Sid: My guest Alyosha and Jody Ryabinov have just produced a brand new CD, they have two now in which it’s Hebrew and English on two of the most important subjects.  One is called “Fear Not,” the other is “The Lord is My Healer.”  And the “Fear Not” as Jody you were explaining on one of the previous broadcasts the importance of getting rid of fear.  That’s really the root of most diseases.

Jody: It is absolutely the root of what I would say, probably anywhere from 80 to 95% of the diseases Sid.  Because when fear goes out from our emotions from our brain, there’s actually a signal that’s sent into every cell of the body.  And after years of doing life blood cell analysis, one of the things you could see is when fear is present it freezes.  Fear and depression both actually freeze the white blood cells so they can’t defend you.

Sid: Now, when you look through this sort of microscope it you will, can you really see this in the blood?

Jody: I can, as a matter of fact when I see that I know one of two things.  Somebody has either been eating a lot of sugar, cause sugar will have the same impact on the human blood cells or their full of depression and fear.  Depression and fear go hand and hand, depression is actually when somebody is just shut off and so fear will affect major glands organs of the body.  There’s a frequency to fear and it is set off into every cell of the human body.

Sid: And so we’ve packaged together these two very special CDs, one is called “Fear Not,” the other is scriptures on healing called, “The Lord is My Healer.”  I mean, and as far as I’m concerned, just listening to this the music of Alyosha is so anointed.  And there’s something about Hebrew, but we’ll get into the Hebrew part in a little bit.  Alyosha.

Alyosha: Yes.

Sid: The world was made out of sound, now I can see why you would want to study sound being a musician, but tells us what you found out about vibrations and why God makes such a big deal out of the spoken word.

Alyosha: Well, let me referred to a few verses first of all.  In 1st John chapter 1 it says that “God is light and in Him there is no darkness,” so that is actually a definition of God.  God is light, now physically it is proven that light and music is the same reality, just operates on different frequencies.  So me being a musician I said, “Well, music has some relationship to God.”  You know if God is light then God is music, I feel it’s something He created, it’s is part of who he is.  There is another definition of God; God is love, so it’s so interchangeable.   Now the other verse that intrigued me and that’s when I began to read the scripture in Hebrew and I like to study the word and I go into the roots.  But in Genesis Chapter 1:1, “After God created the Heavens and the Earth was without form and it was darkness, the darkness was in the face of the deep and it says the Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters.”  Now that Hebrew word, hovering when you take it down to the root level, because on a normal level it means to like brood, to glide, to fly, but on the root level it means to shake and vibrate.  And that’s amazing, because I believe that first you have this darkness problem, chaos and the Lord is applying you know, He is fixing the problem by the work of the Holy Spirit and creating these vibrations right before He begins to speak, “Let there be light.”  And in Hebrew when He spoke “Let there be light it sounds like this, “yi-he or.” That hey sound is a breathe, so he let the breathe out again in the Spirit.  So by the work of the Spirit I believe everything, you know that we have, the matter it all vibrates at the basic level.  And are what I call high frequencies and low frequencies, every physicist knows that you know because in verses later God began to divide the waters with expanse and there was waters above and waters underneath.  So there’s a high realm and there’s a low realm and there is an interesting law that the high frequencies will overtake the low frequencies every time you bring light into the darkness the darkness disappears.  So what we found out that any time we bring to bring the high frequencies into whatever the problem is, whether sickness, disease, depression, hopelessness and God Himself is the highest frequency.  He is light, He is music, He is love, it begins to overtake the low frequencies and we start seeing healing on every level on physical, spiritual; emotional absolute exciting.

Sid: Jody what about Hebrew, you found some amazing things out about the Hebrew language that we don’t find in modern languages.

Jody: That’s right we began to hear about the research work of a scientist in Sweden by the name of Hans Jenny and Hans Jenny was doing research with sound, and he actually began to use different languages put through an instrument called a tonescope.  And when he actually funneled in the sound of different you know spoken words through the tonescope there were only two languages that had an impact on matter; and one of the languages is no longer used today as spoken language, but the other one is and that is Hebrew.  And what they found was that when Hebrew was spoken that actually the vowel points within each would actually be formed in sand which was the medium he was using to do the experiment with.  And those vowel points with actually be written in the sand; actually impressed into the sand molecules or even metal shadings; and it was amazing because it was the only language today that I believe carries frequencies that impact matter.

Sid: So if I’m understanding you right these frequencies which are like vibrations were able to shift the sand and form the Hebrew letters themselves?

Jody: That’s according to everything we’re seeing and researching online about his research and you know he was studying way back several decades ago and so many people are digging this up and making some applications to this.  But for us as Jewish people who love our homeland, Israel, we love the native language of Hebrew; it’s so deep and so profound and so vast; you know every Hebrew word has so many meanings.  For us this had a profound impact on our hearts to know this!

Sid: Well, here’s what I’m getting out of what both of you are saying, that as someone listens to say the “Fear Not” or the “The Lord Is My Healer” and it’s in English and the Hebrew.  When they’re listening to the Hebrew which is this very high level vibration the words are literally changing them from the inside out.  That’s what I’m hearing you say.

Jody: That’s exactly what we’re believing and we’ve seen this.  And we had heard reports back from people listening and they say that they can experience the presence of the Lord even though what the words are saying because they don’t understand Hebrew they’re still experiencing a sense of the very presence of God coming through the voice and the words.  It’s actually scripture, not actually words but scriptural reading in the Hebrew.  I’ll say one more thing about this and this is just absolutely profound that when some people listen to it they actually hear God speaking to them prophetically.

Sid: Well, let’s listen to it right now from the CD “Fear Not.” (Worship excerpt)

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