Sid:  And I have to tell you, when you see Darren Wilson’s brand new DVD titled “Furious Love” you will be, you’ll never be lukewarm again, never ever.  Darren would you agree with that?

Darren:   I would sure hope so.

Sid:  I mean, because you literally have caught on film the reality of darkness that few people have seen, and we’ll be talking about some of those things this week.  And by the way if you miss any of these radio interviews go on our web and catch the days that you’ve missed.  It’s Sid,  It’s easy  I can’t wait to talk about of the things that I saw in that video but the power of God’s love over…You found the darkest things on the face of planet earth and God’s love was stronger.  But yesterday we were talking about you went to what is know as to me any way the home of witchcraft in America, Salem, Massachusetts for a Witchcraft Festival.  What was that like?

Darren:  Well, we thought it was going to be a big fight and that’s what I’d gone there for I had gone…

Sid:  Yeah, you want to capture a confrontation between Jason Westerfield who moves in just the most sensational miracles and a witch, that’s what you were looking for right?

Darren:  Yeah, and basically at some point in the evening we just set up our camera, nothing was working all day and then we just finally figured you know what?  Let’s just stop trying to, you know sneak up on people and pray for them.

Sid:  I was surprised you are so honest in the film; you showed praying for people and nothing happening.

Darren:  Yeah, that’s my one thing that I try to do, at the very least I want to make sure I’m giving you an honest portrayal of what happened.  I’m not about; I don’t like to hype things up.  So yeah basically nothing’s happening and so we just realize that just make a spectacle of ourselves, put the camera in the middle of the festival and invite people and we’ll pray for them and see what happens.  And so towards the end of the night we’re praying and these group of guys come up and one of them was very obviously a practicing witch, you can tell by how he was dressed.  Ha-ha-ha.  And yeah, we basically Jason said, “I’m going to basically pray and I’m going to see what God wants to say to you,” and he stopped him; the witch did, and he said, “Before you begin I want to know what medium will you be using to speak to your God?”

Sid:  That was wild, I saw that.

Darren:  Well, when he said that I’m filming and I’m oh this is going to be good you know, and so Jason says, “You know I’m going to talk to Jesus and He’s the way to the Father.”  And he said, “Oh Jesus, then you can pray, that’s cool.” Cause, that’s one thing that we learned about witches what I didn’t know, most of them are pretty cool with Jesus.

Sid:  I was surprised, I thought that would have been the big confrontation, well that was what I was thinking was going to happen next.

Darren:  Well what we learned that witches, they think Jesus is a pretty cool guy, because He doesn’t judge them.  What they don’t like is the church.  They don’t like Christian things, because most of them and this is what we really discovered, most of the people that are in like Wicca and different kinds of you know witchcraft and stuff they have been burned by the church and usually they have been burned by somebody in the church.  They’ve been hurt by the church, they have been hurt by somebody in authority in the church and so they don’t want anything to do with the church.  But they have nothing bad to say about Jesus.  It’s His followers that they don’t like.  Which is very very disheartening, ha to hear.  But anyway, so Jason starts to pray for this guy and I’m like okay, I’m finally I’m going to get my confrontation, here we go I know I have a witch in front of me let’s do it.  And Jason very very prophetic guy, I mean really really accurate and he just started prophesying over this individual and every word that came out of his mouth was a word of love.  Everything that he said! I remembering him saying things to this guy like, “I’m going to bless you and I know this about you and this about you and this about you and I’m going to bless that area because I love you and I’m going to”…and never once did the Lord say that if you turn to me will I do this for you.  It was always, “I will do this for you because I love you because you’re my son.” And I remember I’m filming this and the Lord spoke to me as clear as day and I know whenever he speaks to me when I’m filming I know that it is suppose to be in the movie. And he said to me, “Do you see, do you see what I came here for? I did not come here to pick a fight, I came here to love.”  And it rocked me on my heals and it was, I mean I had tears streaming down my face as I was filming the scene.  At the end the guy that Jason just goes to pray for and the guy says, “Hold on, you know let me,” he uncovers his head as a sign of respect.

Sid:  I saw that, that was so touching is the best word, I can describe.

Darren:  Yeah, I mean the guy was obviously, and afterwards he turned to my crew, this isn’t in the movie, but he turned to my crew afterwards and pointed to Jason and he said, “That man is anointed, that man is anointed.”  And so I don’t know what happened to the guy, I mean I remember thinking I’m going to get in a lot of trouble because we didn’t get salvations on film, but the Lord spoke to me on the flight home and said, “This wasn’t about salvation, this is about me showing what my love looks like; and he said, don’t worry I’m going to take care of them, I’m going to take care of that man and the people that I touch.  I’m going after their hearts.”  And so at that point I said, “Leave it up to the Lord.”

