Sid: Hello. Sid Roth here with Gary Keesee and Teresa Wilson. And Gary considers himself a spiritual scientist. He wants to find out how God’s Kingdom operates in reference to finance, and in every area, for that matter, and then he wants to see if it will be duplicated. And he has not only proven that, he’s taught other people it can be duplicated. And Teresa, did you really cry out to God? You took Gary’s teaching. Was there a point in your life where you cried out to God and said, “God, did you bring me to this city to kill me?”

Teresa: Yes I did. I cried out to God and asked Him, I said, “Who wants my God?” I felt like I didn’t have any advertisement. We were one paycheck away from being homeless. And so I asked God, I said…

Sid: You never thought your life would end up like that, did you?

Teresa: No, we didn’t. And we went into ministry thinking that you had to give it all away. You had to give it all up. And so when we got to that point I was thinking, who wanted our God. I couldn’t minister to the homeless because I felt like I would be out there next week saying, well God’s good. I’ll be out here next week with you, but God is good. And so I cried out to God. And when I got a hold of Gary’s principles it changed everything in my life because it taught me how the Kingdom operated, and it operates in a different level than the natural realm. If you’re in a kingdom, you have access to everything in that kingdom.

Sid: Give me snapshot of your worst situation.

Teresa: My two children were sick. My son had had a seizure and he was on medication that cost $250 a month. They told him that his brain was growing out in the back of his skull. They needed an immediate MRI to see what procedure he would need done. My daughter was sick. She had been diagnosed with learning disabilities, sensor integration dysfunction, and she needed therapy twice a week, and that was going to cost $160 a week, and I didn’t have any money. I knew it was going to be expensive and we didn’t have any money. We were living paycheck to paycheck. And so I just cried out to God because I’m like, “Did you bring me here to kill me? Did you bring my kids here to kill them?” What were we doing in this place so desperate, because we love the Lord. We give everything. And I asked the Lord, “How can I give more than everything?” We’d given up our business. We’d given up our home. We moved into a small trailer. And I was like, how do you give up more than everything? But I didn’t know how to harvest. It’s like Gary said.

Sid: That’s what Gary was saying. He said a lot of Christians know the principles of giving, but they don’t know how to receive.

Teresa: Right, right. And so after learning his principles, my husband and I came together in agreement and we sowed food. We took our money and we sowed it into the Kingdom of God and came into agreement, and we bought food for the homeless. That’s where the Lord started us at. And so we would go out on the street with a couple of bags of food.

Sid: But you didn’t have much money. How could you buy food?

Teresa: Well it was a 33-cent honeybun, a 25-cent pack of crackers and we just put it in a bag and out we went. And so we had maybe a dollar in two bags worth of food. And so we’d go out and minister to the homeless and we changed kingdoms with the money before we bought food for the homeless. That’s when we saw things drastically change.

Sid: Okay. Let’s take one thing at a time. Let’s take your son. I mean, what happened with his brain growing out of skull?

Teresa: They said it was growing out the back of his skull. And he had a seizure and he was having headaches, which was a sign that that was happening. He had an MRI from a seizure he had had, and that’s when they told us the diagnosis was his brain growing out the back of his skull and he needed another MRI. So my husband and I, what we did, was we took our money that we wanted to buy food for the homeless, and we came into agreement. We held hands, came into agreement that, not only would our son be healed, but we would have money for his medication, because he had to be on it a year because of having a seizure. And so we went out, did our thing. And then the nurse, when the doctor’s office a couple of weeks later called me and said, “Teresa, the doctor has been in touch with a pharmaceutical company. They’ve agreed to give you a year’s free worth of medication.” And then in the same conversation, she said, “And we had the neurologist look at the MRI from the one he had now and the one he had previously, and there must have been a glitch in the system, because we don’t see what we were seeing.”

Sid: Okay. What happened to your daughter? Your daughter had health problems, too.

Teresa: Yes. She had health problems and she was going to have, she had a learning disability and sensor integration. And so the Lord told me that He was going to heal her. So we went in and did the exact same thing, except this time we bought more food. And we held hands and we came into agreement, and we went out on the street. And what happened there was I took her to, she had an appointment to go to the doctor, and I still didn’t have the money. But I knew God was faithful. He had done it the first time. So we still didn’t have any money. So I take her into her therapy appointment. Well when we get there, I have to pay. So I’m like, “God, you’re still faithful.” Because you’re kind of still leery. And I’m like, “God, you’re still faithful but I’m going to take the paycheck money and I’m going to pay this.” Well she was in her therapy appointment, her therapist, her other therapist, she had two therapists, the other one came out. She said, “You know, Oxsana has so many issues that she qualifies for a government program, and if you’ll go ahead and apply for it, it will go retrospective and it will cover the cost of today’s visit.”

