Sid:  On yesterday’s broadcast I was talking to Peter Horrobin and we were talking about four dimensions of forgiveness.  We were talking about the last dimension, forgiving God.  And many people are angry with God Peter, because they literally have a false image of God.  Explain that.

Peter:  If your view of God is not of the true God then it is not surprising that sometimes people get angry with the image that they have of Him.  I started to learn this lesson when praying with a lady who, she obviously was in such need of the Father’s love and I spoke to her and I said I would really like to pray for you that you’ll be able to receive the Father’s love.  And I got the shock of my life she just turned to me and she spat in my face.  I never had an experience of a woman spitting in my face before; this was the first time this had ever happened.  And then she said to me, don’t talk to me about fathers, if God is like my father I do not want to know him and as she spat these words out I suddenly realized that her image of God was simply and extension of a human father.  Now, in reality this is exactly what God planed for creation, He planned that we would learn about Him from good fathering.  That a father would give his love and provide support and encouragement and this is what fathers are meant to do.  And we would actually learn about the nature of God.  But because of the fall and man gave authority to satan, satan has used that principle to so distort so many people’s lives because deep in the spirit of a child they look to their father to actually discover something of what God is like.  And if your human father had been abusive, had been violent, what is your image of God going to be like?  It is not going to be good and so there nature of our human fathering can sometimes be a key issue when we are actually ministering healing to people.  And we have to help people to see that when Jesus came, and one of the things He said so profoundly, I’ve come to tell you what the Father is really like.  And when you look at Jesus, then we see what the Father is really like.  And we can take our eyes off the false image of a father, and Jesus told us a story of the prodigal son for the same sort of reason; that the real father was running to see the one that who was coming back to him.  And when we get a right understanding of the nature of the Father’s love, people are going to run to Him and be blessed.

Sid:  I have to ask you this question, you have so many wonderful stories, once people understand the most powerful prayer on earth and start praying that and understand the debts of forgiveness. I mean, I’m kind of overwhelmed over the special anointing, and that’s the best way I can describe it Peter; the special anointing on your teaching it really, I mean every time you open your mouth, I feel the healing presence of God just radiating out.  Tell me, about this snow mobile accident.

Peter:  Yes, this is a lady who many, many years previously had been on the back of a snow mobile in Canada and the snow mobile was like a ice motor bike who drive across a frozen lake and they were traveling about 70 miles an hour and she was a passenger on the back of this bike, when it went out of control when she was thrown over the head of the driver of the bike and she landed with her head on the ice and she skated about four hundred yards and came to rest very injured.  Now, I think it was about twenty-eight years something like that or it was many later which I was praying for her.  It was many years later anyway and as I began to pray for her; she had had a lifelong spinal problem with pain and wasn’t able to lift things.  She could never ride a bike cycle, she wasn’t even able to be able to life her children up and to sit them on her lap when they were young because of the spinal problem that she had.  And I took her through the whole issue of trauma cause and accident is a key issue that we have to look at to be able to see if there is any trauma there, which has not been resolved.  But before you can even look at the trauma you got to say, is there any forgiveness issue here?  And I said to her, have you forgiven the man who was driving the motor bike?  And immediately said, forgive him?  He’s ruined my life!  And you could tell there was no forgiveness there.  I said, look I can’t pray for you until you’ve worked through this.  She went off with one of our team for a half hour or so, worked though the scriptures, came to a point of willing to forgive and she came back and was able to forgive really from her heart the man who had done it.  And then the Spirit of God came upon her.  She could no longer stand up, she fell down on the ground and the anointing of the Spirit and God healed her spine, healed her neck.  The following morning, six am in the morning, she was up and she went running around the estate where we were ministering.  She couldn’t jog, she couldn’t run before.  But now she is running and she went home and she was able to do all of things that she wasn’t able to do before.  And her daughter who her saw what her mother was like said, “Now I believe,” and that daughter said, “I now want to go to Bible College and train and learn how to help other people like my Momma’s been helped.”

Sid:  You know there could be some people listening to us right now, Peter that are saying,”Well that’s bad, but if you knew what this person did to me, you can never forgive him.”  Tell me about the woman that was buried alive from Rwanda, if she could forgive, anyone could forgive. 