Sid:  You show things that most people don’t even have a clue, yet there in the Bible.  For instance I remember this is kind of like in a side when you are talking about the film starts out with in Tanzania with a demon possessed girl and this white tent where they bring all the people that have demons so that they’ll be cast out of them.  My sister, Shirley actually is Jewish, which I am also came to the Lord because I took her to a deliverance meeting.  This guy by the name of Dr. Derrick Prince who is now in Heaven and when I took her there she was going for a show and all of a sudden she started shrieking at the top of her lungs and some woman walks up to her and says “Name yourself.”  Now I was brand new, I didn’t know what was going on and I heard out of my sister’s mouth, “Fear.”  And then the woman cast the demon of fear out.  My sister was digging her fingernail, she’s a school teacher, a refined dignified person, you know and she’s digging her fingernails into the palms of her hands, screeching at the top of her lungs.  Her husband who is also Jewish, a CPA didn’t know what to do and once she saw the confrontation with darkness and was set free she’s stuck with Jesus ever since. Ha.

Darren:  Yeah, and that the thing we found over and over again as I went and filmed these things and I heard these stories.  I knew that there was darkness and I think I even say this in the movie, I knew that there was darkness; I had no idea of the level of darkness that there was, that was what really shocked me and changed me forever, that’s for sure.

Sid:  What about the flip side, “Did you have any idea of the tenacity of God’s love?”

Darren:  That’s what was so wonderful and I think that makes the movie so powerful. It doesn’t matter however dark the darkness gets the light shines brighter.  You know, there’s a great line from the film where Annie Dieselberg, who is a missionary in the sex trade in Thailand where she says “This place looks like Disneyland for the spirit world but, you know because of that you know, darkness rages all around us but because of that the love of Christ rages even more.  And it’s a great tag line to the movie, it’s what it is, His love rages much, much more than the darkness rages.

Sid: You know I can’t wait for large numbers of people to see this particular DVD, but you’ve had a few people watch it even before it’s come out.  And tell me about this one girl, the effect it had on her when she saw the film; she just started weeping, how long did she cry?

Darren:  Two days.  Yeah, she started crying actually as the movie, I think she started crying as the movie started, she just started to weep; she cried all day and then she went to bed she woke up the next day and she started crying again.  And she told me later that God was doing some really deep inner healing in her because she’d never seen, she never witnessed like…

Sid:  We are in such a sheltered life here in America.

Darren:  Yeah, well, I think what it is is that the American church, the western church our understanding of God’s love, this is how it was for me, the understanding of God’s love is stuck in our brain.  You know, its one thing for me to you know, it’s like I kind a like until like you get married.  I could go my whole life if I just constantly tell my wife that I love her and she constantly tells me that she loves me and we just, that’s all we ever do though.  We just say we love each other and that’s it but we never embrace; what kind of a relationship is that?  You know it’s in the embrace where you discover like exactly where like the two spirits meet and that’s where you really feel love.  And I don’t think a lot of the western church has felt the Father’s love.  They know it in their head, but it has yet to reach their heart, and that’s a process for me anyway, that’s when I learned it.  The same way with miracles, it went from my head to my heart.  This is the same thing as…

Sid:  Speaking of miracles in the film I see you praying for someone and they get healed, did you ever in your wildest imagination think you’d be doing that?

Darren:  Well, not in that particular instance that was, that’s kind of embarrassing to actually have to admit in the film, but I got to be honest.  So it was funny because it was, for those of you who have seen “Finger of God” the end of the movie when I’m praying for the homeless guy that was one time in my life, before I knew without a shadow of doubt that the guy was going to be healed;  there is no question and it’s funny here.  I am at the beginning of filming for “Furious” and there’s no way that this guy is going to be healed because all these other people have been praying for him for his knee and nothing had happened and then they say. I’m filming and their like “Darren, do you want to pray for him?”  Of course I didn’t because it’s like scary but I can’t say no so I get down there and the whole time I’m just wondering how long do I have to do this for, it like I’m doing perfunctory prayers.  Like it is like I have no faith at all that God’s going to do anything for this guy and so I think I’ve done it long enough so I just looked at the interpreter and said, “Okay, I think I’m done.” And he asked the guy and the guy says, “Totally healed, 100% feels great.”  I’m just like, are you kidding me? And then that’s when God showed me man, My love is not contingent on your belief in it, it does doesn’t matter if you believe in My love because my love is the reality that you can’t…

Sid:  Speaking of God’s love, what happened to that individual when the altar call was given?

Darren:  First one with his hand up.  He was the first one into the Kingdom; he was like I want to be the first!  It was so cool.

Sid:  You know, there is so many things you touch on that a lot of Christians don’t even talk about, but it’s time to be real; we got a real world out there.  And here’s the deal; if this kind of love will trump the darkness that we see in that movie, we don’t see darkness like that in the United States.   Image what that kind of love would do in the United States.

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