Sid:  The problem is many believers are walking wounded, you’re dealing with depression; you’re dealing with physical problems; you’re dealing with addictions and that’s not the way that the Book teaches us.  The Bible says that Jesus came to set the captives free and my guest, Dr. Maldonado has been called by God to teach the supernatural of God.  And what did you tell me happens when you teach on the kingdom?

Guillermo:  First of all, Sid thank you very much again.  Well, you know there is something about the kingdom of God we have seen the trend that we have seen in America is a motional of kingdom.  What do I mean by motivational kingdom?  It’s very nice theology, very nice, sounds awesome, it sounds good, and I’m not saying that it’s false, I think that it’s good.   But I think that the kingdom, we’ve been becoming satisfied with only the theology of the kingdom and we have forgotten what Jesus said.  Jesus said, “Yours is the kingdom and the power and the glory.”  The three realms of God, you can’t, there’s people talking about kingdom, but let me put it in a very simple terms.  The people that are listening now, and they are saying, “What is the kingdom, what is the power, what it is that?”  Well, the kingdom is the government of heaven, the power is the ability of the government of heaven, and the glory is atmosphere or the environment of heaven.  So is it possible to bring the kingdom, the power, and the glory here and now Sid, is it possible?  Or is it just a simple theological concept.  In my own experience, twenty-five years I have taught, trained, equipped thousands in fifty countries that do what I do.  And most of my churches under my care, my covering, spiritual covering they do lodges in their towns, and there cities and their countries.  How?  Bringing the kingdom, the power, and the glory into their community.  So how can, answering the question specifically, the kingdom, it’s the government of God.  The government, that’s the reason Jesus said, “Repent, repent, He said, “Repent.”  Why, because that’s the moment where He said, “I want you where you’re ruling, governing yourself.  Now put your life under my government and then you will have all the benefits of the government.  For example, Sid, when you talk about and the Bible says, Roman’s 14:17 “The kingdom of God consists in righteousness, peace and joy.”  And why so many believers don’t have any peace, because if you’ve not been, if you are not righteous you can’t have peace.  Any rebel cannot have peace, we have to be under the government, but the question is, “What happened when the kingdom comes, not in theology but in power.  Because the government of heaven has power, so we can preach the kingdom because the Bible says, 1 Corinthians 4:18, “And the kingdom of God is not in words but in power.”  Okay so every time Jesus preached the kingdom, He was the first man, He was the first man that brought the kingdom into manifestation.  And this is what happened Sid.  When Jesus said, “Repent the kingdom of God has arrived has come here.”  We saw three things, we saw He said the sign, He began, as a matter of fact Sid, He declared that specific sign telling me and you and us what was exactly the sign.  And how do you know that the government of God came to a place or came to a life, or came to you as a person, as listening to me now?  He said, “If by the finger of God, I expel or cast out demons, you have seen the kingdom of God come.  So He designed the casting out demons as the sign that the kingdom came.  So every time he preached the kingdom of God the govement of God with power with demonstration, which that’s the problem Sid.  Many people talk but there is no demonstration of the power, so what kind of govement are you preaching?  If you are preaching the kingdom of God you have to have, you must have a manifestation, a demonstration of the power of that government.  So every time we see, we saw Jesus in the scriptures preaching about the kingdom we saw three things Sid.  Sickness, Matthew 3:24 and 25.  We saw expelling out demons, sickness and sin could not stand in the presence and the manifestation of the kingdom.  So let’s bring it now into your life, if you’re listening, let’s bring it now.  If you say “Pastor I’m tormented in my mind, I am depressed, I’m taking pills, I’m addicted to pornography, I’m addicted to alcohol.”  “I’m you know, I can’t sleep, how can I, I’m tormented, how do I do?”  “Can I bring the kingdom here now?”  “Of course, what was the prayer of Jesus?”  Jesus said, “And when you pray, first you honor the Father, he said, “Please Heavenly Father,” you honor the Father, that is the first part before prayer.  And then He said, “But let’s pray that Your Kingdom come, on the earth as it is in heaven.”  What has been now the idea of the church that we’ve been waiting for the church in the future?  We don’t see the kingdom, that can come here now.  How, with demonstration of power, so every time, and let me bring it to my own life.    Now, it was Jesus somebody said, “Yeah it was Jesus, but what about now?”  Yeah, now I can tell you now, yeah, now look this is what happened.  I was in South Africa and I was preaching on the kingdom and I said, “The kingdom is a kingdom of power.”   And I said, “There’s people here, the Lord said to me this, “There is people with AIDS, HIV positive and I said, “You were sent to die.” And I said it and many millions were watching through television and suddenly twenty-five people Sid, came into the altar with HIV, they were sent and one of them, one lady, she was sent to die by the doctor.  She said, “You’ve got, I think that it was like two months to live,” she was thin, pale.  And I said, “Well if the kingdom that I preach, the government is the government of God, we will see the manifestation now.”  And I said, “I rebuke the spirit of death on this woman and I said, “Go in Jesus name.”  Sid, in that moment the demon manifested through her and just to make the long story short, she was completely free; I was there in South Africa for eight days.  Did you know that she went back to the doctor, three days later she came back to the meeting with papers saying, “I am healed of HIV, the doctor does not understand and now I’m healed.”  That’s the question, answering you the question, the kingdom.  Every time you bring the kingdom, you will see sickness cannot stand.  Demons cannot stand, oppression cannot stand; sin cannot stand if we preach the right message.

