Sid:  We want everyone everywhere to be red hot for the Messiah and operate in furious love.  I love that, that’s the title of a brand new DVD that’s just out by Darren Wilson.  For those of you that are not familiar with Darren Wilson, he is the one that put out “Finger of God.”  And Darren, that was such an amazing testimony; here you have studied your life to be a writer; you never saw yourself as putting films together and you started; God started dealing with you about this, but it really took a supernatural encounter at the Toronto Airport Church to get you moving on something that was out of your comfort zone.

Darren:  Yeah.  Yeah, it was a yeah I think it was the only thing that was going to get to make a movie like that because I was pretty skeptical of the supernatural before I started making “Finger of God.”  And so He, I guess He sent an Angel to you know to…

Sid:  For those that haven’t’ heard, I want to hear this for me; I want to hear that story again; you’re sitting in a church and all of a sudden someone says, “There’s an angel there,” what was your reaction?

Darren:  Yeah, well I was already uncomfortable, because for those people that don’t know much about the church it’s a, it’s a, you know fairly charismatic and I’m not really the most charismatic person in the world.

Sid:  It’s the Toronto Airport Church.  Ha-ha.

Darren:  And so I was there because, and the reason I was there was my whole family had been really touched by God’s outpouring that had been going on there so they kind of bribed me into going.  And so I was there and I was very uncomfortable and I wasn’t quite sure if this was even of God or you know that if this is just emotionalism or what?  And then so this speaker gets on stage and interrupts worship, which again I thought was really rude and you know, he said, “That there’s an angel that has entered the building and his name is Breakthrough and my first thought was, “Yeah right.”

Sid:  Ha.

Darren:  Yeah, it’s kind of the thing that pushed me over the edge of like, “I’m never coming back here.  This place is…

Sid:  If you could have gotten out discreetly, you would have?

Darren:  Ha-ha, if my wife wouldn’t have pulled me right back in, I would have left.  But yes, five minutes later I was trying to worship and so I just closed my eyes so that I didn’t have to see you know all the charismatic stuff that was going on in front of me.  And this figure walks in front of me and I just saw this kind of like somebody walks past you and when your eyes are closed you can tell like the light changes kind of thing.  So I just reflectively opened my eyes because I was kind of in the back and I thought that that was odd that somebody would be walking by me and there wasn’t anybody there and I thought that was strange.  So I closed them again and the figure was still there.  I could only see it with my eyes closed and it was just standing there; I could see the outline of his form with my eyes closed and he turned to me walked up  to me asked me three times are you ready, and I had no idea what he was talking about.  But I grew up in a church and so I knew that if an angel asked you a question you say yes and you find out later what it’s all about.  I just remember that he was so so so intense, he was just like I remember at one point he’s talking to me and he’s so like just crackling with intensity.  And he’s asking me are you ready? And I remember thinking that this guy wants to breakthrough a wall and that’s when I put the puzzle pieces together and I realized that old guy that had just got on stage and said, “An angel named “Breakthrough has just entered the building.”  And I finally realized that he was telling the truth, because I have this presence in front of me.  And at the end of basically asked me three times “If I was ready and each time I said, “Yes.” At the end I said, “Ready for what, what are you talking about?”  And he just looked at me and he said, “Make that movie,” and it was “Finger of God.”  And so that’s what at that point I was kind of like…

Sid:  Well, that movie, “Finger of God” not only changed your life forever, but its changing people’s lives all over the world.  What, looking back in retrospect, after you did this movie of people being raised from the dead and gold teeth, this was a relative of yours that got gold teeth.

Darren:  Yeah, my Aunt and my Uncle, both of them.

Sid:  What effect would say in a couple of sentences this film has had on people that have seen it?

Darren:  Well, I can only speak to the ones that get back to me and universally I’d say 99% of the feedback that I get which at this point it’s reaching 100’s to 1,000’s.  People are utterly transformed, they’ve kind of like they’ve rediscovered the God of the Bible; and some of them they’ve discovered Him for the first time.  Lots of people have been healed just by watching it.  Lots of churches have been kind of turned upside down; so it’s been pretty radical, it’s the most humbling thing that’s ever happened to me, that’s for sure.

Sid:  I would think anyone that doesn’t believe in miracles would have to re-exam their thinking after seeing that video.  But so then you’re just about finished with the “Finger of God” video and Heidi Baker, who I’ve interviewed a number of times and boy her ministry has seen a lot of resurrections from the dead.  How many do they estimate?

Darren:  I don’t know, I haven’t talked to them in probably a year and half or so but last count I knew that it was over three hundred, last count.

Sid: Three, did you get that, 300 people that were dead came back to life and they have some pretty rigorous requirements, it’s not just someone that they think that is dead, they know these people that have died, is that your understanding?

