Sid:  I’m hearing a word, that there is someone that is listening to us right now and you’re about ready to be ship wrecked, but it’s not going to be a ship wreck, it’s going to be a redirection of your life.  So hold on, trust God and your going go see the glory of the Lord.  My guest another Jewish man that’s red hot for Jesus, Steve Solomon.  And Steve out of curiosity, you know Rabbi’s come up to me and they’re hoping I’ll say, “No.”  They say, “Sid, are both your parents Jewish?”  And I say, “Yes” and they’re so disappointed because of my belief in Jesus.  Steve, “Are both of your parents Jewish?”

Steve:  “Yes they are Sid.”

Sid:  “Oh, evay, you weren’t Bar Mitzvah though were you?”

Steve:  “I was Bar Mitzvah, are you kidding.”

Sid:  Oh my goodness the Rabbi’s will have the same problem with you that they have with me.  Listen when a Jewish person turns to Jesus, they become normal.  Now unfortunately religion is tampered with a lot of my Messianic Jewish brethren, but fortunately you’ve stayed free Steve.  But there’s a story when a Jewish person comes to know the Messiah.  Tell me how you became a believer.

Steve:  Well, it was 1974 and my wife and I had married since 1970, I was, it was my 24th year, 24 years of age.  And I started looking for, for reason for life; I was very successful, we had a…I graduated college in 1972 University of Central Florida.  And with a four year degree and we had a very successful band, night club band; we worked in the Walt Disney World area.  And we had all the material things to go with success, but I started there was something; I was looking for more.  Some friends of mine had gotten into Eastern Religions and I tried some of that stuff and it never worked.  And my wife Diane, she received Jesus and she was baptized with the Holy Ghost when she was five years of age in Orlando, Florida.  She said, “She had to back slide to meet me, but that’s another story.  But we were married about four years and we were just growing apart Sid.  We were going to get a divorce when Diane was going to have the baby in November of that year and she turned to me one day and she said, “Listen, those books and the stuff you are reading are from the devil, get them out of my house.”

Sid:  Why were you reading these New Age books?

Steve:  I was looking for God, I was looking for something, there was something driving me to look.  I don’t know what it was.

Sid:  You know the Bible says, “The Jewish people have a zeal for God a built in zeal for God a built in zeal for God but not according to knowledge” and if Christians won’t be normal.  Well look at the paranormal.

Steve:  Exactly, exactly so I was looking for something was, so listen, I didn’t know about the devil or hell, but I got the books out of the house and I put them in the trunk of my car.  August 24, 1974 the band is working at the Royal Plaza on the Lake of Point of Vista.

Sid:  What were you doing with the band?

Steve:  I was a drummer and leader of the band.

Sid:  Okay.

Steve:  Singer, drummer yeah, we had a night club, I mean a night club band and we worked at Disney World and all that kinds of stuff.  Alright it’s a Friday night and it’s Shabbat, I didn’t know it at the time how good it was.  And typically my, what I typically what I would do Sid was every night on the first band break I’d go into an empty room a banquet room and try to mediate and get in touch with whatever.  Turn the lights off and sit there and nothing ever worked, nothing.  This night August 24, 1974 I went into this room, turned the lights out and I asked this question; two questions.  I said, “Is the God of Abraham, Isaiah and Jacob are you out there, are you real?”  And then I said, “Is Jesus Christ, who He says He is?”  Suddenly…

Sid:  But wait, “Why did you say a question,” “Is Jesus Christ who He says He was?”

Steve:  I don’t know, I don’t know.

Sid:  I mean that’s not a normal question that Jewish person asks.

Steve: And I wasn’t thinking about it before I walked in there.  It just, I don’t know.  You know my mother-in-law, she’s in heaven now, she’s a real awesome Christian lady and every once and awhile she’d turn to me and all she would say is that Steve, “Jesus is your Messiah.”  But Sid, I didn’t, you know it just didn’t mean anything to me.

Sid:  Nothing.

Steve:  Nothing, but you know the Bible says, “That a seed sown shall not return void.”  So she was sowing seed in my life and I believe God really used that.

Sid:  Okay, so you asked the question, “Is Jesus Christ who they say He is?”

