Sid: And I have Pastor Bill Ligon in the studio today and you have the privilege of learning something that has been hijacked, has been stolen from the Church.  The power of imparting the Blessing.  What the Jewish Patriarchs knew that the Church today does not.  How could a slave nation that is freed become one of the greatest nations in the world; how did that develop but God; but the power of God?  Now Pastor Bill, tell me how God pulled this off, I mean all of these slaves in the desert and organizing them?  I mean you would think that everyone would be going their own way.

Bill: When you consider Sid that these people had in four hundred years history of slavery, they had been verbally cursed and abused, they had been physically cursed and abused in many many ways and God gave Moses that challenge.  Not only to deliver them from bondage to the strongest dictator of his day and take them through a desert but into a land filled with hostile tribes and establish them as a great nation with self esteem.  These people had no self worth, they had no self esteem and God gave to Moses three pillars of faith to accomplish that.  Those three pillars of faith have got to be present in the lives of people with low self esteem, low self worth in order for their lives to be changed and for them to accomplish their mission and their purpose and know their identity and their destiny in this life.  Those three that God gave to Moses first of all were the Blood Covenant, we call it the Passover.  He delivered them from Pharaoh’s control in Egypt through the power of the Blood; the same thing that God will do to deliver people today.  When they got out to Mount Sinai he called Moses up on the mountain and there he gave him the moral code; we call it the Ten Commandments.  But he gave him the moral code of God, the first four of which told them how to relate to God; the last six how to relate to one another.  That moral code is so important in the lives of God’s people.  In Psalm 19 the Bible says that this law of God this moral code of God converts the soul; changes the lives of people.  But then God gave to Moses the High Priestly Blessing.  And that High Priestly Blessing in Numbers Chapter 6:23-26 releases God’s favor upon his people and changes them.  Changes people from having no self esteem, no moral worth to having a great confidence in God and great confidence in themselves.

Sid: It’s the supernatural.

Bill: Exactly.

Sid: Of the supernatural God that is released that has been stolen from the Church.

Bill: That’s right and one of the first evidences that I saw, the power of this happened when shortly after we began to teach the principals of blessing in the church.  One of the mothers called me and said Pastor, “We have a real problem in our home.”  I said, “What is it?” She said “Our seventh grader he failed the seventh grade and he just brought home his first six weeks report card with all F’s.”  What do I do?  And I said, “Well, you and your husband bring him to me.”  She said, “Well, I want you to know that we’ve tried everything, we’ve tried spanking him, rewarding him, we’ve had him in to counselor’s office at school, we’ve had him in the principal’s office; nothing is working.”  So when I met the boy, I saw that he had no self esteem, no self worth, now there were things that we had to do to change his life.  So we took the same pillars of faith that God gave to Moses and we applied them to that boy’s life.  First of all, we taught his parents to pray and ask him to give them a different understanding of the potential in their son.  Because all they saw was his failure and they spoke his failure over him, they said “If you don’t change you will never make anything of yourself.”  So they began to understand that they had to see the potential in this boy.

Sid: They were doing the blessing in reverse…

Bill: They were cursing him.

Sid: They were cursing him, yes.

Bill: They were speaking spoken curses over his life.

Sid: And it was working.

Bill: Exactly and the teachers were doing the same thing.  And I taught the boy that the spoken blessing is the only thing that will break the spoken curse over your life.  So I had two things going on simultaneously.  First I had the parents laying hands on their son and speaking life and health over him every day.  May the Lord bless you with self esteem, may the Lord bless you with the ability to concentrate to retain information, to study properly, to behave in the school.  May the Lord give you those qualities and then I taught the boy how to bless his teachers because they were curing him.  I didn’t have access to his teachers and when he had learned well, I sent him to school the next day when he went to each classroom he approached the teachers desk, he said, “Teacher may I speak to you a moment?”  “What is it trouble maker?”  “Well, I want you to know that I am sorry for the way that I’ve acted in your class but you’re an excellent teacher and may God raise you up to be the star teacher in this school and may the Lord give you favor in all that you do in success and in all of your ways.”  I had a whole series of blessings that he was to speak over his teachers to breaks the curse over himself.  Well, one teacher out of all of them took the occasion to curse him again.  He said, “You are a liar, I don’t believe anything that you say, you’ll never make anything out of yourself, I don’t want you in my classroom.”