Darren:  Yeah, oh yeah, yeah I think that it’s the kind of thing that if they are not dead for more than four hours, they’re not dead.

Sid:  Ha-ha. So Heidi gives you a prophecy just as you finish the video of the movie “The Finger of God.”

Darren:  Yeah, basically actually I hadn’t even finished putting the movie together, that’s the funny part of all of this.  We were in Istanbul, I had just finished filming, it was the last thing I filmed for the movie was with Heidi in Istanbul with the gypsies.  And so I remember I was on the bus ride back to the hotel and I was starting to have a nervous breakdown because and I’m sitting there thinking that I have over 100 hours of footage and I don’t have anything; I don’t have a story; I didn’t film anything of worth, you know the enemy was just piling it on and I was starting to hyperventilate and near bursting into tears.  My wife is looking at me and is like “What’s wrong with you?” and so I remember I talked with Heidi and just kind of explained that I’m having a tough time here, I don’t know what is going on but.  So basically that night we all went out to dinner, me and Heidi and the whole team and she king of put me in the middle and had everybody pray for me.  And so at one point she comes up and she starts to pray for me and you know she starts out like you know just a nice prayer, “God bless him and show him what to do and blah blah blah.” And you have to understand at this point the next movie was nowhere on my radar; I didn’t even think I was going to be able to put the first movie together; I had no thought about a movie.  And so she’s praying for me and all of sudden she like stops and she hesitates in her prayer and I think I even opened my eyes and looked at her like what’s going on?  And you could tell, I could tell she was seeing something in the Spirit that was disturbing her, it wasn’t, I started to get worried at this point and she says, “Darren I don’t know what this means or I’m just going to tell you what I see what I feel the Lord is saying, I see you filming the occult, I see you filming the demonic.”  And my first thought was, ought oh, ha-ha-ha. You know, that’s not what I want to do.  “But then she said, “But this is what the Lord says you have to go into the darkness to show the light.”  I remember I talked to her afterwards and then she kept on with her prayer.  I went to her afterward and I said, “What does that mean, have to go into the darkness to show the light?” She said, “I have no idea, that is just what the Lord, but I heard it just as clear as anything I have ever heard.”

Sid:  And did you have any idea at that point?

Darren:  No clue, no clue I’m like I have to go film the demonic, I don’t want to film the demonic.

Sid:  No, who wants to even touch that?  But then you went back to that same church in Toronto and you had a vision and this vision clarified the prophetic word you got from Heidi Baker.

Darren:  Yeah, I was back at the church, I had a couple of things left, I had to do just one last little interview with John and Carol Arnott, the Head Pastors of the church and remember I was just enjoying worship that night.  We were worshiping and I wasn’t even thinking about anything.  I wasn’t thinking about the movies or anything, I was just trying to worship the Lord.  And the best way I could describe it is occasionally He’ll give me these downloads and it’s the only way I can describe it where He just kind of plops everything all at once into my head and it’s kind of what happened at that point when He just, He hit me so hard with this idea, I guess you could call it, that it actually like slammed me back into my seat.  I was kind of startled because it came out of nowhere and it was basically the very, it was two phrases, but those two phrases just put everything together and that’s what I understood that I had to do next.  And the two phrases were show them that there’s a war happening and it’s a war between darkness and light and then show them that the only way they can win this war is through love.  And that’s when I knew, and then it’s funny because on the trip up to Toronto my wife and I were driving and we were listening to Brendan Manning, “The Ragged Muffin Gospel” and in there he used a quote from GK Chesterton where he talks about the furious love of God and I remember thinking like boy that would be a really cool title you know “Furious Love.” I never heard that phrase before, and it just so happened that that night is when He gave me the rest of the down loading.  I put two and two together and I was ready to go make a movie.

Sid:  Well, I have to tell you, although the movie is brand new, I had a chance to review that movie and you know what?  In my opinion after seeing that movie is what we call Christianity here in the west is so shallow.  And the other thought and I’ve been on a quest my whole life to walk in God’s love.  I mean that’s really my purpose and this “Furious Love” will show people the reality, that’s what God told you.  It would show that there’s really a war between darkness and light and most Christians don’t even know that this war is going on above them.  But then, when you see how people operate in love and how the most impossible situations God has greater power than all the darkness in the world put together.  And I mean, I’m sure that’s what you wanted to accomplish.

Darren:  Yeah, and that was the big thing is, I kept telling people when they asked me “What my next people is about?”  I’m saying well, it’s about love and it’s about showing, you know the reality of God’s love and everybody asks me the same question, “How do you do that, how do you film love, how do you film,” It is one thing to film miracles, okay I get that, but I had people that loved Finger and they just did not understand the concept.  They didn’t understand how you are going to do this?  How are you going to show what love looks like?

Sid:  I would urge everyone that is listening to get a hold of this.

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