during that period of time and those people are languishing out there; because once you’ve been touched you’re never the same.  What you’ve put your feet under the table of revival; no other table will ever satisfy you.  And there’s a hunger today in the hearts of congregations.  I believe many times congregations maybe more hungry than their pastor is.  And there’s a hunger in congregations out there today; and people leave church many times on Sundays and they’re not dissatisfied with their church or dissatisfied with their pastor; they’re unsatisfied and there’s a difference.  They’re unsatisfied, it means that they didn’t get what their soul needed; they didn’t feel or experience in that service what their soul was craving.  You see the glory is not the anointing; there’s three different levels I would call it.  The blood everybody understands the blood; the blood is God’s detergent for sin; you’ve got to have the blood to be saved.  You’re born again, you’re washed in the blood; you have a born again experience.  That’s the first level.  The second level is the anointing comes upon you; the anointing is God’s authorization on a person’s life to do the works of the ministry in the earth.  That’s a good definition of the anointing.  God’s authorization on a person’s life to do the works of the ministry in the earth; but when you get passed the blood; you get passed the anointing, then your talking about the glory of God.  And the glory of God is the Kabod; it’s the manifest presence of God and the presence of God is what people crave; it’s what Adam and Eve had in the Garden of Eden before they sinned.  They were always naked in the Garden of Eden, always but when they sinned, the glory lifted off of them and that’s why they started grabbing for fig leaves and they pulled those leaves next to them to try to hide their nakedness because they had sin.  But mankind ever since that time that they sinned in the Garden and the glory lifted off of them they have been searching; man’s been searching; his soul has been searching for that weighty presence again.  And they tried sex, they tried drugs; they’ve alcohol; they’ve tried religion; they tried new houses; they’ve tried new cars, money, investments, all kinds of things but none of it will bring you the presence and the weightiness of the presence of God like we’re created for.  That’s what we’re created for, it’s His presence.

Sid:  God, you’ve had several very significant prophetic visions…on the first day of ’09 you received a prophetic, actually would you call it a vision or a prophetic word of twelve points of what is going to happen starting this year that is absolutely amazing.  Tell me about that night.

John:  Well, on the first day this year my wife and I went into a restaurant to eat and after we had ordered the waiter walked back up to me and said, “Your meal has been paid for, someone in the restaurant has paid for your meal.  And I said, “Thank you very much, so when he turned to walk away I was startled because when he turned to walk away I heard the Holy Spirit say to me, “I’m going to give you a word a prophetic word and it has twelve letters in it.”  And immediately my mind tried to summons the word that had twelve letters in it and I thought I liked the word supplication or something like that.  And I heard the Holy Spirit say, “Oh, no, no, no I’ll give you the word.  He said, “The word is resurrection.”  I

Sid:  In other words each letter, which are twelve letters stands for a word and each word stands for a whole prophetic insight into what’s happening in the United States.

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