Sid: I am so excited about introducing this new music by John Waller and John what you have done is you have taken the words of God and the power of God and put it to music.  What type of reports are you getting from well of course the new one is just out, but you’ve been doing these songs before you even did the CD; what reports are you getting from people that listen to your music?

John: Well, I started using my music to bless people especially in my concerts, but I studied a lot about blessing ever since I was delivered from depression.  I started learning the power of life and death are in the tongue as the Bible says and so I started putting blessings from the Old Testament to music and one in particular was the song called “Bless Us and Keep Us,” and it’s on the new album.  But, when I would sing this over people there also the blessing of Ephraim and Manasseh that would sing over the men; there’s a blessing of Sarah and Rebecca and Rachael and Leila that I would sing over the woman.  And one case, this young man came up to me and said, “I want you to know that when you were singing this blessing,” and he said that he had never been blessed by his father in his life, never been blessed with any of this.  He said “I saw a vision of God and He took and eraser and he erased every pornographic image that was in my mind, He set me free from an addiction of pornography when you blessed me.”  And then another girl came up to me and said, “I had an abortion a year ago,” she was eighteen years old, she said, “That when you were singing this blessing over me, I literally saw Jesus and He was holding my baby and He told me that my baby was okay and he healed my heart” and it was amazing.

Sid: Now on yesterday’s broadcast we found out that you got set free from twenty years of serious, serious depression and you have been free now for seven years; and when people hear your testimony they get free.  When people sit under your music there is a deliverance anointing that is on it which makes you wherever you are in a demon free zone because of the anointing it destroys the yoke.  So you moved to Colorado, you gave up your dreams for being a recording artist and you, but you got free; you got free from your depression and then in 2005 your music was resurrected.  Tell me about that.

John: Well, we had just had our third child and after I moved to Colorado, you know I really left the dream behind.   I let the dream die and you know even though the Lord had healed me from depression and there was a joy to be free from depression, there was yet a grieving process I went through for about a year about giving up the dream of music because I literally gave it up.  And so a year later the Lord spoke to me so clearly and He said, “It’s time, the time mourning is over it is time, you’ve grieved the death of our dream now I’m giving you a new dream and He goes get your pen, get your paper, I am going to give you songs.”  And I began to, I began writing songs and they came like a flood and I wrote song after song.  And I began to teach my congregation at the church these new songs of declaration and it was amazing and there was a prophecy that prophesied over me, “That year that the Lord was going to give me songs of deliverance.”

Sid: And then your pastor said, “No, this is too good we got to let the world know about this.”  And they took up an offering, a $40,000 and you did your music and you’re ready for the prophecies to come to pass and nothing’s happening.  I believe and I’m sure that’s when you wrote the theme song from “Fire Proof” while I’m waiting.

John: So the Lord gives me the song, He gives me the funds to this recording; He gives us a vision to send it around the world and like you said, “Nothing.”  For six months it was completely quiet, no sign that anything was going to happen whatsoever and I was in the pain of waiting on God.  And a friend of mine happened to encourage me to keep being faithful even when I see no results.  He said, “Use your gift no matter what God does you keep being faithful and you should write a song about that; you should write a song about being faithful where you are and what you have even while you are waiting on God.”  And so I hung up the phone and I didn’t want to do it, I fought it with everything I could, but I finally said, “You know what, all I know how to do is keep doing what God’s calling me to do,” and I wrote the song, “While I’m Waiting,” in ten minutes.”

Sid: I love this song, the reason he wrote it in ten minutes it was downloaded from Heaven.

John: That’s right.

Sid: Let’s hear it “While I’m Waiting.”  Worship Excerpt.

Sid: That was “While I’m Waiting,” if you saw the movie “Fire Proof” you know that song.  How did that come to being John, because you were really waiting?

John: I was and I understand that waiting can be painful, but I’m telling you Sid, a month after I wrote that song I got a call that changed my life; I got an offer to fly to Nashville I got a record deal.  Everything I had dreamed of you know for seventeen years, God gave back to me.  And I put that first album out and that album was my first national release after seventeen years of dreaming about it and yet the radio, I mean the radio stations I had a hard time getting played on the radio.  And that’s kind of the main outlet for Christian music and I was struggling with the Lord, “How are You going to get my music out if the radio stations won’t play my music?”  And so I get a call one day from a guy named Alex Kendrick, who is the director of movies like Facing the Giants and now Fire Proof and he said your song was perfect in this movie, and they were screening the movie around the country and I knew that they were making a new movie and I didn’t know what song he was talking about, so I called him back and he said, “Your song Will I’m Waiting is an absolute perfect fit for this movie.”

Sid: You know that was used in a different context in the movie, but I think it’s fascinating to find out how you wrote it and they’re people listening to us right now and you’re waiting.  You’re waiting on God for your promises of your future, of your future spouse, of your marriage, of your health; you’re waiting for a particular physical condition.  And I’m going to tell you something, show yourself faithful because God is about ready to grant your prayer.  Don’t give up, never give up.

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