Sid: My guest is Red Hot for the Messiah, his name is Don Heist and I have his wife Sue here by way of telephone.  And Don has been a guest on Messianic Vision and it’s Supernatural because he has an amazing gift and an amazing musical instrument.  It’s called the shofar.  Don for those that aren’t familiar with the shofar, what is it?

Don: Oh, a shofar is made out of the Kudos Antelope horns and it’s actually the first instrument mentioned in the Bible in the book of Genesis, where Abraham and Isaac are up on Mount Moriah and God provides the ram as a sacrifice in place of Isaac.  And that’s where we get the beginning of the ram’s horn or the shofar and then it’s used throughout the scriptures far after that.

Sid: Now is it so supernatural?

Don: Well, it’s the voice of God.  I believe that it’s truly the voice of God and as God sounded it himself on Mount Sinai he declared His own holy presence and it’s going to be the sound that we’re going to hear at the great final shofar blast that God Himself will sound when we are all taken home.

Sid: Well, let me tell you something that the ancient Rabbi’s believed that when the shofar was blown all of the words of all of the Jewish prophets came into the atmosphere once.  Do you know what that mean?  All the promises of God came into the atmosphere and I happened to believe when someone that is a born again believer blows that shofar, all of the promises of the New Covenant come into the atmosphere.  What type of healings, just real briefly are you seeing when you blow the shofar?

Don: We are seeing an amazing amount of healings that God is using His voice through the shofar and prayer to heal people of blindness, opening deaf ears; we’ve seen a number of cases where cancer has been completely removed from the body of the person we have been praying with.  And God just uses this, I believe it uses His voice to penetrate through the body, it changes the molecular structure of the person and in the room as well and by that a Voice of God they are healed.

Sid: Speaking about changing the molecular structure in the room, you have a CD called “Take Me In” and I’ve never heard of another one like this.  We have CD’s with people blowing the shofar, but you actually you become like a musician with a worship team and I have to ask you this, question.  I heard you blow the shofar, I have heard many people blow the shofar, but you really blow it like a musical instrument.  Has anyone ever told you that your sound is almost, it’s different than most?

Don: Well, I’ve been told by many church leadership people that they feel that the sound is much different and I can’t take any credit for that except that the Lord has been gracious to me and gifted me with this.

Sid: Well, I’m reminded about what my good friend Paul Wilbur says about you, he says, and I’m going to quote him exactly “Many blow the shofar, but Don sounds the instrument for God.”  Now I want to ask you, what do you believe Paul means by saying that about you?

Don: Well, it’s just like in any instrument of prayer, it’s with the anointing or without, and I think that there is a price that needs to be paid to gain that anointing and there’s a heart issue at stake that if your heart has made Jesus the Lord of your life, then God will find or create opportunities for you to serve Him through ministry.  Fortunately for me I have been blessed that this is one of the things in shofar that God has been using to heal people and change the sound.  Now I play the instrument, I try to think of it as playing the shofar rather than blowing it, to me you blow a New Years Eve horn.  But I play it as a musical instrument and I actually have six of them that I’ve had custom made that are tuned to six different pitches and so whatever worship team I’m worshipping with at that moment or that day I switch horns to the key that they’re playing in.  It’s much more pretty to the ear and easy to hear, but I think it also clarifies and focuses God’s voice into the worship even more so.  And I try to never use printed music because I just like to close my eyes and let the Holy Spirit take me away and I just play as led and I’ve been very blessed that many major worship leaders have granted me as one has said of me, “Take your liberty, you just do what the Holy Spirit tells you to do.”

Sid: Well, let me tell you something, I want to do with the CD, I haven’t done it yet, but when I travel and if I have someone with me that blows the shofar, when you go into a hotel room, you don’t know what has transpired you know, the days and hours and weeks previous in that room so obviously I pray.  But if I have someone that can blow the shofar, I ask them to come into my hotel room and blow the shofar and it sanctifies the hotel room, but I have a better idea now, you get an iPod and an I pad or something that plays the CD and what if you start playing that shofar the minute you get in your room, you CD “Take me In.” what do you believe is going to happen to the atmosphere of that room when someone goes to sleep?

Don: Well, because it’s the voice of God and not just a case of a human being sounded an instrument, because it’s the voice of God the shofar is the only instrument that will confuse the enemy to the point that he flees.

Sid: That’s what the ancient rabbis say, “It says that the so far drives the devil crazy.  Let’s hear one of your selections “Come Let’s Go Up to the Mountain” and one of the instruments is the shofar.

Don Heist’s selection: “Come Let’s Go Up to the Mountain” 7:19 – 11:00

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