Sid: I just got exposed to a teaching and I can’t wait for you to understand this because as you know for the past forty years I’ve been investigating healing and miracles and the supernatural.  And yeah we see the healing promised in Isaiah 53, 1 Peter 2:24 we recognize that, but there seems to be a disconnect between the truth of what Jesus did and manifesting that truth in many of our lives.  And when I find keys that help us manifest what we are given by the death and resurrection of Jesus I get excited; and this is one of those very very special keys.  I have Larry Hutton on the telephone and Larry, in 1976 you were pretty messed up physically, tell me about that.

Larry: Well, thirty-six years ago in 1976 I got healed of what the doctors called an incurable disease.  They said that it wasn’t terminal that I could live with it and have medication that could alleviate some of the symptoms.  But they did tests on me, I thought as I was a kid that it was just severe allergies, sinus, hay fever and then the doctors ran tests.  And they said, “Well, you have a deficiency in your body, you’re allergic to over a hundred twenty different things and so we could put you on medication the rest of your life.  And of course I like to play sports so the medication would alleviate symptoms so I could play.  But even with the medication I would have attacks that would cause my, just for me to get totally congested where I could hardly breath and sneezing and eyes swallow and all of this junk going on in your body.  And I mean even with the medication there’d be major attack where I couldn’t go to school or I couldn’t go play ball, things like that.  But I finally went to a church that believed that Jesus is the same today as when He physically walked the earth; He went about doing good and healing all that were oppressed of the devil then and He still does the same thing today.

Sid: Now before you went to that church, what would you have summarized your belief system as in reference to healing?

Larry: Well, I was taught in the church I was raised in which was a denominational church I was raised in and I was taught that God, first of all that God; healing and miracles had been done away with.

Sid: And you know, being Jewish and being saved at age thirty, I often wonder I don’t see how anyone can read the Bible Old or New Testament and come up with that conclusion, I don’t get it.

Larry: It’s a doctrine of devils is what it is; I’m telling you that it just deceives people.  And I believed healing and miracles had been done away with; that all ceased when the last apostle died.  Well, if you believe that it’s been done away with you sure not going to receive it.

Sid: Okay, but you go to this church and now I would think that you would think maybe it’s the devil speaking through these people that are talking about healing, that Jesus doesn’t change.

Larry: Yeah, exactly if fact when I got over there to the church that was having miracles happen and they taught me about Jesus the healer and I end up getting healed in my body.  Then it made me think well, wait a minute, maybe some of this other stuff I’ve been taught is not true as well.  Maybe God’s redeemed me in more than just one area spiritually, maybe He’s redeemed me physically and financially and mentally and in every way He’s redeemed me so.

Sid: Well, in 1976 your just a twenty-two year old kid and tell me the worst situation physically you were in because of these hundred twenty allergies.

Larry: Yeah, just being laid up in bed for a couple days at a time, not hardly being able to breathe because you’re so congested and so filled with junk and not being able to hardly see because your eyes just watering so much.  It was just…

Sid: Okay, you find out that God hasn’t changed and God’s word is true and Jesus is the healer.  You find this out; once you found that out what was the process of the manifestation?

