SID: Hello, Sid Roth here with Rabbi Jonathan Cahn. We’re finding out the most fascinating, Jonathan, God has really gifted you with a gift of revelation. But when I think about you, you have a prophetic edge to the scriptures. Have you been like this for a long time?

JONATHAN: I guess I have. I don’t know. I can’t say these things happened. God just led me. It was one thing after the other.

SID: Okay. Isaiah, Chapter 9, Verse 10 lists nine harbingers, warnings, progressive warnings from God, and He’s saying, “Stop. Come to your sense. I want to bless you. You started on the foundation of my love and my calling,” He says to Israel. And He says that to the United States of America, too. “I do not want to destroy you.” But I want to understand the vows. This is so phenomenal. Explain this.

JONATHAN: Okay. Everything goes according to Isaiah 9:10, the key of a nation’s judgment. And so now in America, here’s what happened in ancient Israel. This harbinger now is the vow itself, and that is the actual proclaiming or speaking of the vow of defiance, Isaiah 9:10. So here’s the thing. Who would have said it? The leaders have to have said it because it wouldn’t be significant if it wasn’t the leaders. It represents the nation. It represents we are not going to turn back to you, God. We’re going to rebuild. We’re going to come back stronger than ever, Isaiah 9:10. So what has to happen for this harbinger to manifest now in America is that a leader, a national leader, has to say the vow, has to actually utter the ancient vow. It has to happen in the capitol city. That’s where they would have said it ancient Israel, in the capitol city, and it has to be done publicly. So could this have happened? The problem is what national leader is going to want to pronounce judgment on America? And no one would intentionally. But here’s what happened amazingly. On the third anniversary of 9/11, this is September 11, 2004, in the capitol city, Washington, before at a public setting, the vice presidential candidate for the office, the Democratic ticket, he rises up.

SID: This is John Edwards?

JONATHAN: This is John Edwards. He rises up and he begins a speech. He’s supposed to be talking about 9/11 and it seems to be inspiring. And this is what he says: “Today on this day of remembrance and warning we have the Lord’s word to get us through.” Then he says it. “The bricks have fallen, but we will rebuild with dress stones. The sycamores have been cut down, but we will put cedars in their place.” He actually gives the vow of judgment on a nation. He doesn’t know what he’s doing. But he’s actually pronouncing.

SID: So it’s like a replay of what happened in ancient Israel is happening in the United States.

JONATHAN: Exactly. Out of 30,000 scriptures to choose from for inspiring, you don’t choose this one. In fact, people don’t even know this one. He says it, this is the vow that pronounces judgment, and it’s identifying America as the nation under judgment turning away from God. And he doesn’t only do that. He builds his whole speech around this. He goes on to say, “We are putting cedars up. We are putting up the stones and those cedars shall rise.” He goes on and on.

The whole speech is Isaiah 9:10, and he has no idea. He’s speaking figuratively. He has no idea. Actually, there was a tree, the sycamore. There actually was. All these things happened and he has no idea.

SID: He’s being a prophet and doesn’t realize it, but it’s a prophet of judgment. What I find interesting is shortly thereafter, he fell into disgrace. Now there was a second vow.

JONATHAN: Yes. Now the other harbinger, the vow is also a prophecy. It’s spoken before these things happen. It says, “We will do this.” So Israel says it before it would happen. It also becomes a matter of national record through Isaiah. It becomes part of Isaiah. So for this to happen – same thing? It’s going to be the leader, capitol city, but spoken before these things happen. In other words, right after the event, and it becomes a matter of national record. It speaks prophetically. So could this have happen? Amazing! On the day after 9/11, the very day, that morning, America has to give its response to the world. So this is really significant, prophetically. America has to; this is the response of America to this judgment or this calamity. So what happens? The man appointed to do this is the Senate Majority Leader, the head of the Senate. The senate represents the nation and he is Tom Daschle. He has to come up. He’s the man appointed. He gives the thing, and he gives a speech, and here’s what happens: bizarre, ominous, eerie and profound. At the end of the speech, he closes with this pinnacle. He says, “I know there’s only the smallest measure of inspiration that can be taken from this devastation, but I think there is a passage in the Bible from Isaiah that I think speaks to all of us at times.”

SID: Of all the scriptures, he picks that one.

JONATHAN: Amazing. And he says it from Capitol Hill, from the floor of the Senate, national record. “The bricks have fallen, but we will rebuild with dress stones. Victories have befell, but we will replace them with cedars.” And then he goes on. The very day after, pronouncing judgment; linking it all together to ancient Israel. Then he goes on to say, it’s not just Israel. It’s our vow now. He says, “That is what we, America, will do.” In other words, this is going to be American policy. “We will rebuild. We will recover.” He is speaking prophetically. He has no idea that there actually is a tree, that day that was just found. He has no idea that years later, all these things he says are actually going to happen at Ground Zero. He’s predicting that America, he’s prophesying that America is going to go the course of defiance as ancient Israel. He’s setting a course without realizing it.

SID: So John Edwards does this. He shortly falls, almost a prophetic sign. Tom Daschle then fell into disgrace when he was asked to be part of the cabinet, if you remember. But here’s the amazing thing to me. President Barak Obama knows nothing about any of this. But President Barak Obama is also involved in this vow of national defiance. Jonathan, you told me that there is even a key, a mystery, if you will, to the economic judgment that will hit America as part of the progressive judgments that are occurring.

JONATHAN: The harbingers, this is not the end. This is the beginning because the harbingers are going to touch everything. They’re going to touch the American economy. They’re going to touch the world economy. They’re going to actually determine the exact days when these calamities are going to happen. Amazing! In fact, it is already touching everyone listening. And every American and their bank account and everything else is in an ancient mystery.

SID: Next week, you will understand a key from the Bible that gives an understanding of why the shaking, financially, is occurring in America. Very few people understand this. It takes someone with a Jewish background that understands the ancient prophets. What happened in Israel is happening in the United States of America right now. And I am concerned about you. Do you have religion with defiance? What do I mean by defiance? Without repentance. What do I mean by repentance? Meaning turning from your sin and start to serve God. It’s time to repent and get right to God. You know why? You don’t know when your end is going to come. That’s why.

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