Sid: My guest, Georgian Banov, Georgian people spend a lot of money here in the states for plastic surgery, but I understand a woman’s face began to burn because the presence of God went on her and what happened to all of her wrinkles during your worship service?

Georgian: Yeah, during the worship she said she felt tingling, this is Friday night last May in Youngstown; we have it on video actually.  She said, she began to feel this tingling and she felt the Lord in different ways, never felt that kind of a tingling, but enjoyed it.  And then after the worship, she went to the ladies room and looked at the mirror and wow, every wrinkle on her face was gone, completely gone and her skin looked like the skin of her young, like the skin of her young little children and they look at Mom because it transformed the face of their Mother.  And she said, “Look,” and she is in her early mid-forties and I look and truly there is not one single wrinkle on her face.

Sid: Is that because this meeting was held in Youngstown, Ohio?

Georgian: This meeting was held in Youngstown, Ohio.

Sid: Okay, you didn’t get my joke there, I guess it must be your Bulgarian background, young, she got young!  Ha-ha.

Georgian: She got young, you’re right, Ha-ha

Sid: You got it, good!  Ha-ah

Georgian: By the way, we are releasing economical blessing; everywhere we go we release financial blessings, people get houses, and we change the climate of the industry in places we go.  And Youngstown was just recently picked from a foreign company and building a huge factory and is provided like three to five thousand jobs for the local economy of Youngstown.  So we are renewing this city, the Lord is renewing the city.

Sid: There is so much favor for healing, for miracles, for joy, for peace in your music; I think that everyone needs your CD.  But I think it’s amazing when you were with my friend Rodney Howard Brown, you actually recorded the sounds of angels, everyone there heard angels singing.  Tell me about that.

Georgian: For an hour and a half I played the violin and then the place erupted in this a deafening level joy ecstatic sound and it went into this realm where we hear thousands and thousands of angels singing an ecstatic sound and it lasted over an hour and half and Rodney couldn’t even preach.  It was just a roar of Heaven, like you know the Bible says in Heaven, “The sounds like a roaring of the sea,” the roar of Heaven was on us for over an hour and a half over an hour and a half.  And is the most amazing it’s a video called “The Night the Angels Sang.”

Sid: Tell me about the frozen chicken.

Georgian: A ha-ha, the frozen chicken, we had this crusade in Mali, but we could not buy any food in any Mali store  So we had the money, so we says, “Why don’t we order our chicken from and fly it from South Africa?”  So we fill this chicken with food, I mean this airplane with chicken and flew it.

Sid: You are going to get me laughing; you filled this chicken with food.  Ha-ha.

Georgian: Chicken cordon and it got confiscated, unfortunately at the Mali border.

Sid: And I don’t blame them, they wanted the chicken.

Georgian: It sat there for three days over 110 degree heat.

Sid: Well, that was the end of the chicken, I’m sure.

Georgian: That’s it; it’s rotten and melted and destroyed by now and it’s not going to be good.  But when we finally released it from customs and arrived to our site it was still frozen, rock frozen and the plane was like a frosted!  And the kids have never felt nothing cold up in that area, because first of all there is no electricity there it’s a bush conference and they’ve never seen nothing frozen.  So they were overjoyed with this frozen chicken, they were touching it and licking it and experiencing this cold.  And then once we thawed it and cooked it and make a feast for like 10,000 people were there and as a result of that chicken 200 people responded to an altar call to become pastors.  And people said, “If God can fly frozen chicken for us He can do anything and we will serve Him and we will be His pastors so.

Sid: But when I don’t get is, here you have the chicken sitting for what three days over a 100  degrees outside and when it got there you’re telling me that it was still frozen?

Georgian: Still frozen rock solid, like not even an outward skin was soft.  Everything was rock frozen!

Sid: How’d the Pilot react?

Georgian: The Pilot was so, first of all he was so scared that they are going to confiscate the plane he ran out of the airport with his plane, you know you have to have permission, but he was too scared that they are going to confiscate it, he just ran you know, flew off and returned home in South Africa and too miracles happened.  His wife called him, he has been divorced for over seven years, his wife called him and they got reconciliation and they got remarried.  And then he had AIDS and he felt much better after the trip and he went and checked the AIDS were gone!

Sid: You’re saying the glory was able to keep thawed out chicken frozen in what, 110 degrees for three days and the glory was so strong it got rid of his AIDS and restored his marriage.  I think that that’s something to celebrate about.  Let’s hear Kingdom Celebration from the brand new Collection were making available from Georgian Banov called the “Joy Celebration Collection.”

“Joy Celebration Collection” excerpt:  “Kingdom Celebration”

Sid: That was “Kingdom Celebration,” is that joyful?  How would you like that in your home, but do you know what is even more exciting than that?  When Georgian had this meeting with the frozen chicken, the anointing had to be so strong on that chicken because remember it sat outside in a 110 degrees for three days and it was just as frozen when it arrived as when they started.  It could not be in the natural, but the anointing was so strong that when you gave an altar call what happened Georgian?

Georgian: Two hundred people responded to become pastors, we got trained, and now we have over 200 churches and they call them the Chicken Churches, ha-ha.

Sid: I can understand why.  Now Georgian when you celebrate in music you operate in Words of Knowledge and the anointing has been so strong this week, what is God healing right now?

Georgian: Right now God is healing a sense of rejection, He’s healing a marriage, he is healing someone who’s saying there’s no love left in my marriage and God says “Good, your love is left no more, but My love is still here so tap into My love.  Right now the Lord is saying “just trust me, let Me love your spouse because I love your spouse and I will love you, let Me love you.”  And so God is restoring somebody’s marriage, I see God is taking away the sign of somebody’s house whose says foreclosure, God is taking it away, God said, “”Listen I will not allow that house to be foreclosed, I paid dearly in blood for you to become my home.”

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