SID: Hello. I am so excited about this key to understanding dreams that Mark Virkler has. Someone else that did what you’ve just taught on the air. Give me an example.

MARK: Alright. Sheryl MacKay. She’s a screenwriter, and she wrote the script for “The Ultimate Gift,” a Hollywood movie that’s played in theaters.

SID: I know. I’ve seen it.

MARK: You’ve seen it, alright. And when she got introduced to dreams she had 70 dreams, a whole series of 70 dreams where God gave her wisdom, counsel, direction. Even the characters for some of the books she has written has come out of this. And one of the dreams she received was for a friend of hers showing, God was showing that she was thinking of committing suicide. And so she went to her friend, ministered to her, and when her friend realized God cared enough for her to give a dream and give revelation to her friend and give it to her, she decided not to commit suicide, and life was actually worth living. So it radically changes people’s lives.

SID: Mark, I love it when people get inventions in dreams. For instance, we’re in a time in our economy where it’s really going south. But that doesn’t mean it has to happen for God’s people. I mean, we can have dreams from God that will show us how to make more money in a bad economy than you could make in a good economy. There are dreams that have changed nations because of inventions, like the sewing machine.

MARK: The gentleman who invented and patented the first sewing machine, he was trying to figure out how to thread the thread into the needle. Couldn’t figure it out. He went to sleep, had a dream that night, and there were some Indians shooting an arrow through some cloth. He snagged some thread and pulled the thread back through the cloth, and he realized, he woke up, went straight to his laboratory and perfected the sewing machine, which was then used to sew the uniforms for one million men who were in the military, in the war at that point in time. So yes: affecting history through receiving revelation from God, in a dream which he then acted on it.

SID: Tell me about this sculptor, this famous sculptor, Eric Rose.

MARK: Eric Rose, he had been an artist in college, but he got turned off because of perfectionism. So he was doing a left brain lineal job, didn’t enjoy it. And when he heard from God through dreams, God called him back into doing art work, but He said, let’s add something to it. Let’s do sculpturing, which he had never done. And so, God led him into creating sculptures that were six feet tall made of bronze; which he sold for thousands of dollars. So again, Divine creativity and being called back into your ministry, rather doing something you’re not supposed to be doing.

SID: You know, I believe that we are so wonderfully made by God that we have gifting within us and many people never achieve a satisfaction, a fulfillment in life because they never accomplish what God has programmed inside of them. And what a wonderful way for God to communicate to us: when we’re asleep. What about people that are physically sick?

MARK: I had a lady, a secretary, and she had a dream. She walked into her house in the dream, she smelled smoke, she looked for the fire and finally found the fire down in the kitchen. And she awoke. And so the interpretation of the dream showed up about two months later when she went to the doctor. He said, “You have a fire in your intestines, inflammation in your intestines. It’s caused by stress.” He gave her something. He said, “You have to de-stress and here’s some medication.” It went away. Well the dream came back a year later. Same dream: fire in her house, in the kitchen. The kitchen, of course, the symbolism is this is where you eat. This is your digestive system. So the part of the house, the house where I live, kitchen is where I’m going to eat. That’s my digestive system, in the lower cupboards. That’s lower intestines. It was pinpointing where the infirmity was. And when it came back a year later she knew, look, de-stress or else I’m going back to the doctor for more medication. So dreams can keep you healthy and tell you about the health concerns that your body is facing.

SID: There’s another type of health, a good mental wellbeing, good spiritual wellbeing. And you had a dream about people as opposed to accomplishing something.

MARK: Yeah, exactly. We were, for two weeks of solid videotaping, 10 hours a day, six days a week, and we taped a hundred sessions. I was totally consumed with the taping and I had three dreams. In the first dream somebody comes and asks me for prayer and instead of praying for him I brush him off. I wake up and say, “Man, terrible.” And the Lord said to me, when I journaled about it, I said, “Lord, what do you want to say?” He said, “Mark, you know, you’re involved in this big technical thing, but you’re not taking care of the people who are actually doing the taping. You’re ignoring their needs.” He said, “Teach them how to hear God’s voice. Teach them how to interpret dreams.” So, every morning in morning devotions, we journaled together, every day at lunchtime we’d share our dreams from the previous night, and we interpreted dreams together as a group. So God was saying, Mark, keep putting people first before projects. Stay balanced. Don’t get imbalanced. So my dreams, your dreams keep us balanced as we walk through life.

SID: I believe that you could pray for us right now and release this gift that God has within us to be able to hear so clearly from God that…when we dream. Could you pray that over everyone right now?

MARK: Yes, I would love to. I’d love to. I would just like you to speak this with me, and just say to your heart, I believe dreams are important.

SID: I believe that dreams are important.

MARK: I believe they are a way that God speaks to me.

SID: I believe they are a way that God speaks to me.

MARK: I honor my dreams.

SID: I honor my dreams.

MARK: Alright. And let me just pray for you. Father, I release an impartation of faith into every listener’s heart. Faith for dreams and dream interpretation just come alive within their hearts. Faith just spring up in the name of Jesus. Faith, come alive in Jesus’ name. So Lord, minister Divine counsel to your people through dreams in Jesus’ name. Amen.

SID ROTH: And God has a dream. Some of you have been hurt. Some of you have been turned off by religion, but never get turned off on the one that loves you no matter what you ever do. Now that will separate you from His love, but He is pure love. God is pure love. You have not experienced love until you experience the love of God. And I want you to state with your mouth in your own words that you are a sinner, and ask God to forgive you of all the sins that you’ve committed, and give you the power to overcome them in the future. And then say, “Jesus, become real to me.” Jesus, you don’t have to follow my words. Jesus, become real to me. Jesus, live inside of me. There’s got to be something more to life than work, sleep, eat, and that’s the way it goes. And there is more. There is Heaven on Earth. And then when you leave your earth suit, there’s Heaven for eternity being in the love of God. There’s no better place for you now and then. Pray this prayer right now in your own words. Get real. Get real.

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