Sid: And you know the thought is crossing my mind just as I give that introduction of times that I have spent entire week in the glory, the manifest presence the strong manifest presence of God and it’s the most; I remember one week it was twenty-four hours a day for seven days and then it was like the most impossible situation in the natural I knew in my life was reversed.  My Orthodox Jewish Father, on his death bed vowing never to believe in Jesus just so ashamed that his son was an outspoken believer in Jesus with his own mouth, I heard him say, “I receive Yeshua, as my Messiah and Lord.”  It was only the manifest presence of God that would do that, and my friend David Herzog has been walking in the glory now for many years.  And David, “Do you believe that every born again believer can walk in the glory of God?”

David: Yeah, not only do I believe it, I think it’s our destiny, He wants us all to have the highest level in God that we can have.

Sid: And on yesterday’s broadcast I said to you, “What is the difference between the anointing and the glory of God?”  And I would like you to define each and tell me the difference between the two.

David: The anointing is like I said yesterday, I started saying it’s like a battery pack and a lap top computer.  You pray in tongues and you charge it up and then you go off and minister.  And then after you minister for awhile you feel kind of dry, you feel like wow, virtue has left me I need to fill back up.  And that’s normal, because your anointed to do the works of the ministry, when you work you get tired; that’s like Acts Chapter 2.  And then there’s another level where the glory of God comes and you’re not just pulling it from just within you like a lap top computer you’re draining the battery you’re pulling it from the open Heaven around you.  And so like Peter’s shadow, healing the sick, it’s a whole different realm.  And I notice now when I minister it used to be one Sunday morning I would minister, prepare all week and I would be wiped out the next day or two.  Now I can go every night and I’m actually up there for four hours in the glory and when I get back at the end of the meeting I can’t sleep for the next couple of hours because my body is recharged, the anointing is recharged.  I could actually go to the restaurant afterward and lead the waitress to the Lord or go hit the streets or so it’s a good problem.  You come back at midnight and your still charged up you can’t sleep for the next couple of hours.

Sid: So when we read in the Jewish scriptures about Solomon’s Temple and the glory being so manifest that people couldn’t stand would you define it as the tangible presence of the atmosphere of the Living God?

David: Tangible and manifest presence of the Living God; it’s all around you, you can sense it, you can feel it.  Even atheist’s know something’s up, something’s happening in the atmosphere is different and the people fall, yeah, they fall because they can’t stand up.  I always tell people, they say, “Why did you fall?”  I say it’s really deep but, “They can’t stand up, why people laugh?”  I say “It’s really deep you have to be a PHD to understand this, but to break it down in layman’s terms, they are really happy.”

Sid: Now why do you see more miracles, more signs and wonders, more salvations when you minister in the glory than when say you use to minister in the anointing or proclaiming the Word?

David: Sure, well I found a secret, in the Word of God it says “All have sinned and come short of the glory in Romans, they’ve lost the glory.  So it says, every human on the earth has lost the glory.  You say, “How could that be if they have never known the Lord?”  Well that’s another whole teaching, but when the glory comes back, if every sinner on the earth has lost the glory somewhere, maybe there spirit man knew the glory at one time; God breathed into every body’s spirit and that spirit and that spirit part of everybody knows and is on a continual search for the glory.  When that glory comes back in unsaved people will go, “Oh, this is what I’ve been looking for!”  It’s amazing and I’ve always wondered how do they know that’s what they have been looking for?” Well, they say, “Now, I’m home.”  How did they know “I’m home?”  Well, deep down inside every human has a spirit that God put in there, that spirit part of human’s God’s put it there comes from God so that part of everybody has in their DNA knows that there’s a glory somewhere and when that glory comes in sinners come in.  If all have sinned and lost the glory then when the glory comes back, sinners come back.

Sid: Tell me, what I notice you do is you proclaim particular promises, it might be healing, it might be finances, it might be salvation, and when you proclaim that in the glory it happens.

David: Yeah, it starts to happen, yeah it says decree a thing and it will be established or created.  So when you decree something not just confess it to happen like I confess that I’m going to be healed, I’m believing for, you are commanding it into the existence.  I decree declare that this is happening now.  It’s a different level, it’s a now realm, the glory is a now realm.  I would say on earth as it is in Heaven.  If you had a cancer come out of your belly and you walked into Heaven right now, how long would it take for it to go?  It would be instant because of the glory.  So it’s on earth as it’s in Heaven, and everything in Heaven is in now realm it is there.

