Sid:  One new man and this new man will release the full glory, the full love of God and that’s where planet earth is at this moment in history.  And I believe that God has directed Darren Wilson, who we’ve previously had on as a guest because he did the DVD “Finger of God” which showed the greatest skeptic the reality of the miracles of God.  But his latest DVD, which is called “Furious Love” is about a divine search for the literally to capture on film the love of God, which is quite an assignment for anyone.  And so Darren Wilson went to the darkest places on planet earth, I mean he went to Thailand and did some work on their prostitution and the love of God that you captured in Thailand.  But I want to talk about today Darren is something that again most Christians would have a great deal of difficulty with, because another thing that you accomplish in your film is showing the reality of the war that’s going on between light and darkness.  And of course I love the fact that light wins; God’s love wins every time.  So tell me about the bride of Satan.

Darren:  So this is the really, really weird interview that I did.  And this is one, you have to understand something I think that people need to understand because I know that this is going to be the story that I’m probably going to get in a lot of trouble for from different members of the church because I know that there is some controversy over you know satanic stuff and satanic ritual abuse and stuff.  But basically I only interview people who come highly, highly referred to me.  I don’t interview anybody ever who asks me to do an interview with them.  That’s my number one rule, so I somebody else needs to tell me about you.  But this particular woman who use to be a Satanist, a very high up Satanist had become a Christian and a number of my friends who I trust with my literally my life and my career, they all said that you’ve got to talk to this girl, she is incredible.  And so basically we did and it took awhile, it was hard for her to really open because this isn’t fun stuff for her to talk about.  So basically we sat down and interviewed her and I was able to interview her and I was also able to interview the woman who did the deliverance on her; so we got kind of both sides of the story.  But this girl was actually born into Satanism, she was actually a child of a prophecy from Anton LaVey who created the church of Satan and she actually grew up with Anton and was best friends with his daughter.  And she literally grew up and the prophecy that was given to her was that she was going to be when she turned seventeen; she was to train from the time that she was born till her seventeen birthday to become one of the five brides of Satan.  And basically without getting too graphic how you become a bride of Satan is there is a big ceremony and your seventeenth birthday and you have to actually have to sleep with Satan and that seals the deal and your basically only five ever like on the planet.  And so she was supposed to one of them and they got radically, radically saved months before this event was to take place and she has been basically living in hiding ever since.  We had to cover everything, we couldn’t show her face.

Sid:  I know I noticed you covered that up well. 

Darren:  We couldn’t even reveal where we were doing the interview and she’s constantly, still to this day because she knows everything about Satanism.  I mean she knows all of the major players, she knows how they work, how they operate.  They all want her dead, so that was one we had to be really, really careful with that interview.

Sid:  Well, tell me about her, especially about her deliverance.

Darren:  Yeah, well, her deliverance she basically she decided, she knew that she had to get out of Satanism because it started, actually this is not in the film, it started that one of her best friends was killed; was beaten to death because her best friend wanted to leave the covenant; wanted to leave Satanism.  And she said, that I’ve got to get out of here like if they did that to my friend, I’m going to screw-up and they are going to sacrifice me.  And it was interesting, again this is all kind of, this is back story but she went to a crusade of a prominent Christian, she was going to curse, three friends were going to curse this person.  And in the middle of this big crusade the speaker stopped, looked up into the third balcony and said you three witches stop cursing me.  And it rebounded on her and she started to manifest and she said I had never experienced power like that before, she had experienced power but she was like, for the first time in her life she experienced power that was greater than the power that she had been given through the devil.  And it was God’s power and that kind of woke her up to like that there’s something else out there that’s more real that’s more powerful than what I’ve been taught my whole life.  And so basically it’s a long story short she gets sent to this woman named Angelia who has done thousands upon thousands of deliverances and gets sent to house to basically receive deliverance.  And so she is the kind of person that she can move things without touching things kind of thing so she flings the door open without touching the handle.  And Angela took one look at her and said, “I don’t think so Babe,” and it was on but from there it didn’t take you know; Angelia asked the angels to hold her down and it didn’t take 5 hours; didn’t take seven days.  She said, “It took like 20 minutes and she was completely totally delivered.

Sid:  You know now, I understand from hearing her testimony that when she came in flinging that door open and Angela must be a pretty interesting person to what did she say?  “I don’t think so, Babe” Ha-ha.  And it’s like she literally, she displays that type of power, she has for what I understand she has no white in her eyes, just pitch blackness.

Darren:  Yeah, we call her Esther in the film; we had to change her name as well.  When she showed up her eyes were completely black.  Anglia said, “That it was one of the weirdest freakiest things that she has ever seen.”  And Esther you know could very well, could see into the spirit realm very very easily and the whole time that she was with Angelia she just kept noticing she couldn’t look Anglia in the eyes because her eyes were piercing with light.  And she’s just, and their piercing with love.  And it was like the demons kept trying to turn her head because they didn’t want her to look at the light.  They didn’t want her to look at that love because they understood, you know they had access to her heart and understood that that was influencing her because that was very, very attractive to her, that love which she had never experienced ever.  And you know that is what ultimately lead her to saying yes, I want Jesus.

Sid:  But to see the top Satanist’s, one of the top Satanist’s in the world fall under the power of God’s love, what power we have. 

Darren:  Yeah, it’s incredible, it is absolutely incredible.

 Sid:  And that’s what I want our listeners to see…I mean we’ve; lives a sheltered life, it’s time that we see what this world is really like.  It’s time we understand the war that’s going on in the invisible world and it’s time we start operating in the type of power that literally set one of the top witches in the world free in a matter of how many minutes?

Darren:  In about twenty.  Ha-Ha.

Sid:  And I mean that’s the top one, so when people here in America, that are just normal people we should be able to set them free in about thirty seconds.  Ha-ha.

Darren:  Ha-ha

Sid:  What would you say you really learned from doing this DVD, “Furious Love?”

Darren:  Well, again I learned, it wasn’t so much a learning experience, I mean as far as what I learned was that the depths of depravity and the depths of the darkness; but also the depths of God’s love.  And that was really, it was more of an experience and I feel like the earlier reactions were getting through people who watch the movie is that that’s what their all saying, that it’s more of a movie; it’s more like an experience.  Like they’re experiencing something that many of them, most of them never experienced to actually feel what the love looks like.  Not just to see it, but to feel it because it’s so real and it is so palatable.  And that for me while filming it, obviously that’s the thing that sticks with me and will stick with me until the day I die which is the really knowing like not just in my head.  Knowing deep in my heart, deep in my spirit how much he cares for me.  Yeah, how much God loves me and no matter what I do, I can’t change that.

Sid:  That’s where you came up with that title “Furious Love.”  It really is a furious love that God has for humanity.  Why do you think, what you captured was reality, why do you think that we’re like in a bubble here America?

Darren:  Ha-ha.  I think we’re just distracted to be quite honest with you.  I think that we’ve have too much other things going on.

Sid:  The cares of this world?

Darren:  Yeah, when I go into other countries, they don’t have near the distractions, the entertainment, the ease of getting around, the ease of doing whatever you want to do.  They don’t have any money, they don’t have any.  And so to them it’s all about spirit realm, you know because that’s where stuff happens.  And here in the west, you know we believe in naturalism and everything has an explanation.  And whereas in other countries they don’t them and they just understand that the spirit realm is real and spirits are real and miracles happen because they see them every day and they just become, you know very normal.  But were just, I just think that it is really, really distracted and we focus on, we do everything we can to just keep our focus away from tough decisions we have to make that are spiritual.

Sid:  So few Christians has seen the reality of the war that is going on above us.

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