SID: Hello, Sid Roth here with Gary Kah. And we’re finding out information the secular press is not going to tell you. There’s an organization I’ve never even heard of. It’s called the World Constitution and Parliament Association, and Gary was extended an invitation to join, and he collected a lot of documents from this organization. Tell me briefly about who is part of it and what are they trying to do.

GARY: Well this organization has its goal to lay the foundation for an ultimate world government system and they have held mock sessions of a world parliament. They’re calling it the Provisional World Parliament. They just recently held the twelfth such meeting. Hundreds of renowned people from around the world belong to this organization.

SID: What do they think of Jews and Christians, this organization?

GARY: Well at least some of the people in this organization, you have to understand it is tightly connected with the broader one-world New Age movement, and many of the people at the forefront of the movement are very, almost hostile toward Bible-believing Christians and conservative Jews. They are not very fond of us because they see us as standing in the way of them completing their agenda.

SID: You started to say some of the people that are members.

GARY: Yes. You had people representing all the world’s religions. At one point, one of the honorary sponsors was Cynthia Wedel. She was the head of the World Counsel of Churches. There was also the head the World Muslim Congress, Dr. Inamullah Khan, who belonged to it. But also at one point, the Chairman of the Nobel Prize Committee and former leaders from the U.N., former ambassadors, a lot of people with foreign policy experience who were plugged in to this organization.

SID: I’ve been examining your literature, and there are just outstanding scientists, economists, top political type people connected with this, and they’ve had meetings with some of the top people in the world attending. Why hasn’t the secular media covered it? I haven’t heard anything about this. You know, that’s a question, Sid that I ask myself all the time. As far as I can tell, I believe there are people, I know there are some people in the mass media who actually support this agenda. Others that at the very least are sympathetic toward it. And then I believe there’s a third group of people that just want to bend over backwards to be politically correct, and they’re afraid to touch the subject. But I collected several hundred pages of documents being affiliated with this organization for a few years, and it speaks for itself. Unless people were to accuse me of creating these letterheads and all the signatures of the people on these documents, you have to accept the fact that this is really taking place and that we need to know about.

SID: Now another area that you’re very concerned about is something that a lot of people love. It’s interfaith, like the U.N. has something for interfaith. Explain that.

GARY: Yes. The United Nations has been pushing an interfaith agenda for some time. They’ve held various activities, and meetings along those lines. And last October, a new program was kick-started by King Abdullah and Prince Ghazi of Jordan called the World Interfaith Harmony Week. And that week was designated to be the first week of February each year. So from now on we will have a week of interfaithism celebrated during that week. Now Prince Ghazi and King Abdullah’s efforts were based on previous U.N. interfaith efforts and the Common Word Program, which is a Muslim call to bridge-building with the Christian community. Now in response to that, a number of Christian leaders got together and drafted their own document called, “Loving God and Neighbors Together”, and in that document…

SID: By the way, that sounds good to me. That does not sound bad, Gary.

GARY: It does, exactly. But in the document, they are calling for closer ties to Islam and equate the God of the Old and New Testaments with the Koran. And so when you look beneath the surface, it really is interfaithism. It’s paving the way to interfaithism to accept the idea that other religions are pathways to God. And of course, if you believe the Bible and believe what Jesus said about himself, you cannot believe that. It is impossible.

SID: Tell me about why when someone like the National Association of Evangelicals would join an organization that’s heretical, what you just said, based on the Bible. Why?

GARY: Well, and they did, the National Association of Evangelicals was one of 300 organizations and/or individuals that signed that document. And I believe there is a trend in America today within Christianity. It may have started out with good intentions to reach out to people of other faiths, but it’s gone beyond that now. It is paving the way toward interfaithism and toward embracing other people’s beliefs. In fact, one individual I’m aware of, a prominent evangelical Christian, recently celebrated Ramadan with a Muslim friend. And you know, to celebrate rituals of other people’s religions really crosses the line. Ramadan, for example, being the month during which it is believed by Muslims that Mohammed received the words to the Koran. So unless we believe the Koran and support that, how would you be able to promote something like that?

SID: And something you told me that I’ve been thinking about a lot lately is the, what is the attraction between Islam and, say, Catholicism? I mean, they seem to be opposites. But there is a common denominator.

GARY: There is a common denominator. Muslims hold Mary in high regard. And one of the reasons for that is, and this is a little known fact, but Mohammed believed that when he would go to paradise that Mary would be his wife.

SID: Hmmm. I never heard that.

GARY: Yes. In addition to that, you know the apparitions that supposedly appeared at Fatima, apparitions of Mary appearing at Fatima, Portugal; Fatima happened to be the name of Mohammed’s daughter. So many Muslims believe there was significance of the fact that Mary chose to appear in Fatima, a place named after Mohammed’s daughter. And so there are other reasons as well. But this has brought some Roman Catholic leaders and Muslim leaders together at least on the fringes to where they are talking about some of the developments in the Middle East.

SID: You know, there is something wonderful going on with many Muslims. They’re having dreams and visions of Jesus in large numbers, and I rejoice over that. But there’s a flip side to it. Many are now having dreams and visions of Mary.

GARY: You know, I told my wife years ago, Sid, that if the day ever came when Muslims claimed to see apparitions of Mary that things were far along, and that this world system was getting ready to gel and come together. And that has been going on now for a few years. Hundreds of Muslims in Egypt, Indonesia, parts of Africa. We’re getting reports, are claiming to have had or are seeing visions of Mary, and they are telling them to be in favor of global unity, world peace, the coming together of the world’s religions.

SID: Okay. Why is it necessary for the coming together of religions? I see why it’s necessary for coming together on money, on politics. But why religion?

GARY: Well if there is going to be a one-world political and economic system, somehow the world’s religions have to be brought together to make that possible. If they are in major disagreement with each other and don’t see eye to eye, it would be very difficult to bring this one-world system together and have it work. And so that’s why globalists have been pushing this agenda for a long time.

SID ROTH: And you can really see, if you know your Bible, why the world is pushing to internationalize Jerusalem. We’ll be right back. Don’t go away.

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