Sid:  We want everyone everywhere to be red hot for the Messiah, and if you listened to my guest yesterday you know he’s red hot for the Messiah.  He lives in an open heaven, that’s normal; abnormal is to be blocked from the presence of God.  I mean 24-7 and God’s raising up a generation of people that will be living in an open heaven 24-7.  Eddie we found out on yesterday’s broadcast that you were talking about there were several attempts on your life when you were young.  And you began to have nightmares, but at age four a figure came into your room; you didn’t even have a grid what was going on.  But God set you free from those nightmares and then in 1997 Kim Clement prophesied over you about that experience, explain it.

Eddie:  We were in Detroit, Michigan and it was a rather lengthy word, but the portion of it that got my attention.  I believe God will through a prophet will give us a word of our past to know that the word of our future is assure as the revelation of our past.  And He said, I came to you when you were only four years old and you did not know it, but I put something inside of you, you know something that would live. And so that was the beginning and the remembrance of a visitation that had been long forgotten.

Sid:  Now on yesterday’s broadcast you told me you definitely discerned at least two angels entered the studio.  Are those two angels still with us?

Eddie:  Yes Sir, they have not left.

Sid: Tell me, well again you yield to these two angels if they show you anything in particular, but you were involved in a revival meeting which totally transformed your life.  You laughed until it hurt, but you laughed yourself and cried yourself totally clean and God was able to do a new work in your life.  Tell me a bit about the food back ministry that you have.

Eddie:  The food bank is an ongoing ministry in Bremen, Georgia that actually is people that receive supplemental groceries every Tuesday and afternoon session.  And the people that set it up they allow for a little devotional thirty minutes prior to each session.

Sid:  Is it almost like a Salvation Army type of thing where you feed them, but they have to hear the gospel?

Eddie: Well, these people are not required, they are receiving groceries rather than an actual meal, they are receiving supplemental groceries, but they are not actually required.  They don’t have to participate in the meeting to get their groceries, but neither the less it’s usually a full house.

Sid:  But some unusual miracles have been going on there, tell me about them.

Eddie:  Absolutely.

 Sid:  I mean these are miracles you hear about outside of the U.S. and Africa, you don’t hear about them in the U.S.

Eddie:  Yes Sir, when the Lord moved us out here a little more than 2 ½ years ago we had received a prophetic word in 2005 from a prophet that we did not know and he did not know us.  But He told us that it was absolutely imperative that we follow explicitly the Lord’s direction and if we obeyed Him that He would open the heavens for us and He spoke of a move that we would have to move.  And it took eighteen months for us to fulfill that move.

Sid:  Now, let me get this straight, a prophet prophesied over you about a move.

Eddie:  Yes Sir.

Sid:  And what does a couple do that’s kind of in an area comfortable etcetera, not every prophesy is from God.

Eddie:  Right.

Sid:  Did you just immediately know it was God or did you test it in some way?

Eddie:  It was a total confirmation; we were already looking to move.  Our house, we were about to put out house on the market at that time.  And so he literally talked to us, I mean He pulled my wife and I up and he talked to us about ten minutes rather than just a prophetic word.  But he was telling us, he said, but do you understand what I’m telling you?  It’s imperative that you obey God, that you get in the explicit place that God will direct you.   And from that point, I think that this is the key thing about an open heaven, that we have to be determined that we are going to live in the perfect will of God and not merely in the permissive will of God.  That it’s not acceptable that we live anywhere.  God will bless me anywhere, but if I want God’s best, I’ve got to obey explicitly and that was our determination from the beginning; that we were not going to move anywhere except where God directed us.

Sid:  And history revealed that because of this move your whole life was transformed.  If you hadn’t moved I mean I know that you don’t even want to think about it, but do you think you would have missed all these wonderful things?

Eddie:  That’s a scary thought, I know we would have missed it, but we’re seeing as you said, we’re seeing third world miracles in a first world nation.

Sid:  It’s about time.

