Sid:  My guest Gary Keesee has put together supernatural principles and how to apply them.  It’s such a simplistic how to book, in fact Joyce Meyer says about it, “I believe the practical every day insight that Gary shares will educate and empower you to take control of your finances and discover the peace and financial freedom God desires for you.”  So Gary, you can be supernatural and practical at the same time as long as you’re practical from a kingdom mentality verses a world mentality.

Gary:  Exactly, you know we do live here, we are citizens of Heaven and the kingdom is in us, but we do live in the earth realm.  So it’s vital that we understand both because any solution will involve operating within the laws that govern this realm as well as the laws that govern the kingdom of God.  Especially when it comes to money, because God doesn’t have money every piece of money that you pick up today will have an earthly kingdom stamped on it.  God can’t counterfeit it and He can’t steal it from someone, so we have to understand how money flows to the believer’s life in the earth realm.

Sid:  And most people think that though pray and someone will knock on their door and leave a million dollars sitting there.  That’s they’re understanding of the kingdom.

Gary:  That is pretty much, well it’s actually kind of the perception that’s taught I think.  I think people that…the church has done a great job teaching to give but I do think a lot of people give legally.  You know, God will be mad if they don’t or they have the wrong perception of how money comes like you said.  They think that it’s going to come, I call it mail box mentality and you and I both know a lot of people in the church world that have been waiting for a long time that have that mentality and they’re in the same financial place they were twenty years ago because they don’t understand how the kingdom operates and how money actually flows in the earth realm to the believer.

Sid:  When the supernatural takes part; in fact you make this statement talking about the supernatural, giving opens the door legally for God to give you direction.  What do you mean by that? 

Gary:  Well, this goes back to Genesis of course when Adam lost his legal dominion.  You know in Luke Chapter 4, Satan tempting Jesus and he said if you will bow down and worship me I’ll give you all the glory, the splendor, and the authority of the kingdoms of the earth for they have been given to me.  So Adam had that dominion, Hebrews Chapter 2, he gave it away.  Satan, as Paul says in 1 Corinthians, is now the prince of the power of the air, the god of this world.  Satan became the legal dominion if you will over the min (this area) and so Satan claims the wealth of the world is his.  He claims that it is his, God can’t interfere with that, but what happens is when we give it changes kingdoms.  Essentially what happens is that the only place of God’s government has legality in the earth realm is in us and what we bring under the dominion of the kingdom of God.  One great example is Peter, James and John’s fishing story in Luke Chapter 5.  Fished all night, caught nothing, worked all night professional fisherman, then Jesus comes along and borrow their boats, comes back in and then tells them to fish the deep water and they catch so many fish that the nets about break, the boats about sink and of course as a spiritual scientist I want to know what happened because I could sure use a boat load of fish you know, essentially provision.  Well, if you follow the story, when they gave Jesus the boats the business changed governments.  When they voluntarily gave it to Jesus, they didn’t know that this was happening, it actually changed governments which gave God the legality then to give a word of knowledge into the earth realm and tell and Jesus said the at the fish were over there in the deep water and they caught so many fish that they couldn’t contain them.  When we give money, when we operate in the earth realm with God’s kingdom as 2nd Corinthians says, God gives seed to the sower.  Of course we could say whose seed is it, it’s God He’s providing it and as we sow it it changes governments and it essentially God can multiply it back to us.  But a lot of people don’t understand this changing of governments or the dominion of the kingdom of God.  And when our place Sid, illustrates this in the story of Potipher, you know Potipher put Joseph in charge of his stuff and the Bible says the blessing of the Lord came on everything Potipher had both in the field and his home and with Joseph in charge he didn’t have to worry about anything.  So they could ask, how did the blessing of God come on this Egyptian man that didn’t even know God?  Because it says in Genesis 39 verse 5 that one day he put Joseph in charge.  Well, what he didn’t know was when he put Joseph in charge his stuff, his things changed governments.  They came under the government, the dominion of God and then the blessing of God came on his stuff and of course that refers there to Proverbs chapter 10 verse 22, “The blessing , the covenant of God brings wealth adds no sorrow with it.”  And of course, that sorrow is referring to the earth curse system where Adam was left having to run, sweat and toil after everything he had in life.  So there’s a kingdom that functions and when we give we can go through a lot of stories in the Bible, but people say, oh that pastor of that church just wants my money.  Well, that’s not true, see what’s actually happening is God is encouraging us to participate with his government in the earth realm.  And as we participate, as we give in faith with his government in mind his kingdom purposes, that gives God the legality to then move in and help us proper by identifying a word of knowledge, that could be business idea..

Sid:  And, by the way let me just let me interject something here because the thought that’s coming to me is so many people have heard terminology of “plant your seed, give me a thousand dollars and you’re going” it’s almost like a heavenly slot machine, heavenly lottery there’s truth in there but there’s something wrong.

Gary:  Yes, your right there is something wrong with that and I despise that kind of misunderstanding.  And this portrayal of how the kingdom of God operates and so many people have become disillusioned and frustrated over what they are left to believe is that God did not do His part.  When actually, you know if an airplane didn’t take off because it wasn’t moving we would know now because in the law of lift that we have to have some speed to get it moving.  Because we understand the laws and when people don’t understand the laws of the kingdom they just blame God.  Listen, God’s kingdom works every time.

Sid:  And do you know what excites me so much, Gary is when you take up offerings after you have taught how the kingdom operates, not just for people to give you money but so that they can multiply their money so that not only can they take care of their needs but expand the kingdom, help widows and orphans and evangelistic operations.  Tell me about the offerings you take up where people see a blue haze?

Gary:  Well, this surprised me Sid, when God began to teach me things I had never heard any of this before and this was back in the days when we are desperate and we were asking God for solutions.  And He began to teach me these principals and show me how they operated.  Well, I didn’t tell anyone this stuff and we weren’t pasturing at the time, over the years we got out of debt and those stories are amazing of what happened to us.  But I didn’t really go out and tell people these things, I just kept a journal, I had learned these things and then many years later, fifteen years or so after we had developed the understanding we had.  He said, “I want you to begin to teach people these things.”  We had of course businesses that taught some of these principals but never ministry and we began to go out and tell people how the kingdom operated and specially how giving should be done and how the kingdom works through our giving and how money flows to the believer.  The first time I had a meeting where I had taught this I was taken off guard because when we took the offering up this had been after five days of teaching in Albania where people were very impoverish, they had no hope.  There answer was to go to Greece, leave the country, find jobs somewhere else.  But I taught these principals there for five days and the fifth day they took up an offering.  The anointing came in that place in amazing way, people were dancing, and shouting and like you said a blue haze came in that place.  I mean it wasn’t kind of the anointing that you may feel when you are praying or that you are preaching or teaching but it was like the very throne room of God.  This blue haze came there and we just…

Sid:  Not only did Gary see it but when this happens others see it.  Just briefly, what happens to some of these people, what were some of the reports that you heard.

Gary: Well they began to create businesses, they understood what happened, the kingdom in them could produce their future, they didn’t have to run to other countries.

Sid:  Whoops were out of time.

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