Sid: My guest is red hot for the Messiah, his name is John Waller.  I’m sure you’re familiar with him if you saw the movie “Fire Proof” because the theme music from that movie was a song that he wrote and the song was called “While I’m Waiting.”  And John tell me a couple of those words, a couple lines from that song.

John: I’m waiting, I’m waiting on You Lord, and I am hopeful and I’m waiting on You Lord though it is painful; and I think people understand that waiting is painful, it can be.

Sid: And you went through that pain but I’m also reminded of the pain that you went through for over twenty years.  You were on four medications because you had depression in the worst form and it came about I believe and I want you to comment on this because there were word curses, tell me about that.

John: It started with just a simple phrase he’s got it, and I heard those words spoken and I thought, “Yeah, I do and I do have it.”

Sid: And the doctor did it over you too.

John: Absolutely, in thirty minutes time, he had to have been a genius, I guess to diagnosis me that quick.

Sid: How old were you then?

John: I was twelve years old.

Sid: I mean what, given you drugs and diagnosed at twelve years old, and that was a curse, I have to believe that’s why you emphasize the blessings so much in your music.

John: Well, I you know I understood what the power of words spoken over me, I understood that because I knew after the Lord delivered me it was because of a word spoken over me, like you said, a curse.  So I began to study blessing and I had to go back to the Old Testament and see where blessing began and how Jewish Father’s would bless their children and the blessing over the son, the right hand on the head and so I began to study blessing and I began to implement this in my own life and over my children.

Sid: And your family is important to you as a matter of fact your one of the few guests I have had others but one of the few guests that when you’re coming to my television shoot you wanted to bring, not just your wife but your children too.  How young is your youngest?

John: My youngest is two years old.

Sid: Now, wouldn’t it been easier for you just to leave the two year old?  Why are you bringing them?

John: Ha ha ha.  Well, we love them and we love to be around them but sometimes it’s hard to find baby sitters too.

Sid: Okay, but tell me about the blessings; about what you understand, why is it so important?  Do you bless your children?

John: I bless them every day, every night before they go to bed.  And I bless my sons in a specific way and of course I bless them with the Aaronic Benediction, “May the Lord bless you, The Lord will bless you, the Lord will keep you and make His face shine you.”  And you know, what I understand is that, you know the Bible says life and death are in the power of the tongue and those that love it eat of its fruit.  So we can literally give life through words, we can literally take it away.  And if you don’t understand blessing you certainly understand what it’s like to have some negative words spoken over you and how deep that can cut.  Well, how much more words of God that have life and the power, the eternal power to bring life when they are spoken over someone.

Sid: And I’m told that when people listen to your music or hear how you were set free there is such a power that people that have depression, that are bipolar, and many other conditions, their literally set free.

John: Amen, absolutely and here’s why; because in Revelation it says, “They overcame by the blood of the Lamb,” the blood of the Messiah, “And by the Word of their testimony.”  It is by the power of their testimony; it’s not how elaborate it is.  It is the fact that it is my testimony, it is what happened to me and how God delivered me and when I declare that, you know there is a power that is released to do the same thing for someone.  And God is no respecter of persons; He does not love me more than He loves your audience who is listening right now.

Sid: And you were telling me on yesterday’s broadcast that just this Aaronic Benediction which you sing, and by the way, you sing and ….I’m listening to it all the time…Tell me beyond the Aaronic Benediction, give me an example how you bless your son.

John: Well, I bless my son…

Sid: Do it actually.

John: “May the Lord make you like Ephraim and Manasseh, forgetting the trouble of your past and having a fruitful future.”  And my daughters “May the Lord make you like Sarah and Rebecca, like Rachael and Leila all who established the house of Israel.  God used these women to establish the house of Israel and in other words, “May the Lord use you to establish His Kingdom here on the Earth.

Sid: Tell me a couple of specific cases of testimonies you have heard of people that have been set free from listening to your music or your testimony.

John: Well, there was a young man who he had never been blessed before, my wife and I were at a marriage retreat and I sang this blessing this “Bless Us and Keep Us” which includes all three of those blessings that we have talked about in one song, so I’m singing it over these men and he comes up to me later and says that he had a vision of God taking a huge eraser and erasing pornographic images from his mind and he was set free and delivered from pornography in that moment.  A young woman came up to me and said, “She was eighteen years old and said, “A year ago I had an abortion, and I have been hurting so bad on the inside.  And when you were singing this blessing over me I saw Jesus holding my baby and I wept and the Lord healed my heart.”

Sid: What is your heart to be accomplished through your music?  I mean at one time you wanted to be a Christian Superstar; your motivation was wrong, what’s your true motivation now?

John: I just want people to be set free the way that I am free.  You know freely we receive, freely we give and I’m only taking what I freely receive from the Lord; putting it to music the way you know, just the gift that He had given me and sending it out.  Knowing that it’s going to accomplish the same thing that it had accomplished for me; those truths set me free.

Sid: Now you were with a very substantial record company and you asked to be released from your contract, why?

John: Because when I was in that relationship I constantly found myself writing songs to try to be accepted; to try to please man.  To try to get a pat on the back or/and a lot of times you know it takes a hit radio song in the industry in order to sell records, and I felt this pressure to sell records and write hit songs.  And I’m like I can’t live like this, this is not what I’m called too and so I just knew that it wasn’t right for me and so I asked, “Would you let me out of this?”  And they agreed to let me out and there has been a freedom; I felt the freedom to go back and do what I’m called to do and let the Lord be the one that distributes my music and not depend on man.

Sid: And what do you see for your future?

John: You know, my son is fourteen years old, he’s a worship leader already doing things at fourteen that I never dreamed, I never did until I was twenty.  I see you know, passing on to the next generation my sons’ the mantle of setting people free through music; I am going to continue to do it myself.

Sid: You know, speaking of the blessing, I want you to hear John’s song “Bless Us and Keep Us.”  But I’m going to pray over you first, its Shabbat broadcast.  “The Lord will bless you, the Lord will keep you, the Lord will cause His countenance to shine upon you and be gracious to you.  The Lord will grant you His Shalom, that’s His completeness, in your spirit, in your soul and in your body.   And some people are being healed I hear in the Spirit that just move your head you’ll see that your neck is free.  And in Name of the Scar Shalom, the Prince of Peace, Yeshua Ha Mashiach, Tsidkenu, Jesus the Messiah; Our Righteousness.


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