Sid: We want everyone everywhere to be red hot for the Messiah, my guest Pastor Ron Phillips and I’m speaking to him about an explosion of the Holy Spirit that happened at his church, a nice Southern Baptist Church, where everything you read in the Bible is happening.  And before we went on the air Ron you were talking about your Mother.

Ron: Yes, my Mother has gone home to heaven, but Mother died well last October; told me she was going and two days later left and my sister found her asleep and gone to Glory.

Sid: Now that’s the way you’re suppose to die in your sleep.

Ron: Yeah, she died well.  And she had seen the doctor the day before and, but she told me three days before or four days before her death she told me she was tired and she missed Daddy and she wanted to go and be with God and go with the Lord Jesus.  But the devil tried to take her out with a heart problem four or five years earlier and she had open heart surgery and my brother called me and said, “You got to come home, I was in Amsterdam Holland, my mother’s dying.  So I’m telling you, angels got me home; I mean I was home within fifteen hours, which is a miracle when you don’t have flight arrangements.  And I walked in Mother’s chest was still open and my Uncle was standing there and said, “Where are you going to have Gladys’s funeral?  I said, “Anybody in this room that does not believe my Mother can be healed leave now.” I ran everybody out of the room, but my brother and my sister; and they will tell you, I stretched my hands over my mother’s open chest and the angels came; and you could feel a tangible heaviness, a cloud that came in over Mother right then.  And the next morning the doctor closed her; Mother had several good years of life; Mother was never in a nursing home; Mother was always, she had independent living.  She was always ready to drive her car, the funny thing that happened is that they put her on dialysis because of her kidneys and they told me, they told us that she can’t live without dialysis and Mother said, “I’m healed.”  So they took her off of dialysis and wanted us to come waiting for her to die.  And Mother said, “Give me a Coke,” and went to the restroom; she lived four more years; she never had to go back on dialysis.   And I am firmly convinced that I stuck my hands over my Mother that there was a tangible presence of God and the angels came around.  And Mother knows Mother talked about people being in the room with her when nobody was in the room so we know that she had angelic care during that season.  And I believe Sid that people that are listening to this broadcast can experience the same healing.

Sid: Well, I sense the presence of the Holy Spirit for healing and you told me there was a host of angels in your room because we are doing this interview by way of telephone.  What are these angels up to right now?

Ron: Well, here’s what the Lord’s telling me, Satan one of his assignments is to wear out the saints.  Two out of three sick people whose bodies are sick have been attacked demonically in their mind or in their heart and are wore out, their depressed, it’s manifested now in physical symptoms, some of them are getting stomach disorders and cancers because of it.  But you remember that it says that when Jesus was tempted, after he rebuked the devil with the Word of God, it said in Matthew 4:11 “The angels came and ministered to Him.”  I believe that God sends the angels to bring ministry to those whom the enemy has attacked.  The Bible says in Acts 10 “That Jesus when He went he went forth, He went about doing good and healed all those who were oppressed of the devil.” So right now I believe that He’ll heal all who are listening to me right now.  Know that the angels can move beyond the speed of light, they are here they are two angels for every devil.  And so right now in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ I command angels to go forth to every listener to touch, to minister, to heal even those that are participating in this broadcast in the room; in the area who are here.  Anyone hearing my voice angels will come to strengthen you and to minister to you and as the Spirit of God releases healing by the blood of Jesus let the angels come and bring strength to dead limbs and to vision to blind eyes and hearing to deaf ears and encouragement to those who are depressed that have a spirit of heaviness.  I ask right now, I command demonic spirits of infirmity to leave.  Devils get off of their chest; get off of their back right now.  I command angels that escort to these demonic entities to the pit to the dry places for never to return and I command that healing will go forth in the name of Jesus.  Oh, Holy angels of God we command you to do what you are assigned to do according to Hebrew 1:14 at the voice of our Lord Jesus go forth and strengthen and heal the people in Jesus name.

Sid: Now you explained that just recently an angel who identified himself as Noble came to visit you and the result was you were strengthen in your spirit; you were strengthened in your body.  And what you said was a word from God that there are people listening to us right now that are just weary from the fight.

Ron: That’s right.

Sid: And I believe that if you pray right now that supernaturally the weariness will lift off of them and they are going to get a jump in their step and a new joy is going to come to them.

Ron: Yes, Father right now, you strengthen those like Elijah who on assignment for you the devil has tried to wear out.  I pray right now like you hock jumper cords up to a dead car battery that angel would come on each side of everyone hearing me right now, and Lord that those angels would strengthen believers from the inside out and not just their should not just an encouragement to their mind, but Lord their body physically right now.  Lord every disease of weakness of the body known and unknown will leave and that angels strength will flow.  I just pray now in the Name of Jesus and right now some of you need to pray in the language of angels.   Loose your prayer language now and feel the rest and strength begin to flow into your soul right now.  Angels can touch and minister to believers in your journey and angels are touching you right now in Jesus Name.

Sid: Now this is strange Ron, but my lips are beginning to tremble so I’m going to have to be obedient. (Prayer language flowing from Sid) What is God showing you Ron?

Ron: I’m telling you right now people instead of going under I see people are being lifted up on a wave and being carried instead of swimming and struggling across the dark waters they are being lifted like a surfboard and carried across their difficulties right now.  And you are going to make it to another level right now in the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.  It’s happening right now in the mighty name of Jesus Christ He’s lifting you right now; He’s strengthening you right now.  Somebody’s weary from the journey right now I want you to know that like Philip was escorted by an angel in Act’s 8 suddenly God almighty can move you quickly and suddenly from that circumstance you in to another place.  You are going to open your eyes and realize that I’ve made it through I’m somewhere else I’m in a different level; the past is over now in Jesus Name.

Sid: And in your book you talk about the protection that’s found in Psalm 91 for those that know the secret place.  What is the secret place to you?

Ron: The secret place of the Most High is that place of intimacy with God and if you read through Psalm 91 and in my book it’s in that chapter.  There is a place of immunity and it’s where angels’ take care of you where no sickness, you know it’s good to get healed but wouldn’t it be better if no sickness came near your house?  Wouldn’t it be better rather than God recovering you from a fall if you didn’t trip and the angel’s were there to help you?  The secret place of the Most High is the third level; it’s that Holy of Holies experience.  It’s is that which God gives you when you are alone with Him and your body become a temple of the Holy Ghost and hear me, angels are ministered to the temple.  Angels, and if you live your life right with God the angels hover around your body as a worshiping experience and you move into that secret place your overshadowed just like the mercy seat.

Sid: You know what I’m reminded of?  There is a big debate over what to do about health insurance and everything believers should be way beyond that.  We should be in that secret place.

Ron: That’s right, and it says that no plague will come near your house, you know right now I just rebuke the swine flu in Jesus Name and declare that angels guard my house and your house from it in Jesus Name.  Oh, I got too loud but.

Sid: That’s okay but I’m going to tell you something, I can see Ron how God has prepared you step by step…you understand the Greek you understand the scriptures, because you were trained in the finest of Bible schools and then you had encounters with angels.  The Title of your book is “Invisible Allies.”  And what is your prayer for everyone that reads this book?

Ron: Oh, Heavenly Father, let them see, Lord touch their eyes like you did the servant of Elijah to see that the army around them in the Heavenlies is bigger than that which is against them.  Heavenly Father come anointing and show them Your presence and power and bring them the awareness that the spiritual world is more real and lasting than the difficulties their walking through today.  Come Holy Spirit, come angels of God do your work in Jesus Name.

Sid: Remember Mishpochah we are in the last of the last days and human options are dwindling we must learn how to partner with the angels.

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