Sid:  My guest Dr. Renny McLean and all I have to say Renny, is what are you hearing?

Renny:   I just as you just did that introduction alone Sid, I just saw a miracle happen in the Spirit.  I saw somebody in a hospital and I saw somebody in the hospital and I saw them on life support.  This day is going to be marked by an incredible miracle.  I see, I see unusual miracles taking place today in this broadcast.  I see somebody on life support coming out, coming off that bed I see it, I see it, I see it, I see it, I hear faith of life today, faith alive and faith unlimited. Oh yes Sir.

Sid:  Renny, tell me about the person that had and this is almost unbelievable accept I know its normal, tell me about the person that had a prosthetic leg and it materialized into a real leg.

Renny:  Well, this was, this was three years ago in Miami.  I was ministering in a small Pentecostal church and we had three weeks of signs wonders and miracles.  No two weeks of it and I was ready to go after two weeks you know.  And I was driving down to get my last drive to the beach and so on my way down there, the pastor calls me and says “Dr. Renny you can’t leave yet,’ I said, “Well, why?”  “You never heard what happened?” I said, “No.”  And let me just bring you up to speed with that.  The reason I said, I didn’t know was when we closed the night before I didn’t pray for the sick.  The last thing that I remember saying from the platform was this.  I mean the worship was high, it was really wonderful and I made this statement and this is what I said.  I’m telling you people are going to have to hear this real slowly.  I said, “The only part of your mind that works with your faith is your imagination, because there is no law there.” 

Sid: Oh that is powerful.

Renny:  And I said, “You never see miracles in the terms of reasons, because reason by nature denies miracles.  So I said, “You are going to have to lose reason to step into your imagination, cause in your imagination there’s no wall, but in your reason there is.”  And I made that statement and I walked off the platform.  And Sid a woman was in the midst, an Hispanic lady, sat there in the meeting and she was worshipping the Lord, worshipping the Lord, you know didn’t feel nothing better or nothing different but she was just worshipping the Lord.  And nobody knew the woman; she went home and after she went home this is what happened.  She went home that night and just worshipping the Lord, worshipping the Lord and she went to bed you know the way that she would normally go to bed and she woke up in the morning and she felt her leg it was no longer hard and she and she felt flesh.  Now don’t ask me to explain, that happened.  Ha-ha.

Sid:  I’ll tell you something, we’re coming into that time where what you’re describing is going to be normal.

Renny:  Now, I have to admit Sid now, I have seen all kinds of things teeth growing, gold teeth, that is old to me, that’s not even a miracle I think that’s good and wonderful but I tell you the honest truth Sid, did you hear me say that that shocked me cause I had never seen a whole limb before.  I’d never seen a whole limb before and because of that miracle it kept us there another week.  Now I’m going to be honest with you now, that I believe when we see certain miracles that’s far and few between I believe that the foretaste of the greater realm that’s coming.

Sid:   And what do you see by the Spirit happening in 2011. 

Renny:  I see a turn coming to God’s people, I see a turn I see a turn; I see access being granted to realms that we had not walked in before and it’s going to be sovereign.  People of God, for some people it’s literally just going to be where God just sovereignty does it.  It is just going to just; God is going to just sovereignly do it.  But there is coming a turnaround for God’s people.  There’s a real turn around for God’s people.  I really believe that, there is a Spirit of His grace, oh thank you Father, there is the Spirit of His grace being poured out on His people right now in that we are not coming out of the recession, now I’m speaking this to the people of God.

Sid:   Right, the United States may not come out of it but we’re coming out of it; is that what you’re saying?

Renny:   We are coming out of it Sid and I’ll tell you why we are coming out of it because God’s raised you up and that’s why I’ve got to speak a little bit about you Sid.  Sid, God has raised you up and you’re significance is more prophetic than you realize; and I tell you why I say this.  Because being that you are Jewish and I’m Jewish the Jews of God the children of Israel understand covenant.  They rejected the kingdom but they know covenant, they have kept covenant.  Isn’t that interesting?  The church understands kingdom but don’t know covenant.  And what we’re seeing is that when we, that’s why you say that the Lord’s raised you up to bring the One New Man together?

