Sid:  We want everyone everywhere to move in God’s furious love and that’s the name of a brand new DVD Movie that we’re making available this week by Darren Wilson.  And I have Darren on the telephone, you may be familiar with him because he did the DVD “Finger of God” about miracles and it was…You know Darren one of the things that I like about you is you don’t have  heirs or facades.  I mean, you know you just call it for what it is; and I think when people hear you they realize that you’re really a credible person, I can trust this person.  Because some of the miracles you documented in “Finger of God” were off the chart you know dead people coming back to life, gold teeth being materialized.  And everyone expected you to do a follow-up film with miracles after “Finger of God, but you were instructed by God to show the war that’s going on between darkness and light.   And that the only way you can win, and by the way the closer we get to the return of the Messiah the greater that war is going to be.  And the only way that you can win is through love.  But then the question that you had to be just pondering over and over in your head is “How do you film love?”

Darren:  Yeah, that was the big question and that’s the question that a lot of people ask me and you know people were they thought that it sounded like a good concept.  But you know I could tell that there was something in their comments like, “good luck.”

Sid:  Ha-ha well, well and I’m sure you felt as uneasy about this second film as you did about the first film, maybe more.

Darren:  Yeah, I did, there’s a moment and its funny because the Lord just reminded me of this, actually this morning as I was having devotions and now I kind of think I know why.   But there is a moment that I was about to head to Indonesia and this was again, towards the beginning of filming Furious and when you travel a lot of times to these other countries I don’t really, most of the time I don’t know what I’m going to go film.  It is not like I go with some grand agenda all of the time, I usually just go and I’m going to hook up with one or two ministries and like we’ll see what God wants to do.  But this, going to Indonesia was different because I didn’t, it totally was a referral from somebody that I trusted and I just couldn’t get the information that I needed and I’m spending literally tens of thousands of dollars to get my whole crew to go to Indonesia to film.  And I remember it is like four days before were leaving and I still don’t know what I’m going for.  I don’t know what I’m going to go film.  And I remember having a conversation, I was walking my dog, I love how God shows up at the weirdest places, walking my dog on the pathway outside of my house and I’m fighting with him, “I’m like God this is ridiculous, Iike I’m spending I don’t know how much money you’re making me spend on this and I don’t even know why I’m going.  You’re not telling me anything, I’m just in the dark I’m like, how am I supposed to make a movie like this?”  And He stopped me in my tracks, you know sometimes God speaks to you and it’s those suddenly almost?

Sid:  Right.

Darren:  He hit you with an answer as soon as you ask Him a question, and it was that exact same thing happened to me.  He says, “Whose movie is this?”  And I said, “Well it’s yours, and He said “Do you want it to be my movie do you want me to make this movie or do you want to make this movie?”  And I said look, I’ve tried to do my own thing for thirty years, you know.  And he said “Who made “Finger of God?”  I said, “You did.”  He said, “How did that turn out?”  Ha-ha, I said, “It turned out pretty good and then He said, “Just trust me.”  And that was a major, major moment for me, for making this movie because so much of this film had to be made on the idea that of I had to trust God.  Because He gave me permission to put His love to the test and that’s how we found love, we just went to the darkest places we could find.  I said, “I want to see are You going to love these people, are you going to love that person?”  And I said, and we just had to trust that He would show up and if He didn’t show up it is going to look really really bad for God you know.  So I just had to place all of my trust in His hands and I said, “Alright, this is Your movie, I don’t want to take control, you take control.”  And from that moment on it was, I’m not going to say clear sailing but it was a lot easier to walk into the darkness.

Sid:  So you went to the darkest parts of the world and you proved that God’s love was stronger.  Speaking of dark places, I’m just curious what kind of…what was going on inside of you, you were with a friend of mine that I have interviewed also by the name of Jeff Jansen in Tanzania and they had a special tent, tell me about that.

Darren:  Yea, the movie opens with this and it gets your attention that’s for sure.  It got my attention, because we went to film with Jeff, I was kind of doing a favor; I was kind of thinking I think I’ll start my movie here.  But I wasn’t really sure and so I was going to go out there and he was doing a big crusade in Tanzania and you know he asked if I would be willing to come along and help his guys’ film and I said, “Yeah, can I bring my crew?”  So we went out there and you know I’m expecting big crusade lots of miracles I mean that’s what I’ve always encountered and I noticed when we got there, there is this little white tent off to the side and I’m thinking “What’s that?”  And I’m just you know, I’m from normal church back ground so I wonder if that’s where they put the hearing impaired or something?

Sid: Ha-ha.