Sid: So you saw such a spiritual scientist. It’s working.

Teresa: Yes.

Gary: It’s working.

Sid: It’s working. She can reproduce what God did in your life. But what happened to the finances of your family? It was a mess.

Teresa: Yes, it was a mess. We were living paycheck to paycheck. And just like when Gary is teaching, he teaches about…

Sid: How much did you owe?

Teresa: We owed $45,000 in credit card debt because were doing like Gary was doing. We were living credit card to credit card.

Sid: How did they give you 45,000 if you didn’t have any money?

Teresa: Well what happened was we had previously had a business and we sold it to go into the ministry. And so from that, we were left with credit card debt.

Sid: Okay. So listen, your children are supernaturally being taken care of. That’s wonderful. But you are in this big debt. How did you work your way out of that?

Teresa: Well we figured after God healed my son and God healed my daughter, He said, take her to a revival in Florida. We did and she was healed. And my two sisters stepped in to pay for our trip to Florida for my daughter to be healed. So I got a free vacation. And after God did that, we believed, okay, if God did this miraculously, He’s going to help with our finances. So we began with our first credit card debt. And my husband and I sowed a seed into our ministry and then we gathered hands and we believed that we had received, just like the teaching tells you, and just like Jesus changed kingdoms with the 5000. When he went to feed the 5000, he changed kingdoms with the bread and the fish.

Sid: Okay. Bottom line Where are you and your husband now financially?

Teresa: We own a car business, a used car business and we are thriving.

Sid: Well wait a second. That’s not doing too good these days. You see how many cars there are for sale?

Teresa: I know. When we started our business it was just cash for clunkers. And I told the Lord, “You know, this is a bad time for the car business.” And God said, “Yeah, but it’s a good time for miracles.” And so we were given a building six months rent-free, and we had an investor come in, invest in our business, gave us 25,000 to buy cars with. And just by using the teaching and by using these principles we had two car lots close that are near us. And one of the guys is now our wholesaler. He brings us cars that he could not sell on his car lot.

Sid: So it doesn’t matter what’s going on in the economy. I want you to get this clear. Gary got the download from God. He taught Teresa. Teresa is not teaching other people. Give me one principle, one nugget of how we can change our situation, change our kingdoms.

Teresa: Well not relying on credit card debt. Relying on the Kingdom of God to supply your needs and not a MasterCard. That is one of the greatest principles. And the other one is a power of agreement, where two people come together and agree. When you have to agree on a certain thing, and you change kingdoms with that, it goes into the Kingdom of God. And we all know that in the Kingdom of God it multiples. So you may have five dollars in Earth, but if you’ve taken it to the Kingdom of God, He can take that five dollars and do miraculous things. He can multiply it.

Sid: And you supernaturally know where to find the money. Explain.

Teresa: Yes. He tells you He will give you a strategy, an idea of how to go get it and where it’s at.

Sid: Gary, I want you to pray for those that are in fear. We have only one minute.

Gary: Okay. Well fear, of course, is tied to money. And if you’re watching right now and you are in debt, you are clueless about where the money comes from. I want to tell you, God has an answer by revelation. He’ll show you the direction. He will lead you to where it’s at. He will show you where that harvest is at if you’ll trust Him. But I want to pray with you, because fear will blind your ability to hear Him. So right now in the name of Jesus, I bind the spirit of fear of anxiousness, come against it. I release the spirit of peace. I release revelation concerning the Kingdom of God in your life, that you’ll have a clear picture of what you have in this great inheritance, what God’s Kingdom has in it. He has everything you need and it’s already been given to you. And so by faith, just agree what the Bible says. Don’t agree with the circumstances. Just see what the Bible says. Look what the Bible says you have and who you are. Begin to meditate on that, and then begin to pray in the spirit and let the Lord show you exactly, lead you to where the money is at. Learn the laws of the Kingdom. Jesus said, “Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all of these things shall be added.” He was saying learn how the Kingdom works and it will work for you.

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