Sid:  We want everyone everywhere to be red hot for the Messiah because everyone will not hear the good news unless you’re red hot for the Messiah.  And one way to be red hot for the Messiah is to get in on the greatest healing revival the world has ever seen.  And I believe that strategically God had me release this book “Supernatural Healing” it’s my latest book for such as this.  This book is based on over thirty years of investigative reporting of the supernatural.  There are three medical doctors that had the most amazing miracles in this book, but the thing that makes it so unique is that you will read these testimonies, then you will read the keys as to how these people got healed and one or more of these keys is going to unlock the door that’s stopping you from having a manifestation of your healing.  And I believe your faith is going to so soar.  For instance, I want you to hear an excerpt of an interview I did with Sid and Tom Renfro.  Tom is an MD, Internal Medicine specialist and he developed terminal Lymphoma; no chance for survival except they believed that he was going to live.  So his wife, Sid actually videotaped him every day and you can see in this footage, which I’ve looked at, you can see his body deteriorating day by day.  But it really reached the point where it was so grotesque and it was grotesque that they had to stop video tapping.  Let’s go to that excerpt.

Sid Renfro &Tom Renfro, MD excerpt:  At this point we stopped making any pictures or capturing any video footage because he actually turned into just almost, he would say, “Who is this beast?”  I finally took all the mirrors down in our home to where he couldn’t see himself because he had these huge tumors on his neck.  His arms at this point actually went out so much he couldn’t even fit into a bathroom shower.  We have to put him in the Jacuzzi and run a water hose from the shower into the Jacuzzi just to give him a bath.  And it worsened he got to the point that he could hold a dry wash cloth but not a towel; not a washcloth if it was even wet.  We brushed his teeth; he could physically do nothing for himself.

Sid:  Okay, you took the mirrors down for him.

Sid Renfro:  Right.

Sid:  But how could, how could you, how could you look at his body getting more grotesque every moment?

Sid Renfro:  Well, I looked at him through of course eyes of love, but also of eyes of faith of seeing him living and healed of this.  And my friends asked me, “How, did you get through this on a day to day basis?”  Because every morning I believed that day was the last day that we were going to receive a divine intervention every day.  And I didn’t, I never thought there would be a tomorrow that it would be worse tomorrow.  And of course it did and it worsened and it worsened progressively got worse.

Sid:  But many people that believe that a miracle will happen, their spouses die, you know that.

Sid Renfro:  Yes.

Sid:  So why should your husband live?

Sid Renfro:  And we were walking through this because we truly believed it in our hearts and we quoted the word of God.  We researched in the word and different people sent us verses; we actually posted those verses on the wall around the room.

Sid:  Give me one you posted on the wall.

Sid Renfro:  Psalms 118:17 “I shall not die, but live and declare the works of the Lord.

Sid:  Now, Sid Renfro, Tom’s wife is a real hero of faith, she literally would crawl on Tom’s decaying body and command him to live.  Listen.

Sid Renfro:  I was just commanding him to live, Isaiah 45:11 says “Concerning these things command yea me.”

Sid:  How can you command him to live?

Sid Renfro:  I’m a child of the King, I have what the promises of God are, they pertain to me.  Jesus is a talker, and if Jesus is in us then we can talk and say what He would say.  And He always went about doing good, healing all manner of diseases and raising the dead.

Sid:  So you’re laying on him, you’re commanding him to live and not die.

Sid Renfro:  Right.

Sid:  Was there a certain point you felt that you could get off or?

Sid Renfro:  Well, I could see a change in him.

Sid:  Really?

Sid Renfro:  Yes.

Sid:  Could you feel a change at that time?

Dr. Tom Renfro:  Yes

Sid:  You remember that?

Dr. Tom Renfro:  Less shortness of breath, less problems, whatever the problem was left and peace came in; peace.

Sid:  As a medical doctor, explain to me the type of Lymphoma you had and what the prognosis is.

Dr. Tom Renfro: I was diagnosed with mantle cell lymphoma, it’s one of the rare forms of lymphoma and unfortunately the doctors told me at the time that there was no cure.  That radiation wouldn’t cure this that bone marrow transplants and stem cell harvesting techniques have been tried and failed with this particular brand of lymphoma.  That chemotherapy it may knock it back a little bit, but it would march right through as you progress through your chemotherapy, it would come right back.

Sid:  To your knowledge has anyone ever been healed of this type of lymphoma?

Dr. Tom Renfro:  To my knowledge, no.

Sid:  What, I mean now, you’re a doctor, you know more than most people.

Dr. Tom Renfro: Right.

Sid:  Did you in your wildest imagination ever think that you’d get cancer?

Dr. Tom Renfro:  No, one of the greatest fears that I had when I was in medical school, and you know you see a lot of different diseases; one was either leukemia or lymphoma.  Because I saw a lot of people suffering through that disease and inside of me there was a fear, “Lord, don’t ever lest this occur in my life.”  And look what the devil brought; he brought right lymphoma to me.

