Sid: My guest, that’s an understatement; red hot for you Georgian Banov is an absolute understatement.  I have seen you when you’ve play your violin; what is going on inside of you when you are playing your violin?  You’re almost in a different realm.

Georgian: It is, it’s almost like stepping in Heavenly, not always I see Heavenly when I play the violin, but I always feel like I’m directly connected to the Messiah and He actually, He like coaches me.  He likes me to play certain melodies and I never understand why one melody would be different, but He says yeah, do it like this, do it like this now repeat it again and again.  And I have this relationship with the Lord in a musical way as well; and I can feel His joy when He says play this melody that way; and okay and I can feel His joy and I can feel His you know, His love.  And I go to arrange of emotions, but I very often feel His instruction of what He wants me to play and which melody.

Sid: Now, I find this fascinating for those that didn’t listen to yesterday’s broadcast, we found out that Georgian was born in communist Bulgaria; raised as an atheist.  He started the first Rock & Roll band in Bulgaria.  Then he came to the United States, swept into the Jesus Movement and he had his own encounter with the Lord.  And then he had a vision of Heaven and he saw angels, I mean you started out so supernatural.  You don’t know what it is Georgian to not be supernatural, do you?

Georgian: No, not with the Lord, it’s always been supernatural.

Sid: But tell me about a year and half after you became a believer you were literally transported into the throne room of Heaven, tell me about that.

Georgian: What happened was for a season of six months I had been skipping dinner, because that’s about the only way to get away and use some time and really pray, because I love spending time with the Lord, Like hours on end.  So I’d skip four o’clock, five o’clock dinner and I’d go out and don’t come back until midnight.  And I’m walking and walking in this ranch area that we use to live in Texas and one night just as I was normally praying and praying for Bulgaria, my relatives and my friends suddenly, between me and God the Father there is the God-head there is a shaft.  Some sort of like a shaft between me and Him; like a tube and I can hear Him and He says, “What do you want?”  Like I broke through to His attention and its like, “Okay, I hear you, what is it that you want?”  And I did not know what to say at that very second because I didn’t want to say just anything, but I wanted it to be something very meaningful so I reached out to the Holy Spirit to help me and I said like, “Help me.” And the Holy Spirit punched a word in my belly, and it came out of my throat, and the word was souls; like I want souls.  And that word went right into the shaft and into God’s mind, you know God’s heart and God’s ears and it was a pleasing word.  And at that moment I collapsed on to the dirt, onto the ground where I was praying and instead of hitting the dirt I was transported into my future and I was in a large stadium like physically I was there.  And I had a large stage.

Sid: Well, there’s no time in Heaven, so you it seemed, so you were literally there since there’s no time; it was your future, but you were also were there.  So what did you see?

Georgian: I saw large stadium, I was on the stage with a big band and other ministers around me and I was ministering in the Lord’s, I can’t even remember what I was just singing or ministering in the Spirit; it was something like ministering in the Spirit and that moment I saw that the top bleachers of the stadium began to get covered with like a cloud or like a fog, like a thick thick as white, I could not see nothing once it gets covered.  Then row after row after row the glory of the, you know the cloud came and covered and covered covered the entire stadium and started moving toward the grass and people on the grass as well; moving towards us and I remembered distinctly as the cloud hits the persons, the rows I could see them before the last second before they disappear and the eyes would get so large and so big in expression was like wow!  Like they’re seeing, they’re seeing something amazing, and then they get covered with a cloud, and they get covered.  And finally the cloud went up on the stage and overshadow all of us and all of us collapsed on the stage; we were just completely overwhelmed and we couldn’t see nothing, but God just His presence.  Everything else disappeared and when I collapsed on the stage along with everybody and I hit the deck, at that point I was back to my present, you know in Texas in the dirt.

Sid: You know shortly thereafter you became the leader of a contemporary worship team called “Silver Wind.”

Georgian: Yeah.

Sid: And history shows your records sold over three and half million.  Most people listening to us grew up with your children’s music, “Bullfrog and Butterfly’s” and you won a Dove Award and Grammy Award and of course your “Music Machine.”  And although that was a big hit in the ‘70s it’s a big hit today, but tell me about, since you said to God you wanted to reach souls, that’s what you asked for; and you said the right thing to God and then you wrote a song which we have on our special CD we are offering called “The Joy Celebration Collection,” called “The God of Mercy” tell me about that song.

Georgian: That, “The God of Mercy,” is my God, He treated me mercifully and kindly and with great compassion, and that’s the song talks about the merciful and compassionate side of our God and how I have experienced it in personal relationship with Him.  I’m very connected with the Lord, I’m very…I feel His sound of His voice and He continues to have very much compassion for me and His reading the Psalms of David and some of the other songs of the Korah.  I feel the same way, and that’s how I grew up to know the Lord.

Sid: Now, when you worship God, How do you worship God?

Georgian: Worship God, is like…

Sid: I mean, when you are by yourself, not with anyone else.

Georgian: Yeah, when I’m by myself, it’s always primarily inward, overwhelming sense of His immediate presence and as He’s touching me, understanding me and ministering to me and I’m just in adoration, I have a sense of adoration.  And sometimes almost like kissing God, sometimes it’s just holding His hand or holding His waist and holding His neck like a Father and a son; so I have different visuals, but it’s all like one like…

Sid: Well, let’s see what those that are listening experience as they hear “God of Mercy.”

“God of Mercy” Music excerpt.

Sid: That was the “God of Mercy” from the “Joy Celebration Collection” and Georgian, when you do that son live, what happens to people?

Georgian: People experience being loved and compassionately loved and understood by the Lord in a way that He understands their dilemmas and their problems.  And they feel overwhelmed with His I understand you, I love you, I’m forgiving you and they feel experience freedom from depression, freedom from rejection, freedom from being nobodies, like freedom like I’m insignificant, oh yes you are and as the song God comes on people and fills their soul part with significance and with look at what I’ve done.

Sid: And let me just speak a little to this, when people hear Georgian they are supernaturally healed, they have angelic visitations, they have such peace and such joy and I’m so excited…

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