Sid:   Now, my guest Dennis Walker has caught something from God that every believer on earth can walk in.  That every believer on earth must walk in, as a matter of fact, “Dennis has the Lord shown you that we’re coming close to that point where there will be so many miracles and such a revival I have to believe that we are getting close to that point?”

Dennis:  I believe that as well, I see things happening that just confirm that as things get darker, people of God have to shine like bright lights.

Sid:  You know, I was reminded on yesterdays broadcast of a, I read the life story of Pat Robertson, and it was called “Shout it From the Rooftops.”  And one day God spoke to Pat and said that through a scripture, “Sell everything that you have.”  So his wife was out of town, so he sells all the furniture in his apartment, but he doesn’t tell his wife and so she comes home to an empty apartment. “Where is my furniture? Where’s my bed?” You know can you image the argument that he had.  “Well, what happened when your wife came home because God told you to put a tent in your house, what did she think?”

Dennis:  Well, my wife ask the question “Den, doesn’t that go up outside?”  And I told her…

Sid:  That’s an understatement.  Ha-ha

Dennis:  I said, “No, this is going to be in the house and me in it.  Ha ha. 

Sid:  Ah ha and “What did she say?”  Ha-ha

Dennis:  Well, my wife is very gracious, she is probably the most gracious person on earth and she said, “Honey, pup, whatever it takes.”  Ha-ha.

Sid: Okay, so was this in the living room or?

Dennis:  Yes, it was in our living room.

Sid:  I see and so what did you do with this tent in the living room?

Dennis:  Well, the Lord had spoken to me that I would meet with Him in the tent and that He would restore to me the Feast of Tabernacles and so I got in the tent.

Sid:  Wait a second, what did that mean to you at that time, He’d restore the Feast of Tabernacle?

Dennis:  What I knew about the Feasts was that all of the Feasts of Israel were pictures of things coming in the future.  The Feast of Passover was given to Israel to be a picture of something that would happen in the future, so that when it happened they would recognize it.  And this was what happened when Jesus became our Passover Lamb.  His blood was shed to bring us into right standing and access back into the very presence of God.  And then there’s other feasts that we are all pictures of things to come.  The Feast of Pentecost, to picture something coming.  The Feast of Tabernacles is also a picture of an event coming where we learn to dwell and abide with God.  So that’s what that meant to me, I was waiting for this, God is going to teach us how to live with Him.

Sid:  Okay, so just out of curiosity from the day God told you to have the tent how long did it take for you to have an appointment with God?

Dennis:  Oh, it happened the very same night I set up the tent, I climbed in.   I got quiet; I put on headphones with instrumental music just to filter out any distraction and suddenly as I set my mind on things above, just as it says in Colossians Chapter 3 verses 1 & 2.  And the Bible actually teaches you seek Heaven and it tells you how; set your mind on things above.  So I simply did that, I got into the tent set my mind on things above and suddenly I’m caught into an awareness of things happening in Heaven.

Sid: Well, tell me the first thing that God told you when He spoke with you in that tent.

Dennis:  The first thing He did was that He sat down with me and began to unpack the whole story of Nicodemus coming to Jesus in the middle of the night.

Sid:  Now, when you say that He sat down with you, did you…was this something you could see with your eyes, was this something you sensed, or was this something that you were hearing, what do you mean?

Dennis:  I was seeing this with my eyes, now I’m in my tent, I have all the awareness that my body is still in this tent, but in my spirit I was in heavenly places sitting with Jesus as He began to talk to me.  And then He talked to me about this story of Nicodemus.

Sid:  Why Nicodemus?

