SID: Hello. Sid Roth here with Ruth Fazal, and Ruth, I don’t know if anyone has ever told you this. But there are angels that accompany you. Do you know that? I mean, I went into the dressing room where they were putting makeup on you and I just sat down, and I could feel an angel touching me. It was like there was an angel in the room while you were getting makeup.

RUTH: Wow. I had an experience about a year or two ago. And I was in Holland and I was staying with this wonderful young couple, this pastor; and his wife is really prophetic. And as people were walking along the path, I just, it was summertime; I casually just picked a piece of grass. You know, there was a high grass. I casually picked a piece of grass and she said, “Your angel did that just before you did.” And I’m going, what?

SID: Speaking of angels, tell me about in the U.K. what happened.

RUTH: When we were at the, there was a church down in Devon?

SID: Yes.

RUTH: We had just been, I had been leading worship at this church, because I lead worship as well as do things with the violin. And we were just in that place where we were singing like “Holy, Holy, Holy”, I think, something like that. And then all of a sudden I stopped and there was this sense of God’s presence in this little church, very old church. And somebody started like:

Woman: Look! Look!

RUTH: …like this.  And then I see the pastor and he’s crawling along the floor in front of me and he’s going, “Look, look up there!” And I’m going, “I can’t see anything.” But people were seeing angels. It was an amazing thing. I feel like I feel the presence, but I’ve yet to see one. I want to see one.

SID: Now you did a special oratorio for Jewish people. What were you trying to accomplish when you did this? And this was at Carnegie Hall. This was in Israel for Holocaust survivors. What were you really trying to accomplish?

RUTH: You know what? I wasn’t trying to accomplish anything. I was just being a violinist, being a worship leader, doing what I do with the violin. And one day somebody gave me a book of poetry of children from the Holocaust. And I felt God say to me, “Ruth, I want you to take some of these poems, weave them together with the Scriptures to portray my heart in the midst of the suffering.” That’s all I knew. And so I responded to Him in that. I said, yes. I mean, I didn’t really know what I was saying. And it wasn’t really until the whole thing probably took me two and a half years to write this big piece for orchestra and choirs. And it wasn’t until I was sort of some way into it that I started to see what God was actually doing. That this was very specific…

SID: What was He doing?

RUTH: Two things. He was creating something, I believe, by putting together these songs, the poems of these children with the Scriptures. He was putting something to say to those who for so many in the Holocaust, God died. If God actually did care us about as a people, then why did this happen?

SID: Many Jewish people have that question.

RUTH: Of course they do. And so I feel what it is, is it’s saying, “Will you reconsider the goodness of God?”

SID: Tell me about that Holocaust survivor that started dancing.

RUTH: That’s like after, that was last year when I was in Israel. And one of the things that God has really, I feel has asked me is, “Ruth will you play over as many Holocaust survivors as I give you to play over?” I mean, my heart is just so, it feels entwined somehow in them. I don’t really know how to describe it. It’s connecting God’s heart to people. That’s the most important thing. And so I was playing in this little kibbutz up in the Galilee area. It was a small group, and so it was a little different than the normal sort of playing some music and maybe talking a little bit. And I felt like the Lord said, “I want you to play over each one of them.” And so I went around the room, asked them their name and then just played what I felt God gave me to play. And there was this one lady, I mean, they all, there was wonderful response from all them. But there was one I remember so especially because she was sitting so still and quiet. And I felt I heard the Lord say, “Play a dance.” A dance? That’s the last thing she needs. She needs something very different from that. But anyway, I did. I started to play. And she’s sitting in the chair and she starts moving like this. And then she gets up and she starts like doing almost like a jig on the floor. And then the staff got in there with her. It was so specifically for her.

SID: Your music is so soothing. I would like you to go to the music set and play something just for our audience right now, because she plays spontaneous music. And this is going to be just for you. I can tell you, I soak under this music. People all over the world soak under this music. Ruth Fazal.

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