Sid:  Well, my guest has to be red hot for the Messiah her name is Gina Lynnes and she is an editor and a writer for the Kenneth Copeland Ministries and I got a hold of her brand new book, she wrote it in conjunction with Melanie Hemry and it’s called anointing for healing.  Now Gina I want to get a little bit about your background because and I have to tell you it’s for starters it’s a beautiful book; it’s one of these books that you want to put it on your coffee table but more important than that, it’s going to do what you want it to do.  What do you want it to do?

Gina:  More than anything we want this book to bring into people’s lives the revelation that God is alive, that He’s well, that He’s healing people today and that it’s not hard to receive healing from him.  That He made it simple and that’s what He wants to do is pour out healing on all of His children.

Sid:  And going back a little of your background you were raised Baptist; you were taught that miracles had ceased.  And you had a little problem with reading the Bible because the Bible talked about miracles and it didn’t appear to say it had ceased and you have a journalistic background so you finally reached a point where you quit church.  You started raising your family and you’re pregnant with a baby girl; take me from there.

Gina:  Well, I was pregnant with my little girl and just so thrilled about having a daughter, had always dreamed about having a daughter and had problems in the pregnancy and ended up delivering her premature.  And back then that was thirty years ago now, and a premature baby didn’t have as much chance of survival as they do today, and when I took her home she wasn’t able to properly digest food, she didn’t grow.  The doctors couldn’t help her and I got to the point where they sent her home and they said, “There’s nothing more that we can do for her.” And it has been a nine month struggle and she was literally dying before my eyes, dehydrating and dying of malnutrition.  And so I found myself in a desperate condition and even though I hadn’t been living for God and I knew that I didn’t deserve Him to do anything for me I ended up getting on my knees and laying my little girl in the middle of the carpet one evening and asking Him to work a miracle.

Sid:  That’s kind of hard to comprehend someone coming from your background where God doesn’t do miracles, I guess when you’re desperate you do desperate things.

Gina:  Well, that’s the truth and you know the Spirit of God is so faithful and even when in your head you may not have the right teaching if you are a child of God, and I was I was born again, He continued to work in your heart and I believe He got through to me.  And even though I didn’t even know it He was working to convince me to trust God and ask Him for what I thought was impossible.  And I didn’t have any other choice anyway so I prayed for her and…

Sid:  Did anything happen?  Did you feel anything, did you see anything?

Gina:  I didn’t and you know that’s one of the things to me that actually thrilled me is that God, when I prayed I didn’t feel anything special, I didn’t have any Goosebumps, but I just believed that God heard me.  And I put her to bed that night and she had always cried most of the night, she cried all the time actually because she was always hungry and in pain.  And I went to bed that night and woke up in the middle of the night horrified because I realized she hadn’t cried and my first natural thought was “She’s dead, she’s died in the night.”  And I knew that could happened naturally speaking and I started to get up and when I got up it’s probably one of the first times in my life inwardly, but to me it was very audible the voice of the Lord who said to me, “You’ve put her in my hands, trust me and go back to sleep.”  And that wasn’t what I usually would have done loving my daughter as I did, but I did go back to sleep.

Sid:  I don’t know, I think I would have had a problem doing that, how did you do that?

Gina:  You know again, I have to give all the glory to the Lord because when He tells you something there’s always grace there to obey.  And there was something of the Lord, an assurance that came in my heart that it was the right thing to do to trust Him.  And again I knew that I couldn’t help her in my natural strength anyway and so I went back to sleep and when I woke up, I woke up late the next morning, which I never overslept because she always was crying; I woke up and it was still quiet in the house.  And by that time I didn’t have my assurance of peace anymore and I went running to her room and I really my heart was pounding because I thought for sure I would find her dead in the crib.  And I just held my breath and walked into her room and looked in and in her crib she was lying there happy kicking her feet, smiling and it was the first time I had ever seen her like that.  And she from then on began to be able to keep food down; she grew and she was healed.

Sid:  Now, if she hadn’t had that miracle at that point when she was born premature, do you think she would have been normal today or even alive?

