Sid: My guest is Co Producer of Its Supernatural Television and Messianic Vision Radio, Janie DuVall, another Jewish person that is Red Hot for Jesus and we’ve been reminiscing and talking about the updated versions of my life’s story.

Janie: And if you want to the Red Hot they have to read that story because it’s not just a testimony and it’s called “There Must Be Something More.”  Oh, by the way, why did you even come up with that title, “There Must Be Something More?”

Sid: Well, I use to be a song writer and I wrote a song called, “There Must Be Something More.”

Janie: That was before you were a believer in Jesus?

Sid: Yes, and you know this Janie because you’re a creative person and you write music.  What’s you write is what’s going on inside of your heart.  And my heart was crying out, “There must be something more.  And remember the words, “There must be something more because I work, eat, sleep and that’s the way it goes, because that’s the way it goes; and I work, eat sleep and that’s the way it goes.  And it was almost like my heart was saying, “There must be something more!”  And here I have Christians walking all around me, a broker at Merrill Lynch, a lot of Christians that were my clients, no one shared Jesus with me and remember I told you about that major secular Washington DC newspaper that had me on the front page and the headline, “White Collar Jesus Freaks.”  I got a phone call from one of my clients and they said, “Sid, we’re so happy for you, that you believe in Jesus.”  And I thought to myself, “Why didn’t you tell me I almost lost my life?”

Janie: “Why didn’t you tell me?

Sid: And I have to tell you, “God is so good, every member of my immediate Jewish family believes in Jesus.”

Janie: Now how did your Mom believe in Jesus?

Sid: Well, she saw the miracles, she saw the change in my life, I shared prophecies with her and it just like never took.  But over the years, God was faithful with my prayers and one day, my mother said, “You know Sid, I don’t believe in Jesus because you pray for the sick and have miracles and because you believe in Jesus, I now believe because I believe in Jesus.”  And so, but and I know that Dad will believe in Jesus, she said, “Don’t say that.”  See she was being a Jewish mother; she was trying to protect me.  She knew my father it would be impossible for him to believe in Jesus.  So I said, “Mom, you’re wrong I know that Dad’s going to be a believer in Jesus.”  But my Father was born in Poland and raised in an Orthodox Jewish family and the worst thing, a tragedy was that his son became a outspoken believer in Jesus.

Janie: And you would try to speak to him, you would try to talk to him about proving that Jesus was the Messiah and you would even read from Isaiah 53.  What would he think?  I mean here that’s just totally talking about Jesus before he was born.

Sid: Well, that was an interesting occasion, I read Isaiah 53 to him and I read it from a non-Jewish Bible, it was the same as the Jewish Bible, it was a full Bible that an Old Testament in it and he said, “I don’t accept that, that’s a Christian Bible.  So I went to our Orthodox Jewish Rabbi and I said, “Rabbi, could you give me a Tanach that is an approved Jewish scriptures and could you inscribe something in it to me.”  And so he knew I was a believer in Jesus at that point, he couldn’t figure out why, but he figured well maybe so he inscribed something and he gives me a Tenach.  I go to my father, I read the same Isaiah 53, which I might add, reads the same way and he said, “You know something, I always thought there was something wrong with that Rabbi,” there’s something wrong with that…in other words it sounded so much like Jesus, he thought that somehow someone had tampered with that Jewish Bible because he said, “You are speaking about Jesus,” he would not believe that Jesus was the Messiah.

Janie:  “Did you get frustrated and did you want to give up?”

Sid:  “No, I can’t tell you why, but I always believed and I always said, I know my Father is going to be a believer in Jesus.”  It had to come from God, because…

Janie:  “Supernatural faith.”

Sid: Because everything I saw said, what my mother said to me, “He’ll never be a believer in Jesus” and my sister became a believer in Jesus; my Jewish-brother in-law became a believer, the whole family except my Dad, he was the hold out.  And a week before he died, a presence of God came on me, but not just came on me Janie; it was like twenty-four hours and day for an entire week.

Janie:  “When you say presence, what did you feel like?”

Sid:  “I felt like felt like I felt when I got saved, when the presence of God came into my room; it was such a wonderful feeling and I didn’t know why.”  And then I got a phone call that my Father was dying.  He was in intensive care in the Hospital and so I called my sister and we went to the hospital and the doctor said that he’s dying and he left us alone with him.  And my Father had throat problems, he couldn’t speak at this point and his body was just totally deteriorated.  And so I said, “Dad, Mom used to say; “Heaven must be a wonderful place.”  I remember my mother use to say that because of what I told her.  “Heaven must be a wonderful place; this was before she was even a believer.”

Janie: And she was in Heaven by that time.

Sid: Yes, she had died and so I said, “Dad, don’t you want to be where Mom is? Don’t you want to be where Shirley is going to be, where I’m going to be so we can be together?  Don’t you want be in Heaven?  In order to be in Heaven, you have to believe that Jesus is the Messiah; do you believe that He’s our Messiah?”  And I could barely hear it, but I heard it he said, “Yes.”  And I said, “Shirley,” he said, “Yes.”  And my sister said, “Now my sister you have to understand is a nice refined school teacher, and all of a sudden she geta aggressive.”

Janie: Did she hear it?

Sid: No, she said, “I did not hear him.”  I said, “Shirley, this is so good for Dad, I mean let’s leave this alone, I heard him, that’s good enough.  “I did not hear him, and so she said, “Dad, do you believe that Jesus died for your sins and he is our Messiah, and at that point, my Father screamed, he had no voice, but he screamed, “I Believe.”

Janie: Awe!”

Sid: And then, but, but wait, but Janie listen, “Then my sister, this nice dignified refined quiet, almost introverted school teacher starts jumping up and down, in the intensive care ward of the hospital where sheeee everyone be quiet and starts screaming and screeching at the top of her lungs, and this is what she’s screaming, “Thank you Jesus, thank you Jesus, thank you Jesus.”  And so I said, “Shirley, what are you doing?”  And she said, “I told God, that when Dad receives the Lord I’m going to jump for joy.”

Janie: No matter where she is.

Sid: No matter where I am, and so she started jumping for joy and screeching at the top of her lungs, because you have to understand Janie, there was no way, but that presence of God that came on me for that week, it was the anointing that destroyed the yoke.  It was the presence of God and that same presence of God is coming on Jewish people one more time before Jesus returns.  Why?  So the Jewish people can be saved.  Why, so that they can come into the church.  Why? So the ancient Jewish Spiritual DNA will merge with the New Covenant, Gentile Christian DNA to form what Paul calls One New Man.  Why?  John 17 gives an answer, “Jesus said, “I pray that they.”  There are only two people groups at that time, Jews and Gentiles.  “I pray that they Jews and Gentiles might be one so the world will believe.”  That’s what is at stake and then he says, “The same glory that is on me, will be on them,” so when the Jewish people get saved and come into the Church, the same Glory.

Sid: The same glory is going to be on people and it’s starting now.  There’s a new move of God’s Spirit that is coming right now.

Janie: Right, and there’s a connection because when Jewish people come to the Lord, there’s an outpouring that happens on the church of miracles, of healings, of seeking the Glory, of seeing the things that were impossible to happen, happen.

Sid: …This is the Shabbat Broadcast.

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