Darren:  You know, ha-ha that was literally what I was thinking.  And so then I remember like the first day of the crusade you know Jeff there’s this salvation call and Jeff prays a prayer and all of the sudden all of these people start you know, manifesting demonic.  And they start carrying all these people over to this white tent and I’m like oh, man that’s what that is.  The demon tent, that is where they do the deliverance and so I’m like well let’s go and I was so naïve making this movie it is the funniest thing in the world.  But I just walked over with my camera, walked in the tent and it was the most shocking thing I had ever seen in my life.  And most people, when you watch the film I think you’ll be pretty shocked too.  I certainly never had encountered anything like that.

Sid:  But you focused in on one specific girl, tell me about her.

Darren:  Yeah that was, I call her Abercrombie girl and we learned her name later but I still like Abercrombie girl because she wearing an Abercrombie sweatshirt, but I remember it was three days before I left for Tanzania and I was waking up one morning and you’re in that in between state you’re not quite awake but you’re not quite asleep you are just kind of groggy and I remember I was in that kind of state and I just got this picture it was literally like I was watching a movie and I saw this picture of this woman’s face kind of like screaming and kind of going back and forth and screaming her head off and I remember thinking, that’s really weird.  And then I remember waking up and kind of forgot about it.

Sid:  Now you’re normally not prone having all these visions and things like that. 

Darren:  No, what you’re hearing from me is like these are the only things that ever happen to me.  Ha-ha.

Sid:  Okay, so you have this vision of this young woman screaming her head off three days before you get there and what do you see in Tanzania?

Darren:  So I walk into the white tent and I’m looking around and I look down and I see this girl whose rising around screaming as they’re trying to cast out the demon and I’m like that’s the girl I saw three days ago in like this dream vision thing.  And so it was the most surreal real thing I’ve ever had happen to me while filming.  I literally, I just open my camera up, I crouch down and I knew exactly where to put the camera, I knew exactly how to frame it, because I had seen it before; it was just like; I was just going from memory.  And so when you see that at the beginning of the film…

Sid:   Is that sort of like Jesus said, I only do what I see my Heavenly Father doing?

Darren:  Could be, I don’t know because maybe it explains the ease that he did so many things because he had seen it done before you know.  But, it was wild and that’s when I finally understood, I’m like okay the Lord wants this movie to get made.

Sid:  But you have to tell the end result of the Abercrombie girl. 

Darren:   Oh yeah, well you save that for the end of the movie, just make sure you stick around for the credits.

Sid:  Okay, we won’t give that one away.  Everything that you saw, what do you think was the highlight if you could come up with such, to me each segment is a highlight; but for you, what was the high light?

Darren:  Definitely in Salem that’s when we went to a witchcraft and occult festival in Salem, Massachusetts.

Sid:  Now, weren’t you a little afraid going in there?

Darren:  No, no I was never afraid, we were never afraid going anywhere, we were warned so many times when we go some place, we had hidden cameras everywhere.  Supposedly the most dangerous place we went was Thailand in the heart of the sex trade in Thailand;  they warned us if we get caught they will throw us off a roof.  But by the end of the week we had literally like, the prostitutes were helping us film, like that’s like the kind of favor we had everywhere we went, we had no fear anywhere. 

Sid:  Was Salem the place where you had that African American man that had like a red hood over his head?

Darren:  Yeah, yeah.

Sid:  Oh that was amazing, that was amazing,

Darren:  Yeah, that’s the reason it is most important for me, that’s the moment I got the thesis for the film.  When I make these movies there very personal films because they’re my journey and I never know what the journey is going to be; I don’t how how it’s going to be mapped out.  And so I went to, I thought that my job was to make the most entertaining movie I could make and basically I was going to have lots and lots of confrontations with the darkness. You know we are going to have big battles and things are going to be great for the camera and God’s going to show up and God’s going to win the day every day.  So that’s what, in the beginning that’s what I thought that was what I was going to be filming.  So we went to Salem with Jason Westerfield, who is in “Finger of God” people may remember him.

Sid:  And I’ve also interviewed him on television and radio, but go ahead.

Darren:  Yeah, so we went there and I went there, I’ll be really honest. I went there to pick a fight.  There was no if ands or buts I wanted to have a throw down with…

Sid:  A confrontation with the witch or something?

Darren:  Yeah, yeah and that’s what we were ready to do we were all ready to do it. But we got there and we all just started creeping around and trying to pray for people and nothing was happening, like ever!  And Jason was so nonplused because you know he turned to me at one point he said, “I don’t understand because God’s here, I can feel;  His Spirit is here but he’s not releasing healing, he’s not releasing anything.

Sid:  Oops were out of time.

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