Sid:  My guest is red hot for the Messiah, and as I’ve been explaining for the last couple of days that I have been mentoring you all of these years in the best of the best to grow in the supernatural so you can really fulfill your destiny in the end times.  But if you don’t understand an end time Bible prophecy, I don’t care how much power you walk in you are going to miss it.  And you understand end time Bible prophecy and you don’t walk in the power of God you won’t fulfill your full destiny.  You’ll miss you full destiny and that’s why I have Walid Shoebat on the telephone.  Because Walid was born in Bethlehem and Walid was trained to be a Muslim terrorist.  And because of the truth in the Bible when compared with the Koran he had to choose Jesus, because truth was more important to him than family or anything this world had to offer.  And he has had debates with Christians on the end times because his paradigm is so different than what we’ve been taught here in America over the last thirty some years.  Now when you have your debates Walid what…how do they usually end up? 

Walid:  Well, they usually end up with the open heart Christian coming to our paradigm. 

Sid:  Now for those that aren’t familiar with what you’re are teaching and of course I’ve got your 500 page and your four DVDs on the subject.  Would you briefly explain what is the usual traditional paradigm?  And what is yours and the difference between the two.

Walid:  Well, the traditional paradigm says that the Anti-Christ will be some homosexual, who’d  be an atheist who will come from thru the European Union and the Catholic Church is the harlot of Babylon.  It is a western view that is a modern view, by the way.  My paradigm is saving that if we look at the literal references in the Bible of the nations that God deals with including the nations that Christ deals with, they are all Islamic.  Then my paradigm looks at the issue of the Roman Empire because, North Africa is part of the Roman Empire and Turkey is part of Roman Empire.  By the way both of which is mentioned in the Bible in which Christ deal with on the day of the Lord; which tells us that Islam is involved in the unfolding of the end times. So this is why I wrote “God’s War on Terror,” it’s probably the most extensive research done in history on the issue of the Bible when it come to eschatology and Islamic Eschatology which basically matches when the Anti-Christ is mentioned in the Bible.

Sid:  I was just going to ask you about that because it is so specific.  I’m going to tell you something, when people read your book and when they watch these DVD’s there won’t be fussiness about the end times; and they definitely won’t have the wrong paradigm.  It’s the whole Bible is going to be opened up to them once they have these keys.  So tell me about the comparison between the Christian Anti-Christ and the Moslem messiah; they seem to match from your book.

Walid:  They match perfectly; if you look into the Anti-Christ of the Bible in Daniel it tells us he will basically confirm a covenant for seven years.  In Islam the Mahadee will confirm a covenant for seven years as well.  In the Bible it tells us he is Lucifer the Anti-Christ will be Lucifer embodying a man.  Mohammed, the prophet of Muslim clearly says that the Mahadee will have the most beautiful of all angels in him.  In fact in the Arabic language the Hadee is very clear.——- Mahadee is the most beautiful of all angels, upon him is the cloaks of light.  When we look at where he settles in Islam he settles on the Temple Mount.  He makes a covenant with one of the children of our own; actually what the Bible says the Anti-Christ will enter into the temple and he will make a covenant with Israel.  So it’s pretty clear both the Anti-Christ and the Mahadee will deny the Trinity.

Sid:  You know as I read your book I see that Muslims are being led to the slaughter so to speak by their own religion.

Walid:  Absolutely.  They are led to believe to deny the Trinity, to deny the crucifixion, to deny the Deity of Jesus Christ, which matches perfectly with…

Sid:  But wait a second, I have a friend that tells me he has a Muslim friend and this Muslim friend is so close to receiving Jesus because he believes in Jesus.

Walid:  Ha ha, well they believe in a Jesus, but it is not the definition of Jesus in the Bible at all.  They deny the crucifixion, they deny the Sonship, they deny the Trinity.  And in 1 John 2:22 the Bible tells us very clearly who is the liar, he who denies that Jesus is the Christ, he is the man Anti-Christ that denies the Father and the Son.  So there we have it, the Bible gives us the definition of Anti-Christ.  Many in the west think that Anti-Christ is someone who claims to be Jesus when in reality he is not.  That’s not Biblical; the Bible says the Anti-Christ comes to be as an anti against Christ; to deny the very essence of who he is.