Sid Roth:  Well, it’s time for you to pray because we’ve been sitting under your teaching and the anointing of the kingdom and I believe that people are going to be set free just as they listen to what you say.

Guillermo:  Yeah, as a matter of fact I feel the presence of God right now, every time I talk on the kingdom there is a radical transforming message.  So let me pray, “Father if you’re hearing me now.”  “I’m going to ask you to stretch your hands towards the radio operator so that you can receive, just you know touching something, connecting with something.  So let me pray for you, “Father in the name of Jesus I give you praise, I want you to lay hands, if you’re listening to me now, I want you to lay hands on the side of your body where you feel the pain, if it’s it your head, in your body, in your knees or whatever.  If you are oppressed, if you are oppressed in your mind, if you are bound to pornography, addiction, pills, any area of your life the kingdom is here.  So the kingdom is not going to be yeah well it was the pass, yeah you are going to be tomorrow, yeah, I know the King is coming soon and he’s bring all the kingdom.  But in the meantime the kingdom is inside of me and it’s inside of me and I want to set you free.  And I want you to stretch your hands and believe with me.  Father, in Jesus name, all those people that are hearing now, that have been listening to and their faith have been increasing every day.  I command every sickness, every disease in their bodies.  There’s a person that, Isabel, your name is Isabel, and the Holy Spirit is touching your body with cancer; be free of cancer.  I command every sickness and disease.  Cancer die from the root and die from the seed and I declare you healed you healed people with cancer.  People, there’s people right now with blindness be healed, deafness be healed now.  Back condition, there’s a man forty-five years, you’re forty-five years old, your name is Mark.  You drive a big truck and you had a big accident and you feel a pain and you’ve been in constant pain in your back and I command you to be free in Jesus name.  There’s people now with back conditions, bones twisted bones, they come to be straighten now in Jesus name be healed.  There’s people now with depression, with strong depression, migraine, they are addicted to pills for depression, you can’t sleep.  Right now, put your hands on your head and I command in Jesus name be healed, be delivered in Jesus name.  People with unforgiveness, cry out now and I command people with spirit of unforgiveness, and bitterness to go from those bodies, go from those minds, go from those emotions be healed and be restored in Jesus name.  There are people now that are hearing and and that they’ve been with sexual diseases, sexual diseases and I hear the Holy Spirit saying, God is healing people with sexual diseases.  I command you to be healed, I command you to be delivered.  Generational curses, there’s a man that is listening to me; you saw your grandfather die of alcohol and you saw your father, now you are addicted to alcohol, you want to be free.  I break every curse of alcohol; I break every curse of oppression in your mind and alcohol.  Be free in Jesus name.  Any curse of sickness, any curse of sickness, I command you to be free, be free now.

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