Dennis: Well, there is so much more of that story than what we’ve known, it’s all about seeing and hearing in the Heaven.  Jesus told Nicodemus that you can’t see into Heaven unless you are born again, that you are born of the Spirit.  And then He said you can’t enter Heaven unless you are born of water and the Spirit.  And so it is all about seeing and entering into Heaven.  And then He began to unfold that even more, telling us that the wind blows no one knows where it comes from and no one knows where it goes.  So is everyone that is born of the Spirit and then I began to understand that God’s plan for us was to know Heaven.  That Jesus died on the cross and His blood was shed to give us access to the very presence of God.  That some way or another He wanted us to live out of the very resources of Heaven and not just the resources of earth.  And so He began to show me; eyes would open your ability to know, taste touch and smell would open your spiritual senses would be activated to have experiences into Heaven.

Sid:  Well, you not only had experiences into Heaven, you not only had Jesus teach you from the scriptures and really restore the true meaning of the Feast of Tabernacles, but your wife says when these things would occur and you would come out of the tent you would really be a changed person.  What did she observe?

Dennis:  You know, she actually said that do me.  She said, “You know I love it when you spend time in the tent.”  I was curious well why, why do you like it because I’m in there hours and hours and she said, “When you come out of that tent, you come out tender.”  And that was different; I was not necessarily a tender person that wasn’t my natural state.  But God was changing my character as I spent time with Him in that place.

Sid:   And now, just out of curiosity, “Did your wife ever go into that tent?  I mean I would have gone into it.

Dennis:  Yeah, absolutely, in fact I still had two of my kids living at home when I was starting this whole thing and I had after awhile they started seeing a change in their Dad, change in the husband and they all started spending time in the tent and they all got activated into these kind of things.  I mean I have prophetic children; I have a prophetic wife, because God has really poured His Spirit into them and they see beyond just the natural things.

Sid:  And this is what you are teaching…

Dennis:  That’s right…, simple simple simple, simple things in fact I have people read the book, I have had people that have heard me speak on these things and they have said, you know this is so simple; I have missed it because of the simplicity.

Sid:  Well, you know doesn’t Jesus say that unless you become like a little child.  Now, how could a child understand something complex?

Dennis:  Exactly, oh man, I tell you.  And He wants everyone to be able to this and not just really smart people.

Sid:  Take one person that has either read your book, heard the CD or been in a seminar with you and tell me what happened to them.

Dennis:  Okay, I’ve got a bunch of stories; I am going to try to pick one that is a shorter story.  How about this one, a lady who began to hear our teachings and came to be part of our training center here in Los Vegas and she had been a member of the church for many years and never really had done anything.  She sang in the choir, but never seen anybody born again, never seen miracles and she began to take the things that we tell people.   She began to share Jesus with people, coworkers and things around her and all of a sudden that got her a lot of opposition amongst some of the workers that she was with and one day she is crying out to the Lord.  Lord they are so mean to me how long will I have to put up with this?  And the Lord told her that this one lady that was like the ring leader he was going to take out of the way.  And so she went to work and the lady was gone and she didn’t know where she was.  Turns out the lady had come down with a very very aggressive cancer and so this lady began to cry out.   God give me this woman’s life, I want to see her born again, I want to see her healed.  God spoke to her by initiative of Heaven the very things that we had taught.  And said go to the hospital and I’ll use you to heal her.  And this woman got healed, got saved in the hospital.  Went back to the casino and told all of the employees in the casino this woman healed me and now she can’t go in and out of work without people asking for prayer, people asking for help.

Sid: Now, you have an apostolic resource center right there in Las Vegas.  What is your…your vision of course is to equip people to go to the four corners of the earth but what’s your vision for Las Vegas, I’m curious.

Dennis:  Oh yes, there is a great plan of God for our city.  You know I have traveled literally in the jungles on the rivers Africa, South America, Asia and everywhere I have ever gone everybody know about Las Vegas.  Everybody knows what Las Vegas is, it has…

Sid:  Sure it’s synonym is the sin city.

Dennis:  That’s right, all over the world that’s what they call it.  I believe God has a plan in these last days to take this city and bring it to such a place where the by word around the world is “Have you heard what is happening in Las Vegas?”

Sid:  Well, I want the by word to be in the house of those that are listening “Have you heard what’s happening to that family in that house…”

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