Sid: My guests are Red Hot for the Messiah, but they were almost ship wrecked.  I mean Phillip was actually a Dean of the School of Ministry at a mega church; they had eight hundred churches connected with them.  Darlena graduated from Regent University, they both on the outside looked like they had it together but they were sabotaged from day one with generational curses and with imperfect parents in the houses that they were raised in and they didn’t know, but they got set free.  And when they got set free their hearts desire was to have everyone everywhere have a transformation and finally posses God promises in their life.  Now what happened with your family Darlena as you told me that your children got totally healed when you got healed?  I guess that happens, the mother and father get healed then the rest of the family gets healed.  But you both always wanted a son.  Phillip your wife is thirty-nine years old; did you still want a son?

Phillip:  Oh yeah, in my heart I did and I was just driving down the road one day and the Lord spoke to me and He spoke to me very clearly and He said, “I’m about to give you everything that you ever wanted.  And I thought to myself, well a son would be at the top of that list.  And I said, “You know because I have three daughters, I love them they are wonderful but I’d love to have a son.”  And I said, “But Lord you have got to talk to my wife because the last two pregnancies were very tough for her and so you know I put that back to Him.”

Sid:  Okay, so Darlena he put that back to the Lord but what did you think when you’re husband said “God wants us to have a son?”

Darlena:  Well, I just felt an assurance that if we were to conceive another child that it would be a son and because the Lord had healed me of all of the different physical issues that I struggled with that was preventing me from carrying another child I was completely open because I was no longer sick.  And we conceived and low and behold it was a son and it was very exciting.

Sid:  But when did you find out there was a life critical problem going on?

Darlena:  We did not know that there was any critical situations going on with my son until he was delivered and he was our only child that came on our due date, all of girls were two weeks over due.  He came on his due date, however he had the chord wrapped around his neck and the doctors said that it appeared that the chord had been around his neck for possibly two weeks because he was born under weight, he was not thriving, he was actually barely alive.

Sid:  Phillip, I understand the chord was wrapped around his neck for length of time two times around.  Well, when you found you found out about that, what affect did it, I mean here your having the son that you’ve always wanted and it sounds to me like he shouldn’t even be alive.

Phillip:    Exactly right, I mean here’s the promise in our hands but he’s almost lifeless, and so it was very defeating and I was fearful and so for three or four days we were fighting these battles with testing and trying to figure out what’s going on.  And finally we get a sort of a break and this nurse says to us on a Saturday night, you are going home Monday morning, everything is going to be find and then 5:30 AM Sunday morning they wake us up, why open the door and people that look like astronauts were there and they’re saying they have to care fly our son from one hospital to a larger hospital in Dallas because he’s basically dying.  And so at this point, I have zero energy, I have no ability to react and do anything to bring change.  And as the helicopter pilots are taking him in a plexi-glass box to the helicopter I’m just feeling gripped by this and as I get to the bottom floor and we are walking out I can hear and see the helicopter the Lord releases a word to me and He says, you are going to win this battle with faith.  Roman’s 4:17.  Fight now.

Sid:  Well you know, its one thing to teach other’s how to do it, but it’s another thing to experience it yourself.

Phillip:  That’s right.

Sid:  Anyone can be a teacher, in fact you’re a gifted teacher, but where the rubber meets the road is life is subject to challenges.  And you bumped into a life threatening challenge for the son that God told you would have.  Did you remind God that God told you, you would have a son?

Phillip:  You know, I didn’t think about it at the time, I think in those three or four days of being challenged with it I probably said, “Well, Lord I can’t imagine this is what you wanted.”  And so when I got Romans 4:17, not having that memorized I went to it and it’s about Abraham calling those things that are not as though they should be.  So all I knew to do at that time was to act on that scripture.  And I said, “You were born to live and not die.”  And I called out my son’s name Wilson, I said, “You were born to live and not die, and you will see your destiny.”  And so sure enough, you know a have an hour arrived, we prayed that over and over until we got to the hospital and the head doctor of that intensive care unit came to us and he said, “Sir, I am not sure why your son was flown here but he’s going to be fine.

 Sid:  Now, before when they were flying him there did they say he was dying?  What was their diagnosis at that moment?

Phillip:  Well, at that time his platelet count had dropped and the platelets in the blood are extremely necessary and so you know it was something that this smaller hospital couldn’t handle and they said, you know you’ve got to get him to another hospital because he could have internal bleeding.  And so we had to make that decision in about thirty second’s time.

Sid:  And so how did the doctor account for the fact that his platelet level was correct and that although the chord was wrapped twice around his neck and he as suffocating for a couple of weeks, he was normal.  How did that doctor account for that?

Phillip:  Well, basically what happened is that they realized that the boy that was put in the helicopter and the boy that arrived at the hospital was at two different stages and so there were some medical procedures but I truly believe that the seed that God promised me had to accompany you know with a supernatural word, and so I really think that this was the moment where I had to release him to God and when I did that, you know I feel like that God put a supernatural seed in my son and accelerated his health.

Sid:  And you know something that I personally believe Phillip and Darlena is because you got rid of the all the junk that most humans carry with them their whole life that God is supernaturally providing for you even in the form of supernatural provisions.  Give me an example.

Darlena:  Well, I know the Lord spoke to us to move to Georgia from Texas to transfer our ministry here.  We didn’t have enough money for a home and we had someone step up to the plate and bought us a home.  And then shortly after we were here our car that we had driven for years started going downhill and we sold it and three days somebody actually wanted to buy it.  And we were without a car and then someone gave us a 2007 Ford Expedition, a $25,000 car, we were given that.  And people were…our bills were getting paid anonymously and the Lord brought us to this area of Georgia to build this ministry center, a transformation center and we had just recently been given a building to start the transformation center at.

 Sid:  God must really want his people free, Phillip why is it that so many Christians are doing what George Barna said his six year research showed walking circular rather than possessing their land and accomplishing their destiny?  Why is this not being taught and it isn’t in most churches?

Phillip:  Well, I think it’s this is they are doing what they know to do and just like the Israelites this is what they knew to do, they had a slavery mentality and so this is the same in this day and time is that we are, you know we are slaves to our schedules.  We are slaves to unhealthy relationships; we are slaves to addictions and things of that nature and just because I say I do to Christ doesn’t necessarily mean that we are living in victory.  And that’s a process for people and when you begin to understand that God isn’t necessarily going to change everything for you, but what he’s looking to do is to do something in you that will also lead them through you.  And so what I think is paramount for people is that they see that there is a way.   See our lives are great examples of that.  You know, we came from very dysfunctional backgrounds, we had to work through some things in the course of our life but God is using us and He can do the same with others out there.

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