Sid: Oh boy, is my guest red hot for the Messiah, when he plays the violin so many miracles erupt; people have visitations of angels; there is something about him spending so much time in the presence of God that release the glory of God to everyone that listens to his music.  His name is Georgian Banov and Georgian in 1994 you were shown the river and this had a life changing impact on you explain.

Georgian: What happened was, I have started with the supernatural experiences with the Lord and lived that way for the first couple of two years but later on as I joined the Body of Christ and I began to go to church and I began to go to ministry, people around me don’t act quite like it and so slowly these manifestations, I use to shake my hands violently for instance when the presence of the Lord hit me, I would just spin and shake and all that became kind of strange among people so it kind of went down and you know disappeared.  And I remember ministering from my heart you know and I remember that that…

Sid: Were you worrying about what people were thinking about you?

Georgian: I even my wife said, “Honey, you are embarrassing me because you are the only one waving and shaking like this.”  And you know you don’t want to offend anybody so slowly you just kind of think that that’s weird or that’s kind of it should be doing it on your own privacy, but not in publicly,  but pretty soon just all of that went away until 1995 when we went to…

Sid: So you went through a dry spell is what you are saying.

Georgian: Dry spell because the people around me were not moving in the supernatural and with these visible manifestations and experiences.  So I become like everybody else, I mean these are my brothers and sisters, my family, so you eventually become like your family.  And then Rodney Howard Brown came and all this joy, public laughter’s and shaking and rolling and then Toronto the same thing, a freedom came and thousands and thousands of people we have ecstatic experiences; so I connected again with what I started with the supernatural manifestation of the Lord inside of me.  And before you know it I felt his burning heart fire inside me and I reconnected with how I started so in a way brought me to my first love and I begin to feel the liquid presence of God flow through me, flow through my heart.

Sid: Yeah, but you still had the criticism you still had people say, that’s not the way they do it at my church.  So why did you continue?

Georgian: Well, because first of all my wife was connected the same way, she was laughing and rolling at any time of the day and she loved it, she was not embarrassed, in fact many of the churches that I use to go and be welcome, I couldn’t go anymore because my wife was too crazy, too wild now and so I lost so many churches.  But I gained new churches were coming because they were open.  So now the Lord raised a new wine skin so to speak, many more new churches, new pastors who loved that; we became friends and so I had developed a whole new network.

Sid: What did you see as far as fruit of your ministry as a result of saying “God, I don’t care how I look; I care how You want me to look?”  When you got rid of your fear of man again and started moving this way, what difference did it make in your ministry?

Georgian: The difference that all of a sudden, what we begin to preach, the depth of Christ and His amazing sacrifice on the cross; and we begin to preach about Him and His Finished Works and begin to embrace that as a gift it became powerfully picked up and powerful.  We set the people free from self righteous works and religion and self effort and become free in embracing the Lord’s amazing efforts and so we’ve seen thousands and thousands of people be delivered from their religious yoke of you know, man pleasing spirit.  And people begin to believe and in other words we’ve seen tremendous change of people’s hearts and what they believe about the Lord and enter into the freedom, into the freedom that Jesus died to set us free.

Sid: What I see is that you and your wife developed a supernatural compassion for people.  You started going to garbage dumps, tell me about one.

Georgian: Well, we just returned from Nicaragua and we went in several garbage dumps during Christmas and what we do is we bring our guitars and violins and instruments and our hugs and our food and our water bottles and we visit the driest places where people actually live on the very sight of the smoking garbage dumps.  And we stop and serenade them and hug them and tears start to fall from their eyes and as we love them; and of course we feed them, but of course more than food we bring the love of Jesus to them and they cannot believe that as we would come inside the most worse smelling and worse smoky place with their dirty and filthy and we hug them and touch them and embrace them.

Sid: But when the one that you just got back from, what happened there?

Georgian: Well, we had healings begin to happen among the people, like eyes couldn’t see open begin to see like, one lady couldn’t move you know, so she was both blind and you know from the waist down couldn’t move she just sits and so we brought her, we helped her and went through a fire tunnel and she began to walk, she went home both with eyes open as well as walking.  She was doubly healed, she was I mean this is some of the healing that happened.

Sid: Let me take you back to your first where you went to Mozambique and how do I pronounce this?  Maputo City dump?

Georgian: Maputo City Dump.

Sid: Tell me about that.

Georgian: Well, that was the first experience I had with a garbage dump ministry and what it is is Heidi Baker had a church on the very sight of the garbage dump.  So I was very interested in what’s happening and so accompanying her and her little band of children and there was just a frail structure, on the very top of the garbage dump.  We went in and brought bread and different things and we got the church come right away going inside began to sing songs and the church began to worship, the people of her congregation began to worship and then afterwards we fed them and we preached the gospel message and we preached to them and encouraged them.  And before you know it, I see Heidi on the floor of the church with one of the little lady’s from the garbage dump and she’s eating something.  And I’m going what is she eating?  And she’s eating a handful of cashews that one of the congregations brought as an offering, no money, but she brought cashews like expensive gold to her. But the thing is she found them in the garbage dump and Heidi ate them in spite of them so dirty, but she ate them because it was an offering from one of her congregation.  And that shook my world that shook my heart.

Sid: And now you go to garbage dumps and you say that you go there because that’s where Jesus lives.

Georgian: Well, Jesus says, “I was at the garbage dump,” well He said, “I was poor and you visited Me, I was naked and you gave Me clothing, I was hungry and you fed Me.”  And in this case He said, “I was in the garbage dump and you visited Me and you ministered to me.”  And we would say, “Well Lord, when were you in the garbage dump? And where were You hungry and no clothes” and He says “Well, when you came to the garbage dump, where I had no home, but I live in a garbage dump, you clothed Me and you build Me a home, and you love Me.  And so the Lord identifies with the poorest of the poor and that brings us to the Lord’s love and we’ll minister to them and we’ll minister to the Lord Himself.

Sid: I would like Georgian to minister to you right now, and he has music some is causes joy and some is just for soaking, why don’t you just soak a little bit from His brand new collection we just put together “The Joy Celebration.”

“The Joy Celebration,” excerpt.

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