Sid:  My guest Dell and Pat Hicks had a Thanksgiving miracle.  On November 12th 1991 Dell was flying home for a funeral.  He was going somewhere between the Bahamas and Fort Lauderdale.  His plane went into the ocean, crashed.  He was in the water with the other passengers in the plane for forty hours.  The water was freezing; his leg cramped up; he had no feeling in one leg.  Can you imagine treading water with just one leg?  But there wasn’t just water, it wasn’t just ocean water, it was freezing water.  He was freezing.  A pilot, as a matter of fact Pat, do you remember the news paper reporter that tried to do a report on what had occurred and he went into the water and what did he say about it?

Pat:  He was a professional diver besides being a news anchor and he went out to the bay there in Miami and went down into the water to see what they had been experiencing and he had to come out of the water even though he was in a full wet suit.  He couldn’t take it and the news media was there to see it.

Sid:  And in other words it was too cold for him to even demonstrate what your husband went through and he was just going in for a couple of minutes rather than forty hours.  And as a matter of fact a shark circled one of the passengers, I mean it was just a horrific time so you’re there praying for all your worth.  You don’t know what’s going on except your husband didn’t show up.  The coast guard is searching in the Atlantic forty hours have gone by they haven’t found him two nights.  And I would assume that everyone is giving up, but at one point you had an assurance from God, tell me about that.

Pat:  I had finally gone to bed Wednesday night, but woke up suddenly and I heard in my spirit call those things that be not as though they were.  So I began to call Dell he’s rescued safe and sound, rescued safe and sound. And I called my pastor and told him about it, what had happened and I went back to bed.  Somewhere around six o’clock it was still very dark; I awakened and sat up in the bed, but couldn’t believe I was awake because there was no terror; there were no flaming airplane crashes in my mind, it was just as if there was nothing wrong in the world.  I sat there just having to really convince myself that actually was awake trying to believe how I was feeling; it had been so traumatic since Tuesday afternoon.  I got up and went and washed clothes and did something I just had…couldn’t get everybody up because they finally was all asleep.  But any way I sat there and as I was praying and just worshiping God and I thought well, what ever happened to Dell was over.  There couldn’t have been that kind of peace and that thing still be going on.  I finally went and woke the family, told everybody to get up we were going to praise God because it was good news coming.  There had to be good news, there was no way to convince me that was the most awesome peace that I have ever experienced in my life.

Sid:  Well, miraculously one of the passengers who was a good swimmer swam that distance and was able to get, I don’t know how he did that by the way, and he got help and the coast guard went out in a helicopter.  And there policy is if someone is dead they ignore that person, but they look for the passengers that are alive and so they were flying over Dell, but Dell had passed out at that time and he looked like he was dead.  What happened?

Pat:  The coastguardsman told us that he looked down at Dell and knowing that they were going to have to pass over him and he said Lord if that man’s alive let him move something; and Dell’s arm immediately came up.

Sid:  How could this possibly be?  He’s frozen!

Pat:  Ha, I believe an angel lifted his arm.

Sid:  Well, I believe that too, but that was the first miracle.  I mean they should have let him die, he was totally passed out and collapsed and he looked for all practical purposes dead.  So they finally got him back and they got him into the hospital; and then you dealt with him, he needed another miracle.  It’s called survive, because his body was so frozen, what was his body temperature?

Pat:  Eighty-three degrees.

Sid:  And did they offer much hope for him?

Pat:  Well, they didn’t tell us a whole lot, sir.  They kept telling us that they had to move him; they had to move him with us trying to get family in there to see him before they took him; they said they were going to have to warm him up.  So much went on, it was about 8:30 in the morning and it was at least 5:00 that afternoon before we ever saw him again.  He was literally freezing to death and they were expecting him to die at any moment. 

Sid:  Well they used an extremely aggressive approach to try to save his life.  They literally took his blood out of his body, warmed it and then put it back.  And so they saved his life and then there was a blood clot; tell me about that.

Pat:  He was in the hospital for a week.  When he went home that Friday, he was having leg cramps, we went to the doctor he said that it would go away for him to do some slow walking.  Over the weekend by Monday morning he was in a lot of agony.  We went back to the doctor; they wrapped his leg and told him just to try to be patient that they felt like the leg cramps would ease up.  It had been from him being so cold in the water and trying to tread water all that time, all those hours.  About Wednesday night the night before Thanksgiving, Alisha came in and told me that I needed to go look at her Daddy that something was wrong with his leg.  It had turned black and swollen and had filled up his pajama leg actually it was so swollen.  I called my doctor, called my pastor first, he came right over, we began to pray and while we were praying, I saw something lift from the upper part of Dell’s thigh and I said to my pastor, did you see that?  And he said no what is it?  I said, I don’t know but something has lifted from the top of Dell’s leg there at the thigh.  We called in the doctor, they even put me through to the hospital where he was operating they told me to get him to a hospital right away.  We put him in the car, started to the hospital and we were proclaiming life scriptures over him and then all of a sudden, I heard, “Tell him to say this.  I shall not die but live and declare the works of the Lord and I said, “Father, I don’t want to do that, it meant…you know.  So I started having him say it and we rode that all the way to the hospital.  As it turned out, he had a two foot blood clot in his left leg, they did not know if he would even live for the first few days.  He had to lay completely motionless and they wouldn’t even tell us if he was going to live or die for those first few days.  The clot had stopped at the place that the Lord had showed me in the spirit what was happening there.  The doctor told us that it could be a problem later on in time, but we began to call that blood clot dissolved and out of his body.  He went for a couple of years with that thing kind of aggravating him and then he came home from the Bahamas one day and he was in a lot of suffering with it, a lot.  They sent him to the Mercy hospital there in Miami where they did a Doppler and the blood clot was gone and it is gone forever.

Sid:  Now, how did they account for that?

Pat:  They couldn’t.  Ha-ha. Ha-ha.

Sid:  You read the newspapers, I read the news papers, you see what is going on with this earth so rapidly, I mean literally before our eyes we’re seeing all sorts of evil that is going on, how important is it to understand the revelation of Psalm 91?

Pat:  Mr. Roth there is nothing else but a revelation of a Word of God, that is as these days proceed, if you don’t know the Word and have it in your heart, I don’t know what will happen, it almost frightens me to even thing of even family of friends that have not realized this Word spoken out of our mouth is going to be the matter of life and death.

Sid:  And please, very quickly, when you or your husband get a bad report from a medical doctor, a blood test that show this or that might happen to you what do you do with that evil report from the doctor.  It’s a true report, that is what you’re blood shows, but what do you do? 

Pat:  It is a fact report that’s true you don’t deny it, but you a…well, don’t know some years ago I got me a red marking pen and I started taking those reports that were abnormal in any way and we right normal in red across them.  I turn them there face down on the floor and we dance on them.   And we laugh at it, we point our fingers at it and we laugh at it and we declare that no weapon formed against us shall prosper and it will be effective by the blood of the Lamb.

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