Sid:  My guest Joan Hunter is so excited about demonstrating the Kingdom of God, why is she so excited to see all of these miracles and equipping Christians to walk in the same miracles anointing that she walks in?  Because when you can demonstrate the Kingdom of God then you earn the right to proclaim who the King is.  Whether someone’s a Moslem, whether someone is Jewish, whether someone is a Buddhist, whether someone is just a nominal Christian that has never been born from above that does not know that the Bible says, “This is eternal life, that you might know Him.”  They think the Bible says this is eternal life, that you might join a church.  Joan Hunter I feel sorry for people that think eternal life is joining a church, not only for what’s going to happen when they die, but even when they live.

Joan:  That is true and people, God wants us free of everything that the enemy has done to us to destroy our hearts, destroy our minds and destroy our bodies.

Sid:  You know one of the things I find fascinating is we know that trauma stays in the memory of the cells even if it doesn’t stay in the memory of the mind.  And after a period of time it can cause disease.  But what really blew me out of the water is when people have transplants like a heart transplant they have the memory of the person that formally had that heart.  Give me an example of that.

Joan:  Well, one lady, some of them are just absolutely amazing the stories, but one lady she got the heart transplant and then the first night she had a nightmare about a license plate, say Texas 123456 well the next night she had another nightmare Texas 123456 she’s like what is going on here?  And she couldn’t figure out exactly what it was.  Well after several nights they actually called in the police and it was like “Can you figure out what this means?”  And so they went and found the car, the owner of the car and got a search warrant on the car, they searched the inside and out trunk and everything.  In the trunk of the car they found some blood and some DNA of this man’s niece who he had tried to kill which put her in the trunk of the car and then just disposed of her body.  Her body was found, she later died at the hospital and it was her heart that was transplanted into this recipient.  And that man is actually still in prison today.

Sid:  What that proves is there is a memory in every cell of our body.  So when someone has a, give me an example of a person that not from a transplant to me that just scientifically proves it, but give me an example of someone that had a trauma and you prayed for them and what happened.

Joan:  This is a recent one and I mean I’m going to work on not crying on not crying telling you this story because it’s so incredible and I have hundreds and hundreds of them.  But this man came up to me and he said, “Forty-two years ago I was in a helicopter in Vietnam, it got blown up, I was thrown to the ground.”  And he had a big scar on the side of his neck where it’s a miracles he lived where they had to do surgery and cut out some of the different things in his neck, rewire his neck because his neck was broken, jaw was broken and everything.  And he has been in excruciating pain for forty-two years.  Now, I laid hands on him, I cursed the spirit of trauma, commanded it to be gone, health and all the cellular memory to be completely gone and I commanded health and wholeness to that area. Then I started, I had my hand on his heart to start with, and I said, “I curse the spirit of trauma and I command all the nightmares that he has had of night after night, after night, after night of that helicopter exploding with him in it.  And throwing him basically from it night, after night, after night and the pain left instantly, the spirit of trauma left in a very demonstrative way and he started crying, and crying and crying and he says the pain is gone.  He says, “I feel so light, I feel so different I am a new man, I am so free of all of this stuff that happened in Viet Nam.  And then I prayed of course to erase the pain of his past so that he would remember that he went to Viet Nam and that he would know that he had a helicopter accident, but actually everything about that and the experience of that plane and that helicopter going down is gone and out of his memory now.

Sid:  You know Joan, the thing that I love about your complete training manual is you take each disease, you even show pictures of where to lay hands, you have the prayers, the specific prayers to pray.  There’s seems to be in America an epidemic of diabetes; how do you pray for someone with diabetes?