Sid:  Now you have a revelation from the Prophet Micah the Fifth Chapter verse 2 to 6 about the seven shepherds in the last days; and I have never seen this before but tell me about that.

Walid:  Well, it is rare that you see a discussion on the seven shepherds in the Sunday school.  When we look at Micah 5 it tells us about the birth of Christ in Bethlehem, but many western Christians don’t look at the rest of the verses that talks about the Assyrian which is the Anti-Christ when he enters into the land of Israel.  And how God will raise seven shepherds and eight princely men and they will destroy the Assyrian.  In other words those nations led by the shepherds will destroy the Assyrian.  This by the way is confirmed to us in Ezekiel 28.  Ezekiel 28 talks about the prince of Tyre.

Sid:  So these will be seven that…but let me get this straight, so these will be seven nations that will team up together to destroy the Anti-Christ.  Do you know who those nations are?

Walid:  Well, we could be very suspicious of who the nations are or kind of allude to them because it says that the nations that will basically pluck him out in Ezekiel 31 will be coming from the ends of the earth.  So from the Middle Eastern perspective the ends of the earth, you can see Australia, the United States, nations you know like you know the United Kingdom so we could elude to the Western nations, the Christian nations which God will basically purify in the end when he comes.  In fact, in verse seven in Ezekiel 28 it talks about these nations and in verse eight it says very clearly that they shall throw you down into the pit.  Who are the they? It goes back to verse seven, behold therefore I will bring strangers against you, the most terrible of the nations.  Terrible doesn’t mean awful, it means terrible in battle, the most terrible, the most powerful nations in the world will come against the Anti-Christ and they will throw him into the pit!  No one can argue against those verses.  They are very clear that God will raise up nations against the Anti-Christ!

Sid:   Now tell me about where we hear in Revelation the Seven Mountain and most people think these are the Seven Hills of Rome, but you have a totally different understanding.

Walid:  Well, if they are literal mountains then when did five mountains fall?  Because if you look at the Revelation it is pretty clear, five have fallen; one is and the other has not yet come.  Hello, this is speaking about the time of the Romans when John was writing these revelations.  Five have fell, one is, that is the Roman Empire and the other has not yet come; the seventh one.  And it is the seventh one that the Bible is focused on and also it says this seventh one will be an eighth, hello it is very clear.  Which nation conquered the Roman Empire?  Of course the Roman Empire cease to exist in the West and continued to exist in Byzantium that is today Turkey, the eastern leg of the Roman Empire; there we have it.  And so that was bruised by who?  It was bruised by the Muslims; the Muslims took the mantle from number six when the Byzantium fell in 1451 by Mohammed the Second and Islam took over the Roman Empire.  In fact Islam defeated the Roman, the Persian and the Babylonian.

Sid: Listen, they can get all of this in your book, but once you’ve literally cracked a Bible code which opens the whole end times scenario to make so much sense, and if for God’s children it doesn’t make sense who shall it make sense for?  Tell me about your revelation on the number 666.

Walid:  Well, we must conclude from the Bible what the Bible says about 666 and the number of the beast.  The Bible in Revelation Chapter 13 it has three flavors.  The mark or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.  Well, first of all we have to understand what name means.  Name doesn’t literally mean a name of a person, because we can look at verses in the Bible in which it says clearly His name shall be called Emmanuel which is God with us.  But Jesus’ name is not Emmanuel; it’s talking about our creed that God came to us.  Same thing with the Anti-Christ he has a name, a creed, it’s a blasphemous creed.  The followers of the Anti-Christ will put that creed in a badge because the Greek term Charisma simply means the badge of servitude.  They will put this badge on their foreheads, exactly what we see Muslims do.  When we come to the three Greek letters, they resemble Arabic letters.  The Arabic letters, clearly if you look at it in the Arabic and so far no one was able to refute that it says in the name of Allah.  With the symbol of the two swords…

Sid:  So the 666 in Arabic means in the name of Allah!

Walid:  Absolutely! 

Sid:  My, my goodness!  Do you realize the revelation your hearing right now?  I urge you to understand, listen if you don’t think we are in end times, have you looked at what’s going on in the Middle East recently?

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