Eddie:  Amen, amen absolutely.  This is what it was so exciting, when we first went into that food bank and they asked us to come, and this food bank has been going on for about fifteen years.  The very first session I really didn’t know what to expect.  And I left there very grieved in my spirit as I saw these needy people with physical needs, material needs, all kind of needs and while their groceries were being met there was so much of a spiritual need especially in the area of healing and physical needs.  And I was just grieved in my spirit and I said, “Lord, what can we do?”  And the Lord said, “Don’t just tell them I love them; show them that I love them.”  And he told me to do something called, show and tell; like you know what we use to do in school.  You know we’d bring something, we’d show it, we’d tell about it.  He said, “Don’t just tell them, show them I love them.”  So I talked it over with the leaders of the food bank about what I wanted to do the following week.  And four straight weeks they have different speakers on different Tuesdays I’m now scheduled every fourth Tuesday of the month.  But for a period of about four or five weeks I was the only one coming in there and speaking.  And the very first the next Tuesday that we were there the Holy Spirit had spoke to me and He said, “Every person that I point out to you call them up and I will heal them.”  Now this was, I got to admit I was a little intimidated by this.

Sid:  Now, out of curiosity, how did He point someone out to you?

Eddie:  They were illuminated; it was just like they stood out to me above everybody else.  And we called up six people.  There were back problems, there were shoulder problems, one interesting one was a man by the name of Franklin, he was scheduled for both of his knees to be replaced.  He had a walker, they had to literally help him up on the platform, but he walked off the platform without the aid of his walker, he was doing deep knee bends.  God instantly healed everybody that came up on the platform that day.

Sid:  Tell me about the person that did not have ear drums.

Eddie:  Well, there have been several of those, one that just pops into my mind that was just literally about three weeks ago.  It was during one of the morning sessions and just flowing with the Holy Spirit and saying “Holy Spirit what do You want to do and how do You want to do it?”  And there had been one lady that we had walked over to the Lord told me that she’s had back pain for a long time.  I did not know her, she did not know me and I said, “How long have you had this back pain?”  And she said, “Oh, a long time,” and then she looked at me like how did you know that?  And then I said, “Stand up, the Lord wants to heal you.” And the Lord instantly healed her and much to her surprise, you have to understand this is not a church service, there’s nobody playing an organ, we don’t have a choir, we are not seeing three verses of “Just as I Am.”

Sid:  I don’t think Jesus had any of that either, you know Eddie.

Eddie:  You are absolutely right; I mean this is the place to be if you want to see miracles you got to be in a place where miracles are needed.  And I knew that there were some that were skeptical even of her thinking that “Well this is just back pain, this is just an old woman, everybody has back pain.”  And I just said, “Well, let’s just see if the Lord will do something a little different that would be more difficult in your mind,” I said, “Let’s go for something hard to hear, let’s go for somebody deaf.”  And I turned to this man and I said, “Sir, are you hard of hearing or are you deaf in one ear?”  And he said, “What, what did you say?”  And the crowd just broke out laughing you know and I said, “I think we’ve found our candidate.”  Then he turned to me and he said, “He was deaf in one ear, his wife he said was legally deaf.”  And the Lord opened both of their ears and this was just three weeks ago and they could hear a whisper.  Now this is something that I want to say about this, keeping in mind that it’s not a church service, I leaned over to the lady who is legally deaf and I whispered in a very faint voice I said, “In the name of Jesus.”  And the woman shook, this elderly lady, she shook and she said in Spanish, in nombre de hay Soos.  And there were several of our Latin American friends and Mexican American friends who were here and they all turned and they looked at me with their eyes wide open and I said, “Yeah, I know what she just said but she didn’t know what she had just said.”  So that was an extra plus, the Spirit of God moving not only in miracles, but with what some would call an unknown tongue but a known language so that even those in the room heard in the Name of Jesus in Spanish.

Sid Roth:  Tell, me a bit about why God is doing miracles today in the United States that use to be confined to just third world countries?

Eddie:   Well you know Sid I believe that it is absolutely imperative, it is necessary.  You know America, we need a move of God, we need a showing of the demonstration of the power of God.  I believe that there are people that are hungry, they are thirty, they are desperate to see God move.  I believe that they’ve read about the miracles in third world nations and they’ve watched the television programs.  They’ve see what happens in Africa and Nigeria and other places like that, it’s time, it’s time for a move of God in America.  I believe that there is a separation that is coming, you know the left and to the right and God is going to reveal Himself.  You know as you well know, Isaiah 60 He says, “That arise and shine for your light will come.” Even though deep darkness is going to come on the face of the earth yet the Lord is going to break forth with glory with His light upon His Church.  And miracles are a demonstration of His presence; it is a demonstration of His power, it validates the speaker, it validates the Word that is being preached that this is indeed of God.

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