Joan:  The doctors told me that I would probably end up with diabetes myself and because my Mom had diabetes, she was healed of diabetes.  I interne would go; they said, “Well, you know your Mom had it so you are going to get it.”  Well, first of all I would deal with the generational curses of diabetes, which address in the manual how to break that, “Then I said, I cut those words off in Jesus name, I am not going to get diabetes.”  And my blood sugar was showing that I could potentially move into that and I am like I am not moving over there, I actually serve, I served diabetes an eviction notice, it cannot come into my body in Jesus name.  And I address any spirit of trauma and then in addition to that I dealt with, I said “I curse any spirit of diabetes, any diabetes I command it to be gone like Jesus cursed the fig tree and He commanded it to die from the very root.  And so I said, “In the name of Jesus I speak a new pancreas that works fine and that my sugar levels will return to normal and stay normal in Jesus name.”  And about six months later which was literally just a few weeks ago I went back in and it is absolutely perfect and I went hallelujah!

Sid:  Now, when you say that I hear Francis Hunter saying, hallelujah.  Has anyone ever told you that?

Joan:  Mom’s in here, this is funny.

Sid:  Tell me about the woman that instantly went from a size 18 to a size 12.

Joan:  Well, she had a tumor in her abdominal; actually she had seventeen tumors in her abdominal area and her female organs.  And I prayed and I said, “I curse those tumors in Jesus name I command it to be gone.  I speak a whole new colon and new female organs in Jesus name and before the service she was in the back of the room comparing her belly with another lady who was eight months pregnant.  And it was a tossup whose was bigger and it really was a tossup whose was bigger.  But at the end of the service it was obvious the pregnant lady won because she went down from a size 18 to a 14 instantly and then by the next day and by the next week she was actually in a size 12 and I recently saw her and she’s still in a size 12.

Sid:  How did you pray for her exactly?

Joan:  I just cursed the name of the tumors, commanded them to be gone, spoke new intestines, new female organs, and she got it all.

Sid:  It’s too simple Joan; it can’t be that simple.

Joan:  I know, I know, but that’s the way it’s supposed to be!  This is the way Jesus did it; you know He spoke to the fig tree curse, boom, curse, okay, how hard is that?  He didn’t do the flowery prayers you know and you know like you go into the grocery store and you pray for somebody; there’s no praise and worship going on.  A woman might not have her makeup on, you know she may not feel the anointing like, oh my hands aren’t hot, they’re not tingly, they’re not this.  Somebody walks by and their sick, you can see them limping, you know and I always go (flip) the hands up, healing hands here we go, you know.  And then you say “God sent me here to pray for you about?”  And you think God’s sending me to the grocery store?  Well, my steps are ordered of the Lord whether I’m at the grocery store or in the service ministering and the healing power of God, when you know that you walk in the authority and the authority information is covered in this manual.  When you know that you walk in the authority you will walk in that authority no matter if you got makeup on, if you’re on the telephone, if you’re walking by somebody in the grocery store or drug store.  I love going into drug stores and praying for people you know or in the airports or wherever we are we can walk in that anointing.  You don’t have to generate the anointing, you don’t have to wait for the anointing to come on you; you just need to know and have the knowledge that you walk in that anointing.

Sid:  Have people said to you after they’ve read your book that you have a gift of increasing their faith level?  Has anyone ever told you that?

Joan:  In exhortation in the area of faith, yes.  It’s like they leave the healing schools and they go “You know what? I think I can do this,”  I’m like, “I know you can, all you got to do is lay hands on the sick and do some of these things and pray.”  And these are just like guidelines, they’re not like verbatim, you go out to the grocery store and say “Oh I forgot my manual!”  You don’t have to worry about that because God will give you the words, but just get the general idea.

Sid:  But when you take, I have to ask you this, when you take each disease and you point out the root causes of the disease, you point out exactly the areas that you should pray in for this disease, if someone doesn’t follow that and just says “In Jesus name be healed” I don’t believe their going to get as many healed as if they understand the root causes of the diseases.

Joan:  Absolutely, absolutely you know I know that I have the power and I can say in Jesus name and a few people have been healed.  But I realized that when I appropriate the power of God, speak directly to the tendonitis in somebody’s elbow that’s listening right now, command that to be gone, all the inflammation and pain to go in Jesus name; it is going, it’s gone now in Jesus name!

Sid:  It would be so wonderful for Joan Hunter to personally mentor you just as her parents mentored her.  Some of her revelation on trauma and erasing the pain…

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