Gina:  She wouldn’t have survived, I’ve read about it since and the state of dehydration that she was in she weighed, although she was nine months old she weighed just about as much as a new born infant.  And she was so dehydrated that if I touched her skin it just left an indentation, she had no resiliency left and she would have, she would have been dead within the week I’m sure.

Sid:  And you had this burning desire to use your writing for God and you saw an ad and applied to the Kenneth Copeland Ministry and that must have really changed your whole paradyne for miracles when you started working for the Copeland Ministry.

Gina:  Well, it really did because even though I had seen a miracle myself with my daughter I didn’t – no one still had taught me what the Bible has to say about miracles.  So I didn’t know that was something that God did in a very unusual way for me or I really didn’t understand why that happened.  But when I went to work for the Copeland’s I was already in love with the Lord, but I hadn’t been exposed to teaching about healing.  And one of the first things that happened to me when I got there my job was to write the testimonies into stories that came into the ministry.  People who had received the working of God in their life, and I found myself reading this pile of letters that was one story right after another of people being healed of cancer, of people being raised up from deathbeds.  And then finally, the most shocking one that I got on the first day was a letter that came from a man named Joel June from Haiti who had been raised from the dead after being dead for two days.  And I was stunned and thrilled to find out that God was – didn’t just work a miracle for me He was working them all the time for people all over the world.

Sid:  Well, the thing that I love about your book is when someone finishes this book – as a matter of fact on the cover you have inserted a little vile of anointing oil and I must say that has the most beautiful fragrance.  And you have a teaching on anointing oil and I’ve personally never heard this teaching, but it does nothing but build someone’s faith for their healing.  And I love the fact that you have these verified miracles from, I would have to believe it’s the best miracles you’ve ever seen in the Copeland ministry that you could verify and then you show step by step how someone can have the miracle manifested in their life.  You had a severe internal infection and very briefly in a couple of minutes tell me the steps you took to be healed.

Gina:  Well, once I began to study the Bible one of the most thrilling things for me was how easy and simple it is to connect with God’s healing power and when I had my first challenge which was a severe painful infection in my body I found out from the work there was three steps to take.  And the first one was to believe and to go the Bible and find promises that promise your healing and take a stand of faith on it.  And so that’s what I did I found Psalm 103 that says “He forgives all your sins and heals all your diseases.”  And I just believed it and the send thing in addition to believing is to speak.  And confession is a powerful part of receiving healing so I just declared that I believed that I was healed you know, Paul said, “I believe therefore I’ve spoken.”  It says I’m healed and again I didn’t feel any different, I didn’t have any rush that a lot of people do, but I didn’t at that point.  The third thing is to act and that day I was in terrible pain and I told the Lord, “I said, I don’t know how to act on this stand that I’m taking.”  And He just led me to go out and go jogging and that’s what I did every night at that time.  And honestly I didn’t think I would make it around the track, but do you know what the first lap was really painful but all the way around I just kept saying to myself, “I believe I’m healed because the Bible says so.”  And after the first quarter mile I did feel something; the power of God hit me from the top of my head to the soles of my feet, I was instantly delivered from pain and every symptom of that infection and it’s completely gone in an instant.

Sid Roth:  And you know one of things I like in your book is that you address everyone has a friend that has done exactly what you said and they haven’t been healed and so they just come to a screeching halt in reference to believing God for healing, what would you briefly say to that person?

Gina:  Well, one of the things that the Lord has just taught me in a nutshell is that it’s always a mistake to allow one person’s failure to receive the fulfillment of God’s promise to cast doubt on the promise itself.  God’s Word is always true and many times as individuals who are endeavoring to a line ourselves up with God’s Word there are things that we haven’t learned yet or things we don’t know, but if we’ll stay with God He’ll teach it to us.  And I’ve come to this conclusion, if I have to choose between trusting a person or trusting God’s Word to be true I’m going to choose God’s Word every time.  And the person may have done everything they know to do but God never fails and I’ll just keep trusting His word, He will never fail me.

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