Sid: I have on the telephone, Georgian Banov and your familiar with him because he one of the principal writers of the music “Bullfrogs and Butterflies” and the “Music machine.”  In fact his music sold over Three and a half million copies, he’s won Grammy Awards and Dove Awards, everything was going good, but his marriage was falling apart.  His wife was, you know the stains of being in ministry and so Georgian you went to the Toronto Airport Church and what happened?

Georgian: Well, first we went to Rodney Howard Brown’s meetings in Florida, this is January 1995 exactly and we were overwhelmed with the presence of the Lord, my wife as you mentioned was drifted from the Lord, she barely even came to that meeting; I can’t remember how I dragged her to it.  But found herself there, she began to weep and as the presence of the Lord was released, she began to weep and I never seen my wife weep in probably ten years, in fact she had a normal mascara so, it was not waterproof stuff so it was normal kind and tears were running down a two lane highway down one side of her face and another three lane highway and it was just a beautiful mess and it was the Lord touching her and healing her.  And later on she told me how He showed up and gave her a hug and how he restored her right in front of my eyes, just in minutes, in seconds, what years and years and years of what I was trying to do the Lord did it.  And after that experience we went to Toronto and in Toronto the same thing, she kept getting touched and in Toronto another thing happened, she was restored as a minister and she joined me again, after nearly ten years of dropping out of the ministry and our marriage was as good as divorced, we were just like co-eds, you know.

Sid: You know, when people were in the upper room and the Shavuot Pentecost occurred and the Spirit came upon them they accused them of being drunk, but they weren’t drunk on alcohol, they were so happy because of what they called, new wind of the Holy Spirit; when that happened to you and your wife, what difference did it make?

Georgian: Well, first of all it made my wife, happy and she is not been joyful in the Lord for years, nearly a decade and suddenly joy came and she began to laugh out loud and even without church service like Tuesday morning in the kitchen she would get overwhelmed with joy and fall on the ground in the kitchen all by herself and just everywhere the joy would be exploding and restored our marriage.  We begin to feel good about each other, we begin to love each other again, the thoughts of divorce were gone and now we have a new marriage, we have a new relationship restoring.  And then her joy to be with me in row and minister came back and she said, “I don’t want to miss anything,” and she’s been that joyful intoxicated, if I can use that word, just intoxicated with joy and being loved.

Sid: But you know there’s something about the joy and the presence of God that pulls you into a realm where miracles take place.  For instance I really want to hear about when you went to Mozambique and the food multiplied.

Georgian: Well, several times we had multiplication; first time happened we had been in a conference there with Heidi Baker’s Base in Maputo and I could notice that only they eat rice or only they eat kind of like a corn meal or sometimes they have beans.  And I said, “Heidi, why don’t we have some meat for them like, chicken and don’t they like it?”  And she goes, “Oh they do, but we can’t afford chicken, but once a year, maybe twice a year.  I go, “But let’s buy one piece of chicken for everybody, a chicken dinner.”  So I gave them the money and they bought it and so we bought enough chicken for everybody it was 1,200 people in the base at the time for the conference.  So they cooked the chicken all night for the Sunday morning dinner, but because the smell went around to the neighbors, and the next morning we had a surprise of another 1,200 visitors outside the church waiting with that smell of chicken all night and just hungry with baby’s and the children, so we did not know what to do and begin to feed our guests in the conference and the children, our orphans and so the chicken would physically go down in the pots, you could tell as we’re pulling out, portioning out portion after portion.  But at the end we feed all the 1,200 and the chicken was still there, there is still more chicken.  So we brought another batch of 500 from outside hungry ones and we fed them and the chicken goes down, but yet there’s more chicken.  And it was like the first time I had ever seen it, I heard about it, I read about it, Jesus did and I heard others, but I never seen it myself.  And we literally fed twice more people.  Like we fed 2.400 people with 1,200 pieces of chicken only.  So the Lord, double the chicken, we didn’t cut it…

Sid: Out of curiosity, after everyone had eaten what they wanted to eat, was there any left over?

Georgian: No, it finished right there.

Sid: So it was perfect, in other words the Lord knew how to multiply exactly what was necessary for those 2,400 people.

Georgian: Exactly, I mean there was a few dozen pieces, but it was like basically finished and everybody had a piece of chicken.

Sid: Now, when you play your violin and you minister unto the Lord in worship, the presence of God is so awesome miracles take place.  Tell me about some of the miracles that took place in the Sudan.

Georgian: Well, first we started and I played the violin and of course, it’s a refugee camp you know, there’s guards, they protect it, it could be very dangerous.  But I broke through the guards and went in the middle of the people and began to play the violin and we got surrounded by people and children and adults and Roland Baker and I, Roland was with us, me and my wife and Roland.  We noticed this girl couldn’t sing because she is deaf and dumb and she can’t sing, so we prayed for her and before you know it her voice came and got restored and begin to make sounds in front of her mother.  And her mother was like awe!  And the first word that actually that she could make was, “Hallelujah,” oh her mother was overjoyed and began to testify that her daughter could never do that all her life, I think that she was seventeen years old, that girl.  And then people rushed with their people, you know children and sick people rushed to us to pray, so I’m laying hands on this boy who is a nine years old and never seen ever, blind from birth and his eyes are lifeless.  So I’m laying hands on his head and his mother is behind him and nothing happens, so I’m just praying, “Oh, Lord do something right now, please.”  And nothing happens and then I asked for water to stall some time and I could pray some longer and somebody gave me a bottle of water, and as I was drinking the water and water went up I noticed his eyes moved ever so faintly moved so long up, which before they were lifeless, just sit in one position, but now they moved.  And I go, “Wow, Lord You’re doing it,” so I prayed one more time and I pick up the water and drank again and this time his eyes followed the bottle all the way and I knew the Lord healed him right there.  So, but his mother cannot see his eyes because she’s behind him and I made a sign without a voice, I just made a sign for him to open his mouth and I opened my mouth like that, and I go like, “Do you want some water, open;” and the boy opened his mouth, and when the mother saw the boy open his mouth, and I poured…

Sid: Oh listen, I’ve got reports that there were so many miracles, people got new hearts, new limbs, and blind could see and deaf could hear and the lame could walk.  How would you like Georgian to play the violin over you?  Let’s have him do that right now from our special CD “The Joy Celebration Collection”

“The Joy Celebration Collection” excerpt!

Sid: Can you imagine Georgian playing his violin over you while you’re soaking; you will receive such an impartation of supernatural peace and supernatural joy…

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