Sid:  And you told me earlier that you had another fear, of chemotherapy.

Dr. Tom Renfro:  Right.

Sid:  Why.

Dr. Tom Renfro:  Chemotherapy, and don’t get me wrong, don’t misinterpret what I’m saying, it is something designed to kill and it has such horrendous side effects.  I didn’t know if I would be able to withstand any of the side effects of chemotherapy.  And to me I didn’t want to go that route, I didn’t want to have that in my body.

Sid:  Now Tom as I understand it you decided to approach this as if it was a war.

Dr. Tom Renfro:  Yes.

Sid:  You were giving no ground to this disease, but the more you were giving no ground the more it was spreading, so didn’t you reach a point of discouragement?

Dr. Tom Renfro:  There was a point of discouragement and it came when I was so sick and that is when that spirit of discouragement came upon me and says, “Why don’t you just give up?  Why don’t you just let go of this notion that God’s going to do anything for you?  Look at you.”

Sid:  Wouldn’t it have been easier to give…I mean I’m sure the thought came that it’s easier to give up then to fight!

Dr. Tom Renfro:  That’s right, it is sometimes you get so tired you just want to quit, that what is the use?  But that’s where the Word and God’s Spirit just starts quickening within us and gives us more hope and gives us that ability to press on, to press on one more time.

Sid:  Now when Sid covered up the mirrors and decided you can’t even look at yourself, you must have known that…you knew how bad off you were and you were getting worse progressively.

Dr. Tom Renfro:  I did not want to look at myself, and I wanted to maintain the image of wholeness and completeness in my body.  I didn’t want to look at myself and look at how sick I was.  I wanted to have…I never did look at myself as sick.  I never did perceive myself as what they had to look at.

Sid:  These tumors were all over your body.

Dr. Tom Renfro:  Right.

Sid:  Your waist actually increased from what to what?

Dr. Tom Renfro:  From a size 34 to 60.

Sid:  Okay, as a, not as a doctor, but for a layman, describe what your body would’ve looked like at its worse state.

Dr. Tom Renfro:  At my worse state I weighed over 200 pounds, around 230 pounds, I was a demotist from my neck down; anywhere you touched me would leave a dent where your fingers touched my body.  I could take my thumb and forefinger and wrap it around my approximate arm and it touch on the other side.  But yet I weighed over 200 pounds; I was centrally engorged with fluid.  I had a size sixty waist; I had tumors the size of apples on my neck, tumors bigger than cantaloupes under my arms, my arms stuck out to my side.  I had tumors in my groan, my toes looked like sausages they were so swollen, my feet were swollen.  I was a mess; I was in a demonist mess.

Sid:  Tom you’re doing everything you know to do to get your healing.  However, a lot of people put God in a box, they almost have a formula and they say, “This is the way God has to heal me.”  But that’s not true for you, explain.

Dr. Tom Renfro:  That’s right, and I was guilty of that, I was catching myself saying “Lord You can heal me this way; this is a good way to heal me, why don’t You do it this way?  But you know His ways are above our ways, and when I got to the point that I fully surrendered to God, and say “Lord, whatever you want me to do, I’ll be glad to do it.”  Then God stepped in and He said, “Tom, now’s the time to go to the hospital.”  I said, “Alright, that’s where I’m going.”

Sid:  Now, most people taking a stance of I’m going to die anyway, I’ll just die in my home, but more important to follow what God for once.

Dr. Tom Renfro:  Right, see I didn’t want to go to the hospital, as a physician I knew a lot of people died there.

Sid:  Right.

Dr. Tom Renfro:  A lot of sickness.

Sid:  One way ticket.

Dr. Tom Renfro:  Why would I want to go to that place, but I also didn’t want to take chemotherapy; I didn’t want to do that.  I had a terrible fear of that, but God has a way of taking us and holding our hands and leading us through our worse fears, will bring victory in our lives.

Sid:  Would chemotherapy have healed you?

Dr. Tom Renfro:  No, they had told me previously, they said, “Tom chemotherapy will not work with this.”  And when I was referred up to where I went to medical school, the University of Virginia they told me the same thing.  They said, “We see the disease, we know that it’s there, but there is nothing we can do but go home and live.”

Sid:  But you were obedient to God, you toke this chemotherapy and a day later, what started happening to you?

Dr. Tom Renfro:  It wasn’t a day later, Sid it was while it was infusing on December 3rd of ’97.  God took that just like the rock of David through and He did something, He anointed it, He changed it, He supercharged it.  And He took that agent and He melted the tumors in front of your eyes.  Tumors literally that were hard and the consistency of a firm apple turned into a sponge and started melting as you looked they were shrinking as you gazed on.

Sid:  What did the other doctors say about this?

Dr. Tom Renfro:  It changed their lives, it messed them up, they would come in, they had overwhelming joy; because here God was doing something that no man could do, no man could help me with.  It was a fulfillment of what their desire was to see somebody being healed.

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