Sid:  My guest is red hot for the Messiah his name is Hank Kunneman and we were just kinda reminiscing on prophecies that He shared on past broadcasts that have come to pass and he has a Word on the Middle East in particular, Egypt.  What did God tell you Hank?

Hank:  One of the things Sid that God is saying is so incredible to me and it’s great for those that understand, you know prophetically what the Lord is doing in this time.  And let me just say this it was back in 2006 with the Spirit of the Lord began to really began to prophecy that there was coming a shaking to Egypt and I had shared that on an earlier broadcast.  One of the things that the Lord had also said was that we had found also was prophesied was when you see the shaking that takes place in Egypt know that it’s a prophetic sign that I’m going to do something with Israel and I am going to do something with my people, you know the Body of Christ that you know, the Christians.  He said, I’m going to show them that it marks a season of separation and Divine favor.  And so I want to read this prophecy, it says that it was on January 30th of this year.  The Spirit of God says that even now all across the earth there is a shaking taking place and men have looked and they have asked what is happening.  What is taking place in Egypt?  And God says this is a sign unto this nation a sign unto the nations of the earth.  For as it was in the days of Egypt where there was a shaking and plagues came as in the days of Pharaoh and there was a removal of a leader and a liberating of the people of Israel.  God says, once again this shaking is taking place because it marks this season for the earth and for the nation of a season on Divine separation, I’m bringing a separation and there will be a difference that the earth will begin to see between that love me and those that do not know me.  For my favor is coming in an unusual way and now this to this, for it takes place in Egypt and you will see a shaking and a removal of a leader and it will happen in the days to come.  God says to look to the youth; do you see that they are rising?  For this is a sign as it takes place in Egypt that there is a dissatisfaction and God says once again this will begin to be seen in other nations.  You will see it take place in Iran, and you will see it take place in the other nations in the Middle East as you have seen it with the youth of Egypt.  And God says, I will also cause the attempts and the assignment of what Iran has desired to do even against Israel.  God says that it will implodes and I will cause the youth to begin to arise even in Israel.  And Sid, maybe we can talk about the youth rising in Israel and I like what he says here.  Watch the youth as they begin to arise in other nations of the Middle East and there will be changes of leadership and there will be regime change.  Watch what begins to take place even in North Korea as an implosion begins to take place in its government of two who have held on to the seats and the reigns of authority.  God says, I will cause an imploding to come to North Korea and the dividing wall between the two nations shall be removed.  So you can see where the Lord is saying this thing with Egypt is a prophetic sign and it’s a various dangerous time.

Sid:  Now what’s going to happen to Israel?  I mean in the natural, without the help from the US Israel doesn’t stand a chance but then if you read the Bible they didn’t stand a chance in most situations without God’s help.

Hank:  You know, the Spirit of the Lord said something to me very interesting and He was reminding me.  He said, I’m going to humor the nations again.  And I’m going to humor Israel.   And if you read the scripture and I know that you do and the listeners as well, look at how many times God did things in the days of Israel like you know the crossing of the Red Sea you know, the different plagues that took place, I mean these are amazing stories and the Lord said to me Sid, I’m going to humor the nations and I’m even going to even humor Israel because I am going to show them I love.  He said I’m going to use the elements once again, remember when God used the elements He caused the wind to I believe it was the locust up and then to be separated?

Sid:  Right.

Hank:  He used the wind to separate the waters of the Red Sea.  God is once again going to use the elements over Israel as a sign to the nations of the Earth of the Devine intervention.

Sid:  So in other words somehow the elements are going to be used to protect Israel just the same as the Exodus?