Sid: That must have crushed that young man.

Bill: Well, I had him ready, I had him prepared, he just remained quiet, didn’t react to it he didn’t get angry.  When the teacher was through he said, “I understand how you feel and I’m sorry for that but you’re an excellent teacher and may God raise you up to be the star teacher in this school” and he spoke the blessing the second time.

Sid: Oh, he must have crushed that teacher.

Bill: I asked him, I said, “What did the teacher do?”  He said, he just sat there quietly for a moment and then said, “Well if you feel that way maybe we can try again.”  And that day that boy broke the spoken curses over his life.  Many people struggle Sid with spoken curses over their lives from their own parents and from their brothers and sisters or siblings; from other people, from teachers in schools and from colleagues at work.  They struggle under those curses in their lives.  That boy broke it that day, he finished high school with all A’s and B’s, was invited to enter pilots school and trained and became a jet pilot and began to fly cargo jets around the world.  That’s the boy that the teachers and the parents were saying were saying, “He would never make anything out of himself.”  And the power of the blessing is what God used to reverse that boys life, just like God used the power of the blessing to change those enslaved Israelites into a great nation.

Sid: Now I want you to point out, because we talking before we went on the air there is so much you cover in your course, but tell me about the value of the spoken blessing in scripture.  Let’s go all the way back to Adam and Eve.

Bill: Well, when God first created Adam and Eve as recorded in Genesis 1:27 & 28.  The first thing that God did for Adam and Eve was to speak a blessing over them.  And this is the blessing He spoke.  He said that, he blessed them and said, the scripture says He blessed them and said, “Be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth.”  Now one of the great Hebrew scholars, a German theologian by the name of Dr. Clause Vestryman says in one of his writings that he finds in the Hebrew that at that point God released on Adam and Eve the power of procreation.  And when my wife and I saw that we began to bless husbands and wives who were barren and hadn’t been able to bear children.

Sid: Now I know about your Son and Daughter –in-law, they were in that situation, they couldn’t have children.  What happened to them?

Bill: They have five today.

Sid: I know that.

Bill: Five children, which are my precious grandchildren of course and God did that for us.  We have for instance about two hundred grandchildren around the nation who God gave to these barren couples because of the blessing being spoken over their lives.  And I could go on and tell you exactly…

Sid: I have a better idea; there are some people listening right now and their saying, “Bring it on Pastor Bill, pray that blessing over me.”  Now there are some others that are saying, don’t you dare pray that blessing over me.  Would you pray right now for barren woman that want to have children?

Bill: If you are a barren wife right now and you want to have children I encourage you right now to put one hand toward your radio and the other hand on your stomach.  Now, if you are driving just put a hand on your stomach and you receive it right now.  And so “May the Lord Himself now, bless you and release upon you the power of procreation, may you be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth and may the Lord break now the curse of barrenness over your body in the name of Yeshua, Jesus our Messiah, Amen.”

Sid: You know there is something about speaking the blessing of God and even revealing it that is releasing a presence of God in this studio over that prayer.  But I believe that we’ve just hit something where it’s not just barrenness it’s anything based on the promises of God.  I mean you’re seeing, in fact on tomorrow’s broadcast I want you to tell me about how it plays out in your home.  How it works with your two sons, how it works in your marriage.  Because we have marriages that are in trouble in the United States of America and throughout the world and I believe the revelation that you have obtained literally through prayer and through study over tall these years are going to transform people.  When you teach your seminar in person and of course we have the four CDs, what kind of feedback are you getting from people that go through your book or listen to your seminars?

Bill: When they apply the principals, when they study these principals, they get the materials and study it and apply these principals to their lives we see tremendous results.  We have testimony after testimony of peoples whose lives have changed because they have began to release the spoken blessing over one another.

Sid: I believe it’s going to revolutionize your marriage; it’s going to revolutionize your children; I believe that it’s going to revolutionize your business; your health, your relationships.  And I believe I told Pastor Bill this, but many years ago when I was exposed to this teaching my father who comes from an Orthodox Jewish background and did not know the Messiah, of course, I asked him to bless me.  And do you know what he did Pastor Bill, he put his hands on me and he prayed the Aaronic Blessings.  On my Father’s death bed he received the Lord and He’s in heaven today… oops were out of time.

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