Sid:  Yes.

Renny:  When that hits in the church and it fully explodes I believe the prosperity that the church should have, that what Israel has, I believe the church will have.  So we’re living in…

Sid:  That reminds me since its Passover week what did the Jewish people leave with when they left the slaves from Egypt.  It made no sense at all, but they left with the wealth of the Kingdom.

Renny:  Oh, my God, but Sid it goes back to that prophetic time, the portal was open, see what I’m trying to say.  I’m telling you, this thing is real, if we could get your partners Sid to give special gifts during this time frame when that portal is opened.  Do you have any idea what God is going to do for them?

Sid:  If the portal is open, nothing is impossible.

Renny:  Nothing is impossible but my God…

Sid:  I mean, you’re able when the portal is open with the glory you can speak into it and it comes in the natural realm.

Renny:  Oh totally, it comes in the natural realm, so God is looking for His people to show up at these appointment to meet him, meet him there, meet Him there, I mean my God, there is so many things that is tied to this.  I really believe it.  I mean it, this is resurrection this is Passover, oh we got to really understand.

Sid:  But it’s also Resurrection too.

Renny:  Yeah, it’s also Resurrection too and so God’s people have got to understand it’s a time of blessing.  It’s a time of miracles, but it’s a time of blessing.  It is a time of prosperity for us to deny the prosperity we are denying the former…we’re denying the reign of God.  We got to come away with, we understand the covenants of the blessing and that’s what I’m saying Sid, I’m saying that it is so significant right now what God’s having you to do, it’s so significant, because right now the earth is in recession but God’s not in recession.  I keep saying it His Name is El Shaddai; not El Poor O.  When we understand that and Heaven and God’s not broke and He’s not I’ll file bankruptcy, oh the best is yet to come, but the portal is open.  And the people of God need to step out by faith today and receive the blessing of God.  Oh my God, my goodness, could you image that Sid, I know that you can see this because I know you are a prophetic man.  Can you imagine when the portal is open on its own accord but it’s looking for a gift.  Oh my God, oh my God, that speaks to the rest of the year for you.  Oh my God, and that was part of the former reign and imagine dispensationally we’re the latter reign and if Israel left with wealth of Egypt under the former then what’s the latter reign going to be when the church understands the Glory of the Latter house?

Sid:   Real quick because I’m interested tell me the most unusual story of what happened to you when you were translated.

Renny:   Okay, the most unusual story was when I was asked to go to Africa, I was asked to go to Africa by my mother in the Lord by one of my mothers in the Lord, her name was CM Muirer she is dead now, this is when I was a young man by twenty-two years of age and she said to me “Renny I want you to come with me to Kenya with me” and I really wanted to go, but not at that time because we just had our first child.  And so now this is what happened, she said, I said “If I get a sign from the Lord Momma, well I’ll go.”  And so I went to bed that night and in the middle of my sleep I was sleeping and then I came out of sleep so to speak and I was speaking in a not an unknown tongue, and I knew if it was not an unknown because I know of the difference between an unknown and a known tongue and I was speaking in fluent Swahili and while I was speaking Swahili I remember being in places and I saw people before me and I saw myself with an interpreter next to me and I would start in English, but end up in Swahili and the interpreter would step aside.  And I saw myself praying for the people and they were healed.  Well, you know I could remember the places because you know; it is just prophetic I could remember as if it were yesterday.  Well, the joke of it is when I went there six weeks later what would have been the 10th of March 1986 when I got there and they took me to places they said oh, Brother McLean, I said yes, the Lord bless you what are you doing here again.  I said, what do you mean?  You know and they said, oh you were here several weeks ago and that was almost six out of ten places I went or had that testimony of me.

Sid:   You know, recently I had that same thing happen to me, has this happened many times to you Renny?

Renny:   It’s happened two or three times to me and I’m expecting it to happen even more.

Sid:  Yeah, things are speeding up…

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