Steve:  Yes.

Sid:  And then what happened?

Steve:  Suddenly, I went into a vision, I know now my spirit, my soul was lifted a little bit out of my flesh.  Now the room was dark, no lights in the room, I saw on the other side of the room a ball of fire like the setting sun, amber but really, really bright.  A right hand came out from the center of this ball of fire; it came across the room touched me on my forehead, pushed my head back and then my head was like pushed straight back; like you get in the prayer lines and someone pushes your head back.  The same thing happened to me and then I heard an audible voice and the voice said to me this thing, this word.  He said this, “Yes, I am, what your doing is wrong stop and follow me.”

Sid:  You know this is amazing because my testimony is so similar to yours, I was separated from my wife and I prayed a prayer.  “Jesus help,” because I was so desperate.  You must have been pretty miserable when you were praying that prayer, were you?

Steve:  Totally depraved, my friend.  Ha-ha yeah, pretty messed up.  And when this happens Sid, my spirit went right back into my body and I know now, I was saying I feel like I’m on fire, my whole body.  I didn’t know anything, I had never had anything like this, and I sat there for awhile stunned.  Now number 1. I never heard of Jews for Jesus, I never heard of any Jewish guy or woman who confessed that Jesus Christ is Lord.  I did not know what to do, but I went home and I secretly started reading my wife’s Bible without her knowing about it.  And when I read the Bible the Old Testament, New Testament.  Listen I thought Matthew and Mark and John were Irish guys, you know when I was raised in part of my life in Boston.

Sid:  At least Catholic anyways.

Steve:  My Irish friends, Matthew, Mark, John, I didn’t know these guys were Jews it never occurred to me and I started reading the scriptures and Sid it was so alive.  It was, when Jesus appeared to me and said, “Stop and follow me.”  You know I didn’t go back to my college, I didn’t go to the library, I found my wife’s Bible and started reading.  And everything just came together and I told my wife after a few weeks you know, “I’m reading the Bible in secret.”  I told my Mother-in-law first, “I believe that Jesus is who you say He is” and turned around and walked out of her house.  She was stunned, she couldn’t believe it.

Sid:  Why did you stay after you asked that question?

Steve:  Well, we were on our way out, we were leaving anyway, I left her house and then I walked back in it was like a double take.  And I walked back in and I said by the way, “Jesus is who you say He is” and I walked out.  You know and she didn’t know what to do, but she rejoiced.  I told my wife, “We need to start living for the Lord.”  And her first reaction was, she said inside her heart, “Well, what does this Jew know about my Jesus?”  But she found out plenty, and the Lord healed our marriage.  First thing He did healed our marriage and brought us back together.  And just nonstop you know just the glory of the Lord just came into our life.  And I didn’t realize this it was the same voice that talked to me when I was six years of age.

Sid:  Tell me about that.

Steve:  Well, we lived in out skirts of Boston, you know both my parents are Jews and their parents are Jews and I was born in Boston, Massachusetts.  As a matter of fact my Grandfather and Grandmother started a conservative congregation in Boston in the early 1900s.  And my parents started a reformed synagogue in Framingham, Mass.  So we lived on Six Ruth Drive.

Sid:  Huh.

Steve:  Can you believe that? Six Ruth Drive, I was six years of age, I remember it specifically and I went to bed for the night and I was woken up with a dream or a trans or a vision.  And here’s what it was; I was in a huge room with large columns and I heard this voice call my name, “Steven, Steven, Steven” audibly and I heard it three times.  And I remember thinking to myself as a child, that’s the, a thought came to me, “That’s the voice of your Father.”  And then I would think, “No my Dad’s in the other room and that’s not his voice.”  “That’s the voice of your Father.”  And I’d say, “No my Dad’s in the other room, that’s not his voice.”  It came to me a third time, “That’s the voice of Your Father.”  Sid it wasn’t until 1974 eighteen years later when I asked “Is Jesus Christ is who He says He is, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob are You real, are You out there?”  And He said, “Yes, I am.”  I realized that it was the exact same voice.

Sid Roth:   Listen, our God is holy, let’s hear a cut from Riverwalk DNA “Holy are you Lord.”

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