Sid: And I’m reminded of Roman’s 11:11, “Salvation has come to the Gentile to provoke the Jew to jealousy.  David when you talk about being surrounded with the manifest presence of God, waking up in the morning with the manifest presence of God, going to bed at night with the manifest presence of God you could give someone a $1,000,000 that wouldn’t provoke someone to so much jealousy as the manifest presence of God.

David: Yeah, yeah it’s the greatest thing, it’s like people say oh when I go to Heaven, then I will be happy.  But I tell them, “You can Heaven now, you can live in that presence right now.”  And the Jewish people, they long and hunger for the presence of God for it is in their DNA, they had it in the old days.  They had it in the time of Moses; they had it in the time of Solomon so in their DNA they know that there is a glory and that’s why so many Jewish people are actually looking for in other, you know in New Age and Buddhism and Kabala.  There looking for it not in traditional ways because they know that there has got to be the supernatural, they are looking, there hungry, they know that there has got to be more than just words.

Sid: Now, you were talking about the New Age, I with you and Sedona, Arizona where you live and that is a real New Age center. How do you do with New Age people in witnessing to them because they’ve seen certain levels of power?

David: What I do with them is I don’t put them down, because that doesn’t help anybody if you go to anybody and say just put them down.  I just make them hungry for it I just say, “Well, you might have some power, but I have the highest power source.  Would you like to have the highest power source?”  So right away your saying I know that you’re experiencing something but there is the highest power source and they get real interested.  And you know the joke in our town is that there is more channels than TV sets.

Sid: Ha ha ha.

David: Everybody is channeling something you know, but yeah the people are hungry when you operate it in the supernatural in Sedona they get very hungry and they can feel the presence of God.  They’ll call it Karma or they’ll say you have good energy, but they know when you’re moving in the presence of God the power of God the people here they know it and there sensitive to it and they respect it.  And so to minister to New Age people you have to be moving in it not just the miracles and the healings but the presence of God too.

Sid: Now I understand how important this is when you are ministering to people to be able to minister in the glory, but how does this play out in your day to day life with your family, when you’re at home?  How does the glory play out that way?

David: Oh yeah, basically in the home we have kids and my wife and I, all of us are worshippers so worship is a huge thing.  So everyday all of us we worship the Lord, praise and worship and when that happens the rest of the day just seems to flow.  There is a presence of God in the kitchen there is a presence of God, she cooks in the glory, I work in the glory, kids try to do home school in the glory.  So as a family we travel together a lot, we pray together a lot, it’s just…

Sid: You even named one of your daughters glory!

David: Yes, she was prophesied, my wife had a prophecy and the Lord had spoken to her before that prophecy that she would be a sign and wonder and God told her to name her “Glory” so her name is Shannon Glory.  In the hospital she was born in France, in Normandy and she comes out, they clean the umbilical cord and clean the blood and she is covered in gold dust; her face and chest.  A baby, and that’s what got me, because I was a little skeptical of some of these signs and when that happened I repented of it and I said, “Okay God, you got me, my own baby didn’t have a makeup kit in her womb.”

Sid: Ha ha ha, you knew.

David: And right after that he said, “What do you think about this gold dust thing and I couldn’t attack it, I couldn’t.  Before that I was kind of like saying, “You know I don’t think that it’s impossible but why would God do that, souls are more important I was kind of being religious about it.  And then when it happened to my daughter I realized, God really wants signs and wonders because someone is going to get saved.

Sid: Well, I’ll tell you something, when unsaved Jewish people see signs and wonders we were created to walk in that; were so provoked to jealousy when we see these miracles.  Tell me what happened, you were in Israel, tell me what you saw.

David: Yeah, we were in Tel Aviv one time, we go all the time, but we were in this particular time and I told people “Look in your mouth,” and all these gold teeth began to appearing in Jewish people’s mouths.  Some of them weren’t even believers and these two Russian Jews they were freaking out because they were atheist and they said that they saw the Messiah walk in the room during the gold teeth.  Even had a dentist to confirm the teeth that were miracles they were miraculous, they were unusual and people received the Messiah just by signs and wonders.  Because they figured that the Nazi’s took the gold teeth out fifty years prior, this is the fifty-first year so Jubilee Time, so then they say “Well, Fifty years, we lost our gold teeth to the Nazi’s and now fifty years later teeth are coming back maybe this Messiah he’s talking about is also our Messiah.

Sid: Well David, you want to share how everyone can walk in the glory, in the manifest presence of God…

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