Larry: Well, I remember going to church and hearing the pastor preach Matthew 8:17 “That it might be fulfilled that which was spoken by Isaiah the prophet saying “Himself took our infirmities and bare our sicknesses,” and I remember him expounding on that.  Jesus bore your sicknesses as your substitute, he didn’t bare them with you, He bore them for you so you didn’t have to.  And I remember hearing that and thought, “Man that’s good news, you know it was hard to believe for me because I had never heard it.  But I remember after several months of hearing verses like that and just scriptures that “He is the God that heals us,” He is not the God that makes us sick; He is the God that heals us.  And so I remember going home from church one afternoon, walking into my living room of my house; I was working for Delta Airlines during those years and lived out in Zephyrhills Florida.  I had a little ranch out there raising horses and I remember making the decision when I walked in my home, I thought “You know what, I know that I’m going back to church tonight and I know my pastor lays hand on people and people are getting healed, but I don’t want to wait; I want to get healed right now!”  I remember walking into my living room and lifting up my hands to Heaven and I just started talking to the Lord just like you talk to a person.  You know one thing I did learn about this church that believed in healing and miracles, they also believed that you didn’t have to sound religious when you talk to God.  You know you didn’t have to use the Thees and the Thous; and get real spiritual so to speak, just talk to Him normal, He created you, he know what you sound like right?  And so I walked on and just lifted up voice and I said, “God, I found out that you put my sickness and disease on Jesus and that you laid all my sickness on him at the cross at Calvary and that I don’t have to have it.  So Jesus I received you as my savior when I was thirteen years old, I’m twenty-two right now and I’m receiving you as my healer right now.” Now of course you and I know Sid, that he’s not two different Jesus’ but I just I just found out that there is another work of his grace; that He provided healing just as much as He provided being saved from sin.  And because I was saved from sin I could be healed in my body that all that grace and salvation had come was a total and complete package.  So right there in my living room I just received by faith, because that’s how we receive the grace of God, by faith the Bible says.  So I received, I just lifted up and I believed that Jesus healed me nearly 2,000 years ago and I believe I’m healed right now.  Now Sid, I did not feel any different, but I knew that something changed.  It wasn’t just the looking for a feeling, kind a like when I was thirteen and received Jesus as Savior my particular experience wasn’t like some people that gets goose pimples and bumps and they just fell all this weight lift off of them.  I never felt any supernatural feeling from the outside when I received Jesus and yet on the inside I knew that I knew that I knew that I was a child of God now.

Sid: You know something Larry, there’s something that’s coming to me, because I understand what you’re saying and many times I pray for the sick and I can feel the healing anointing flow right out of me like a river.  And not them, I know that their healed, I know that they are; but sometimes they are and sometimes they’re not.  I mean the most frustrating thing is when I can sense the healing anointing going into someone and the manifestation doesn’t occur.  But I believe you have a key and it is as far as I’m concerned, the most major key I’ve ever seen.  It was in 1977 God started speaking to you about these keys; tell me about that.

Larry: Yeah, I was healed in my body ’76 I was just really seeking the Lord, turned on to him.  My pastor started working with me; he sensed that I had a call of God on my life to teach the word.  And so here I am just seeking the Lord and all of a sudden one day in my bedroom the Lord talked to me.  I felt like He came into my bedroom, I did not see Him, but I felt His presence so strong and just like, I don’t think I could have gotten up if I tried, I didn’t try, but I feel like…

Sid: You know, as your sharing it right now, I feel an increase of His presence; I can sense it, but go ahead.

Larry: Yes and when He came in the room He started talking to me, He said, “Larry I am going to show you in my word what to do and if you do what I tell you, you will never have another down day the rest of your life.”

Sid: What!  Please repeat that because some people’s brain went on tilt when you said that.”

Larry: Ha-ha yeah.

Sid: Say that again what He told you.

Larry: He said, “Larry I’m going to teach you in my word what to do and if you do what I tell you, you will not have another down day the rest of your life.”  Now He explained to me, went on to explain what He meant when He said, just down days.  He was talking about all the negative emotions, He said, “Bad temper and anger that controls people, that emotion, and depression that controls people and stress, and worry and discouragement.”  He started naming all these different negative emotions that control peoples’ lives; and He said, “You are going to have plenty of opportunity from now until you die to have all kinds of those emotions control you, but I’m going to show you how to live free from them.”

Sid: Now when people get a hold of this teaching, what are some of the reports that you get just briefly of their lives being changed?

Larry: Well, I could give you a lot; this one lady came to one of my meeting and got a hold of my book that teaches what the Lord showed me.  And she read the book and it’s basically teaching you emotional stability in an unstable world.  You know the world’s very unstable, would bring all kinds of stress and worry and depression, discouragements.  And she read the book and what I didn’t know until she came up and gave us her testimony is that she had been bipolar for over forty years.  She had been on medicine, the doctors told her her hormones were way off and her chemicals, imbalance in the body and so you’ll just have to be on medicine all your life.

Sid: Bottom line what happened?

Larry: She was completely healed and delivered and she’s been off all her medication for years now.

Sid: You know what is so amazing to me is just people with just things like high blood pressure that once, could you picture living 24-7 the rest of your life not worrying, not having fear, not having anger, bad uncontrolled anger, or strife with people or stress?  Wow!

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