Hank:  Yes, and it’s going to be something that is so undeniable that Israel will all ready know.  One of the things that if people live in Israel, or they love Israel and they pray for the peace of Jerusalem as we all do is that we need to be comforted.  Because one of the things that the Lord is going to do; Sid I had an amazing thing happen one time in my church here.  We were praying on a Wednesday night and that’s usually when the prophetic atmosphere comes in and the Heavens begin to open.  I literally saw something moving off in the distance and I couldn’t tell what it was and I looked up and I began to see it moving closer and closer to me and it began to frighten me.  All of a sudden it moved so close I was now pulled into the vision and all of a sudden I looked and it was a horse, like right in front of me, it was so real it was like this horse had come into my sanctuary, I know that sounds crazy but I looked and I saw the horses hooves and I could see like these veins in the horses legs and I looked up at the horse’s head there was such a look of intensity in the eyes of this horse and the nostrals of this horse was breathing with incredible intensity and all of a sudden I fell to the ground I began to cry out to the Lord.  And I looked up and I could see a leg on this horse and I followed it up and I looked and it was the Lord sitting on this horse and he was dressed in this incredible outfit like a chief with this huge headdress and he threw a spear down at my foot in this vision and the Word of the Lord came to me and He said, the zeal of the Lord of Hosts has been stirred up over America and over Israel and I will protect them.  And it was the most amazing thing because, shortly after that the Lord showed me Israel and I could see this chariot that was going around and around the is nations of Israel and the Spirit of the Lord said, once again I am riding my chariot over Israel and even what is taking place, and I even hear that now Sid, if I could just speak now.  Even in this day right now with Israel and there are those that are looking and they say God what does this mean in Egypt.  Surely there is fear that have gripped the hearts of many but even now it marks a season of the separation of God as Israel begins to come into a new season and into a new day where they will say, God You are our defense, Lord You are our protector, Lord You are the one that has caused a veil to be removed, yes concerning Yeshua, the streets will be crying out and declaring the name of Yeshua, but there shall even be a veil that will be removed in the days that are to come for God says, I have waited for this time and now is the season and time for this veil to come.  And God says for it to be removed it is a veil that is hidden discoveries, it has a veil that had hidden natural recourses that shall be unveil at this time and God says watch, I will give Israel oil for as it was in the days of the first oil that was poured out in the place of the Upper Room by My Spirit God says watch, once again, I will do this with Israel by causing natural gas, natural oil to spring forth from the very soil that has been held for me and hidden for this time as I bring Israel to a place of Independence that they will say the separation from Egypt in the past shall once again take place in the future.  And I will protect them, I will provide for them and I will bring them into a new season of self sufficiency and a day of great rejoicing says the Lord. 

Sid:  I tell you the presence of God was so strong on that Prophetic Word.  I would be remise if I didn’t ask you to share the prophecy you heard about the President of the United States and in particular the friend of Israel in the White House.

Hank:  You know, people have been saying to me a lot you know, Hank what are you hearing for 2012 and the Spirit of the Lord said to me Hank, I don’t want you to discuss too much about 2012 yet even though we will as we get closer.  You know there is too much chatter but one of the things that God has promised is this, He has promised that there is coming a friend of Israel in the White House and I tell you God is going to do this and it’s going to happen.  And that’s why it looks as though the opposite is taking place but we need to as Christians and Jewish people and we need to unite together and pray because God is placing His hand upon a friend who will be a friend of Israel and there will be a relationship like we have not seen in a long time.  And this is one of the other things that the Lord is going to do.  First there has to be some turmoil and there has to be some things that take place not only in Egypt, you will see more than one removal of a leader, there is going to be a few, it is going to look disruptive but God in the end is going to defend His people.  And He is going to bring an alliance greater after kinda a season on unrest between the United States and Israel.  But ultimately there is going to be a shaking of hands and a tremendous bond that is going to take place in the years that are about to unfold.

Sid:  Are we going to the United States become a third world country.

Hank:  You know, many have prophesied that, I only prophesy in part I have not personally seen that Sid.  I have seen as I have said before hiccups of just some things that may try to take our breath away for a moment but ultimately I see a restoration of God upon his people.  I see the revival of God coming upon the streets and the cities, I see a youth uprising.  Not like in Egypt but I see where you know there is going to be fighting in revolution, I see an uprising of a youth that uprising of a youth that are going to march once again and say we want God back in our schools, we want God once again and we want to be able to pray.  We want the Lord of the days of old and there is…

Sid:  Can you see the youth rising up against the sin of abortion?

Hank:  Let me tell you, there is a mystery getting ready to happen Sid.  And the Spirit of the Lord said to me one time in prophecy, and I was prophesying in this auditorium and I think I was at Mark Chironna’s church and I began to see the Statue of Liberty and the Spirit of the Lord said to me, look to the place where this nations was attacked where the blood still speaks and cries out from the soil.  He said, look to Lady Liberty and I looked over and I could see the Statue of Liberty and the Spirit of the Lord said to me look to this, this is a mystery this sign unto this nation.  I have held it from those that do not understand but I’m opening your eyes and I’m opening your mouth to speak this.  America is coming into a season of the woman.  And what I mean by that and I prophesied it before November elections that happened last year where the Lord even said that there was going to be removal of one of the woman which happened, it was the Speaker of the House and he began to say watch new woman begin to begin to be put in positions of political power and influence and then I believe that’s why the enemy went after a woman right after the first of the year because he is afraid.  That is why he attacked that congressman…

Sid:  Oh no, were out of time.

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