Peter:  Freda was an amazing lady; she was buried alive with fifteen other dead members of her family in Rwanda in the terrible Genocide in 1994.  They massacred the back of her head, threw her into a shallow grave, but she wasn’t actually dead.  And fourteen hours later somebody sat on this mound of earth and heard a noise from underneath and began to dig it up and pulled Freda out and she was still alive and she was on the run for a long time.

Sid:  Well, as I understand it, it was even more atrocious than that fifteen of her close relatives were murdered at the same time.

Peter:  Yeah, they were dead in the grave with her.

Sid:  Oh.

Peter:  Horrendous.

Sid:  That’s just hard to comprehend.  Okay, she goes through that, she gets out what does she do next?

Peter:  Well, two years later she eventually introduced to Jesus by another girl of the school that she goes to in Gabon she fled Rwanda for awhile and she got to know Jesus.  And when she got to know Jesus she said, I must read His book.  And when she read through the book, she heard Jesus saying to her about forgiveness.  And she knew that if she was going to be an obedient follower of Jesus she had to do what He asked her to do.  And she went to the jail in Kigali, the capitol of Rwanda and found the man who had murdered her mother in front of her and she spoke forgiveness to him.  And that was the beginning of a journey.  Now several years later she was still suffering enormously from pain in the head where she had been hit.  She had constant nightmares at night and constant pain and she came to our center in the United Kingdom for training and we prayed through the trauma of what happened when she went into the grave and she repeated the prayers of forgiveness when we dealt with the trauma and that night she slept through the night for the first time without any nightmares.  She woke up the following morning, she had no headaches.  And now two or three years have passed and met Freda recently.  She has had no occurrence of the nightmares, no occurrence of the headaches, but for her the key, the absolute key was the forgiveness of those that had done such terrible things.  She’d saw her sisters and her brothers murdered in front of her and she forgave.  And God has healed her and today, she and her husband are pastors in Kigali, they have a church or nearly 3,000 people and they are ministering healing right across the nation to all the tribes.  And she has adopted a child of the tribe that murdered her family.

Sid:  Give me a tip for someone that says, I understand what you are saying, but I’m married to a man that abuses me constantly.  What am I suppose to do, forgive him every day?

Peter:  When somebody is being constantly abused or constantly in a difficult relationship where anger and bitterness leads to scenes time and time again, yes there does need to be constant forgiveness, but at the same time it’s not right that we should constantly put ourselves in the place where these things happen again and again and again.  There has to be a holding up of godly order and godly authority.  Because unless we do that, we actually suffer even more and if we got children as well we’re bringing them underneath a deeper curse.  I never forget a woman who came to see me said I have a perfect marriage and I laughed a perfect marriage?  She said, yes I never put a foot wrong, my children never put a foot wrong, they always do absolutely perfectly, because my husband has such an anger that if we put a foot wrong we get absolutely blasted.  And he’s one of the elders of the church, she’s one of the leaders of the church, and we have perfect in the church.  But you see the situation was such that yes, she had forgiven him, but she couldn’t be herself, and her children couldn’t be themselves because of what was going on the inside.  And I had to say that you cannot allow this situation to continue, it has got to be brought to the light.  You have got to bring your husband to that place and say unless you actually get help we can’t actually continue in this sort of way.  And sometimes there’s a tough call as to how do we deal with this?  But there are real issues here that we can’t allow the enemy just to roll right all over us because somebody is behaving in a very ungodly way. 

Sid:  Peter your book, “Forgiveness, God’s Master Key” has been available for awhile, what type of feedback do you get over the book?”

Peter:  Well, we get many, many letters, letters from people who have read through the book and begun to apply it in their lives.  Sometimes I get letters from people who are saying I’ve done this so far but I’m now finding it really hard.  And it really is hard to go into the debts of forgiveness.  People say I can forgive so much but, and then the holding out of but to God because they don’t want to let go of that final thing.  And yet it is in that letting go of that final thing that we love to help people because as they let got it is like opening a plug being pulled out and the life of God can just pour in.  But we get many many stories of people that talk about major physical healing that has taken place, restoration of relationship in families.

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