Sid:  We want everyone everywhere to be red hot for the Messiah but I believe that what the Spirit of God is saying right now is this is the moment for you to get closer to God than you ever had in your life.  And the best catalyst for you to get closer to God, I mean He says that “If you draw close to me I will draw close to you.  The best catalyst I know is worship and that’s why I’m so excited to introduce to you Nic and Rachael Billman and in particular their brand new worship CD called “The Least of These” recorded before an audience and the feedback we get on this brand new CD is people experience the presence of God.  They literally feel God’s love flowing through them.  Many hear the wind of the Spirit.  Others hear angels, some hear supernatural instruments; many people get healed when they hear this music all over the world.  And Nic the two of you have ministered a great deal in Brazil and you are getting ready to make that your base right now where you are going to live.  Tell us that most of us are in America and aren’t use to seeing eleven year old transvestites and prostitutes out in the street.  Paint me a picture of what the street is like in Brazil.

Nic:  Well, it’s interesting because Brazil is a great nation, it is the fifth largest GDP in the world and yet a third of their nation live in abject poverty and so we’ve been on streets during the day it is just a market it doesn’t look any different than a street in the US and then at night around midnight or so there are prostitutes transvestites, drug dealers, drug addicts all over the streets.  We’ve talked to girls as young as eleven years old on the streets, boys the same way.  We’ve talked to those that started in that industry at six years old and it is just such a place and awesome place to find Jesus as we have had some of just the greatest encounters with people on the streets of Brazil.

Sid:  And one of the statements you made is that the Lord showed you that if you don’t love lose that are around us and care for them then you don’t love the Lord?

Nic:  Yeah, because as you look in Matthew 25 Jesus just talks about, he identifies himself as the least of these, and he says when I was hungry you fed me, when I was thirsty, when I was sick and in that verse if you read through it He actually unties our blessing, our righteousness and our inheritance into caring for the least of these and I really believe and feel like if you love God and you have Jesus as your Lord and Savior then you are going to love the things that He loves; you are going to love the people that He loves and you are going to take on the character of God, not just the title of God as a Christian.

Sid:  Tell me one person that you ministered to in Brazil, make them real to us.

Nic:  We had kind a separation of two different things that happened within a day from each other in our first trip to Brazil in 2008.  I prayed for a little boy who is in line for healing in a church and he was born 80% deaf in both ears and I really felt the gift of faith for this boy and I got down on my knees and I just looked him in the eyes and I just said Julio Jesus loves him and his eyes popped open and he jumped into his Mother’s arms and she whispered in his ears, I love you and he whispered back, I love you Momma and his ears were totally healed.  No speech impediment or anything and it was a very very powerful night.  The next day I look out my hotel window and I see a boy that’s on the streets, he is actually on the cover of the CD that we just put out and he’s laying there and I just had this heart to go out and spend time with him, but I couldn’t find a translator.

Sid:  Your heart has to go out when you see that picture.

Nic:  yeah he’s fifteen years old, a story that I found out later was that he was abandoned by his parents and I just spent an hour with him without a translator just in fellowship, just in communion with him and then a translator was able to come help me and we went out and bought him some shoes.  And after I gave them to him we spent more time with him and the next day he came to show me his bed, where he slept and he crawled up into this dumpster and laid down in this old terrible trash that jus t smelled so bad and that is where he slept and he was so proud to show me that he had a place to sleep that night; and the Lord was just showing me, you know Nic both of these things are worship unto me both of these things are pleasing; because in one hand there is a miracle and someone was healed and in then in another you acted as Jesus and you were compassionate to the poor, to the least of these.  And there are no difference to the heart of God.

Sid:  You were telling me that many times you’ll pray for someone and they’re not healed and rather than walk away you just love on them.

Nic:  Yeah.

Sid:  Explain that.

Nic:  Well a lot of times we will spend time with someone and you get a word of knowledge for their healing and it doesn’t happen and it’s very easy for us to then say we’ll just keep believing and let them go on their way.  But we tend to really try to love on them and we’ve seen things that when people come up for healing, and they don’t receive healing but we just begin to show the love of God to them, to love on them and they leave with a totally different heart, a totally different attitude and the bottom line is that God is always after your heart first and for most before everything else.  So that’s really our heart’s desire is to administer the Father’s heart.

Sid:  Well, I’m so pleased to be releasing your brand new CDs, its two CDs and the album is called “The Least of These” and tell me about the song, “Come Find Me.”

Nic:  Yeah, this song was a spontaneous song that we sang one night, it comes right out of Matthew 25 and it was a vision I had had of all these churches that were alive crying out for God and we want to see Your face, come to us God we want to hear Your voice.  And then I saw the streets of Brazil because that’s where my heart is but I believe it applies anywhere where there is drug addicts and there were transvestites and prostitutes and the widow and the poor children on the streets and the churches were all alive and there are people that are on the streets and God says come find me.  So the church is crying out, we want to see you, then God says then come find me from the lost, from the poor.

Excerpt of “Come Find Me” 

Nic:  I was abandoned and you gave me a home, I was wounded and you healed me love.  Just stare into the eyes the child that is left alone and there you’ll find me, and there you’ll find me.  Just open up your arms to hold the least of these and there you’ll find me, and there you’ll find me, come find me, come find me, come find me.

Rachael:  Come find me in the dark; come find me in the dark.

Nic:  Come find me church, come find me run, come find me.

Rachael:  Come find me in the dark, come find me, I am life, I am light, no darkness of night, I am light, I am light, I am light, no darkness of night.

Nic:  Come, find me, come find me, come find me come find me…

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